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  1. I think making photos optional is a good idea myself. I've never required a photo on any of the 8 ECs I've published. There have been hundreds of finds logged, and of those I've deleted maybe a dozen or so because of poor or non-existent answers. But I see no evidence at all that anyone is passing around the answers and armchair Earthcaching. The whole point of Earthcaching is to learn something, and when it comes to learning, one good question is worth a whole page of text. A photo teaches nothing. I'll be glad to see the photo requirement eliminated when it comes to the ECs I find too. I do most of my caching by myself and trying to take a decent picture can be a real nuisance. My digital camera is fairly bulky and I don't always want to lug it around with me when I'm caching. My cell phone is much smaller, but it's almost impossible to frame myself in the picture with the appropriate background. There have been some Earthcaches where I've spent more time trying to get the stupid photo right than actually exploring and learning the geology. And if Earthcaches make up a high percentage of the caches you do, your gallery ends up with a bunch of pictures of your big head blocking out the background, usually with some kind of goofy expression on your face trying to snap the picture. And as for the idea of the picture being comparable to signing a logbook, just how many COs go out there and read the logbooks and check them against the online logs???
  2. my profile is doing the same thing. I just tried running the GenStatUpload macro and the browser window it shows the finished page is fine but when I look into tthe actual profile through Geocaching.com the links are messed up showing HTML code instead. Must be a GC problem, I wonder what they have changed today as I updated my profile last night and it was working fine. edit: I just checked my profile again and it looks ok...what is going on here, GC??? EDIT: profile links are down again...going to give it a rest for tonight and hopefully GC can fix this issue. Everything seems to be back to normal for me too, thank you GC admins! Just curious, what was the problem? Looks like the problem is back again. It seems to be hit and miss. I can't see any rhyme or reason why the links are working in some places but not in others.
  3. Do me a ffavor and remove the "rel="nofolllow" " from the HTML and see it that fixes it. I know the purpose of the rel="nofolllow" but it may be the issue. Id like you to try it and let me know. Its easier if you email me through my profile but if you would rather respond there that is ok. I'm noticing the same problem with several listings that don't have rel="nofollow" in them (GC15P0N, GC184D4, GCVDKG to name a few). But other listings with the same type of links (like GC13FCG) work fine. So it looks like a pretty random problem.
  4. Geoclues is now available in the U.K. from Box64
  5. Hey, that works, and it's easy! (How'd you know that Bob's my uncle?)
  6. I checked out the GSAK solution and it does work. It's a pain though. You have to paste "searchtype=address&formtype=latlong&" into the Mapquest url immediately after the question mark. To make matters worse, the map is a lot slower now. Let's hear it for upgrades.
  7. I also am experiencing a similar problem in both my Firefox and Netscape browsers. It seems that the first time I display a Mapquest map after starting up the browser, it displays fine (except it's in the new format - which I don't like). If I try to display any other maps after that though, I get the blank map you described. I wonder if it has something to do with cached (no pun intended) pages. (Both my browsers are configured to delete all cached pages when I close them).
  8. There's a "Geocaching Board Game" being advertised on geocaching.com now. I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but it's at: www.geoclues.com
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