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  1. Hello Everyone,


    Are there any tools/rules or devices that will help in determining a GPS location on the Quads?


    I would like to be able to plot a location on the map to help in determining my location before I go out and do my research.


    Thanks for the help

  2. contact the group www.ntoa.com there are several people there that use that program all the time.


    They are always creating maps. Look up Peter Snell... great source and is an expert in this program..


    Not sure what part of the country you live, but if you are Dallas... This would be the group to help you out...

  3. Hello Everyone,


    I am the Meet Director for an Orienteering event that is happening March 18, 19 and we have added a GPS Brown course... (not easy)


    The runners with a gps will be given the coordinates to the first marker, get the next set of coordinates to the next. and so on until they reach the finish line.


    So, yes,... there is orientering and GPS stuff all the time... Plus we have 30 hidden caches at the camp for fun...





  4. Hello

    I have a mps file that was send to me and I need to review and load into my gpsr.


    I have looked at GSAK and EasyGPS, but I can not find a place to load and look at the coordinates.


    Can someone suggest a program or how to use the above... Thanks



  5. I am working on a sporting event that has both orinteering and gps courses.


    My main course setting set me a file ending in .mps (which contains waypoints)


    I have Garmin equipment... what is the best way to view and load this file?


    Does easyGPS work?


    thanks for any help

  6. Hello...


    I just wanted to add some additional information and explain why I need to know how to do this (sputnik57, I appreciate your reply)


    I am currently setting up over 50 points on a map to do an Orienteering Course (For those who do not know what that is... www.ntoa.com).


    On a map, I locate these different points, and then I have to go and set flags at these locations, so the distance could be from 100 meters to over 900 meters away from my starting point.


    With the ability to project a gps location, I can then have my helpers load their GPSr and get within range where the flag is suppose to be hung.


    In the same concept, I am setting up a GPS course with flags. With me knowing the projected waypoint, I can go to these areas on the maps, hang a flag, that the GPS runner will be looking for. Hope that makes sense..


    So, any help in understanding the Forward/Inverse program would to calulate these points would be greatly appreciated....



  7. Hello Pointdexter,


    Ok.. (you are dealing with a rookie here)...


    I figured out that I need to down the program, and did that without a problem.


    Could you tell me how you entered the azimuth.


    In the first station, I entered 33 14.031n and 97 52.201w then I entered 322 and distance of 300


    I get an azimuth error.. could you tell me what I am doing wrong?


    Thanks for your help

  8. I am in the need of a program to project a way point when I have the following:


    a. starting waypoint


    b. distance to the desired location


    c. the angel from the a to b.


    I have a Garmin foretrex that projects a waypoint, but the problem is that the distance is to large to use for this to be any help.


    The distance is only avaiable in 000.0 miles or 000.0km


    For example I have a waypoint N33 14.031 w 097 52.201


    I have a distance of 330 meters and an angle of 322 degrees...


    what is the next waypoint to input?


    Is there a converter somewhere?


    Thanks for any help in this matter.



  9. Hello Fellow Geocachers in California,


    I will be traveling to your state in July and taking a rafting trip on the "Tributary Whitewater Tours".


    I am looking for the coordinates for this Tour company. They say they are in Grass Valley, but would like to have the coordinates of their parking lot.


    However, we will be taking the South Fort American trip and leaving from Coloma, CA 95613.


    If anyone can helpme it would be appreciate


    Wretsub .. georienteerer



    Wretsub .. Georienteereer!!

    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


  10. I would like to add my 2cents worth about Garmin.


    This is one great company when it comes to customer support. I have had several problems (or thought i had problems) and everytime the customer support person has been great.


    I even asked for a picture diagram on how to connect my wraist strap to my Rino 120...cause it was not working... they sent me a whole back cover with the strap attached...WOW!!


    All my future needs in GPSr will come from this company....




    Wretsub .. Georienteereer!!

    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


  11. I have three rino's and I have not.. repeat not been happy with them at all.


    The radio is very poor in my opinion, I got the GMRS lic. but the radios have less that a mile range.


    My rino's lock up after about an hour on the road. I lose signal very fast, and the accuracy is always about 30 feet.


    If i had to do it over, I would get separate units for the radios, and a better upgrade GPS.






    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


  12. Hello Vancouver Island Cachers,


    I was reading several posts and came by your group.


    I have friends in Vancouver and Schelt. Just wondering if any of my friends are members of your group.


    Gordie, or vic or liam or Jim


    This is Clif in Fort Worth, Texas (Wretsub)

    thanks for the help



    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


  13. I am having one heck of a time trying to get this hand strap to work on the Rino 120.


    When I place the in just one hole... the back will not close.. I can not get it thru two holes as suggested by Garmin.


    Can someone send me a picture of how they got the hand strap to work







    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


  14. Hello,


    I am needing some help understanding a feature in the Rino 120.


    On page 22 of the manual, it talks about CDI scale and Bearing Pointer/Course Pointer.


    I am having problems understanding Course Pointer and the CDI Scale. When do I use this feature and how is the best way to use it.


    Also, do not understand at what scale to set the CDI.


    Thanks for the help


    Wretsub - Georinteer



    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"



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  15. Hello Fellow Geocachers,


    I purchased two Rino 120's and I would like to know if anyone is having the following problems before I contact Garmin.


    It is mainly with the radio (the reason I purchased the GPS was for the radios). The sound is very very poor and the range is less that 1/2 mile on either fms/gmrs. This is a line of sight without any objects in line of sight!


    Also, when I place the radio on monitor, all I get is static. It is like the squech button is open(of course there is no squech button, as with my Ham radio's).


    Is anyone having these problems, cause I would love to monitor a channel with my partner when she and I are in the woods. The sound on the radio is like one is in a well.... My reg. FMS radios work better that these...


    Thanks for the help in this matter


    Wretsub .... Georienteer!





    Angel Pockets Embroidey

    "Our Stitches are Heavenly!!"


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