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  1. These guys know what they are talking about. They have another good alternative to playing sounds. They simply link to a song and leave it up to the viewer to play the song or not.
  2. Ripped this from a website. Not sure if GSpeak allows the EMBED tag to be used, even though it is HTML.
  3. The term you are looking for is GEOPIRATE. - A scum sucking, pond water licking, butt sniffing plunderer of caches. This just brings up the point that caches need to be hidden better. May be caches should be boobie trapped that will spray them with a stinky substance if they try and steal the cache. I've had a number of caches plundered. That just made me hide them better, and since then, none have been plundered. Death to all GeoPirates!!
  4. I'm going to kick this hornet's nest and run.... Ok not sure how this pertains to Geocaching because 1. This was a Hunting Incident on Private Property. Geocaches are not permitted on Private Land 2. After he shot the 6 - 8 people he got lost again and was being lead out of the woods by another hunter so it doesn't sound like he was too angry at the other hunter? I don't know about you but whenever I cache, I'm packing protection, and I don't mean a condom. What happens if you run into a Bear or Cougar or a Rattlesnake? 3. Most Geocachers I know stay clear of hunting areas during hunting season because they are afraid of being shot. So if you want to avoid hunters, leave the forrest caches for the spring and summer. BTW - something like this has happened before and there was a Cold Case Detectives story about it. Not to long ago in TN three guys decide to go swimming on a hot afternoon. They never came home. Long story short, is someone bought some land that was open to the public for many years and then that person put up no - tresspassing signs and these three ran into him on his property. He did not give them any warning. He simply executed them because they were tresspassing. What is scary is that most of the southern gentlemen, agreed with this, because to them land is everything. I bet when the dust settles we will hear a little different account of what actually happened in Michigan. As a hunter I have ran into land owers who went bollistic when they found out that someone was tresspassing on their land. Instead of calling the game warden, or the police, they try and handle things by themselves. That's when things go wrong. PLEASE NOTE - I AM NOT CONDONING WHAT THIS GUY DID and Personally I think he should be tried, convicted and then Executed!!, but I just don't think this person opened fire on these people for no reason. I can only specualate what happened but he probably was lost and got up into the deerstand to try and get his bearings. Then Joebob, and Billybob, and the townfolk got the pitchforks and told WangWay to get out of there in not so friendly terms and WangWay got scared or ticked off and gunned them down. Of course this really puts a bad rap on hunters, but this raises the question why does anyone need to hunt deer with a Semi-Automatic Rifle. If anyone is to blame here it is definately Congress for letting the Semi-Automatic Gun Bill lapse. I can see using a high powered rifle like a .270 or 30-06 to hunt, but tell me who needs AR-15 with a 30 round clip to hunt deer? Don't give me the "OH It's my rights to Own and Bare Arms!" I'm a vet and as such I if anyone fought and almost died for that right, and I certainly do not agree with that argument. Personally, let people keep their guns, but ban the semi-automatic Mac 10s, AR15's and other assault rifles that have no practical purpose, and should not be owned by anyone but the police or military.
  5. Mamma Brownie is the only one in our household in her right mind. Our son is amadextrous so he is in both his right and left mind.. I guess that makes him a wacko..
  6. As Scotty once said.. "Fool me once Shame on you .. Fool me twice shame on me.." I have no idea who CCD was, and since I am rather new to this forum game.. I went against my better judgement of just passing this by.. but I took the bait. Kind of like fishing... You doctor up your bait and wait for the fish to hit. CCD got a whopper on this one, and I'll admit it. So let's stop beating a dead horse as happens with so many of these threads and get on to bigger and better things like " do you wear boxers or briefs when geocaching?"
  7. I have created countless numbers of micro logs using a HP4 laserjet print and the Rite as Rain Waterproof paper. I found mine at a local vendor and it is not plastic coated and it works Wunderbar!! Plus, I have not seen it gum up the printer yet. Rite as Rain Product Information PDF Rite as Rain Website You do not have to buy the bulk stock. You can simply go to a local supplier and buy it by the sheet. I pay approx .20Cents per sheet.
  8. You could also use a Brass Pitcock. Generally you see these on aircompressors but the idea is the same. You would open it to release the pressure.
  9. Use to work at NAPA Autoparts. They have threaded tire valves. You simply drill a hole in ammo can and insert vale and secure it with the nut on the inside of the container. The valve comes with gaskets so there would be no need for any sealants. Wonder if the seal were tight enough, could you pump the cache full of Helium.. The cache hint might say, lighter than air..
  10. Cannot resist the temptation... Too great....
  11. Should have went with my instincts on this one.. Smelled kind of funny but I took the bait, hook line and sinker.. -- I have recently just started haunting the forums because things have been slow here at the office..
  12. Ban Geocaching because we destroy the vegetation? Letter boxing is more environmentally safe because it has more precise instructions to finding the cache? Are you asking to be flamed? Before we ban this sport, let's examine some issues first. #1 Letter boxing is more Enviromentally friendly? That's a good one .. Man has been destroying the enviornment long before geocaching. I.e. Strip Mining, Logging, Nuclear Bomb testing, river contamination and the list goes on. In fact we have done far more harm to the environment with the introduction of non-native wildlife to our country than we could ever possibly do with geocaching. #2 Personally, I think it's a lot more fun than letter boxing, and honestly, there just aren't enough of them in the us to make it worth my time to hunt. #3 By your own words, you are a hypocrite -- You say ban geocaching because it harms the environment. Yet you yourself still geocache and you admit to bushwacking for a cache. As Jesus said in Matthew 7:1 - 5 Face it, Geocaching is here to stay and it is a lot more popular than letterboxing. You are not going to change this, and geocaching will never be banned. Cache Owners on the other hand maybe need to be a little bit more detailed on the instructions to their caches. I know in my area, if you have to get off the trail, the ower tells you this. But if the cache is in an evironmentally instable area, the cache owner tells you not to get off the path. But don't go trying to ban a sport simply because of a few bad brushes with nature.
  13. The Magellan comes preloaded with a generic set of us street maps. If you want the detailed TOPO info you need to buy some SD Memory and then the Magellan Mapsend Topo program. If you want more detailed city maps, you will need the Mapsend City/Street Program. Eitherway, you have to use the Mapsend program to load in the more detailed maps. Have a Meridian Gold and Megallan lists all this in the manual for your GPSr.
  14. Why don't you move this thread to the South Southeast Forum and see what ideas you get from there. Very cool idea.. too bad you don't have access to an Obsticle (Confidence) Course. Put the coords for each leg on the different obsticles. Maybe you could make your own course. Have them repel down a rock face to get coords for 1st leg. Put a 2nd set of coords in a container in the middle of a mud pit. 3rd leg - May be make them climb a climbing wall and at the top of the wall are the coords to the next leg. Another idea is to put up a Greesed flag pole and each team has to climb it to get to the coords for the next leg. I remember when I was at Ft Campbell KY, to qualify for the Airassult school, you had to pass an obsticle course. The first thing I had to do was climb a ladder that was 25ft tall and the rungs got farther apart as you climbed the ladder. At the top you are standing up and have to swing your legs over the top rung and climb down the other side. Man, I could see people sweating over coords at the top of the ladder. Here's a truely evil thought. Make the event like the TV show Survivor -- First team to the cache is immune. But the 2nd team has to vote off a member. Last team to the final coords with most members wins. Another cruel idea -- Geocaching Fear Factor Style. Would you put your hand in a bottle of secret ooze for the next cache coords? I don't suggest that you tape coordinates to an aligator and then have teams wrestle the gator to get the coords. I guess if the gator was inflateable or a plush toy -- then you could do that.
  15. Can't resist the thougt... Your not in league with Playtime are you ? I.e. using a Sock Puppet Account to fish for ideas on team building events for free and then using our ideas for big bucks? That would be pure evil..
  16. Have you ever thought about doing a modern day capture the flag GPS style? Each team places a bunch of caches, or you could do it. In that cache is the teams flag. Each team goes after each others caches and the first team to find the other teams flag wins.
  17. There are a couple ideas that come to mind and they are in the from movies I have seen in the past. One idea is a modern day virtual photo scavengar hunt. Look for places of interest in your area and shoot the coodinates. Create a couple list of these coodinates, and tell each team to go to these locations and do make a group shot. Then when they are done, everyone comes back and downloads the digital photos and you give prizes for the most original photos. Scavenger Hunt - 2nd idea. Get a list of local caches. Give a list with different caches on them to each of the teams with the requirements. Give each team a bag of exchange items not on the list and tell them, locate these caches. From all of these caches, you need to retrieve the following items and give each item a point value. Have the teams go out and they try and find the caches that are out there. They exchange items they were given for an item on the list of items that you want them to find. On X hour have them come back and award prizes based on the items that were recoved or for the most points. I would make the prizes something worth competing for. I.e. $25 gift certificate for Starbucks. A day off. Etc. To make sure they found the cache, make them take a group photo with the cache container. Savengar Hunt - 3rd idea -- Create a list of local caches by difficulty level. Award so many points for finding caches based on the overall diffculty. 5 pts for a 1/1, 10 for a 2/2 15 for a 3/3 and 25 for a 4/4 or above. Again, make them take a group photo with the cache. the team at the end of the day with the most points wins. For future hunts, start doing this in different cities, or keep track of the caches that have been found and remove them from the list of available caches.
  18. Coolest -- Archer, the leader of the Gorganites fiqurine-- My son is having a blast with him. Suckless - old mctoys..
  19. Found 3 of them this weekend out in the cold. Probably the biggest thing to remember is to watch your step and be in the mood to log a frownie. I remember going after a cache on Blewit pass in April. The snow was still there, and we looking for this cache three times, only to be told in June the cache had been plundered.
  20. Some are considered travel bugs, while others are not. Moun10bike had a bunch of coins that were travel bugs and when you found one, you logged it. However, you need to look at the cache page where you retrieved the coin from. If the coin is listed as a travel bug, you log it as found under the travel bug section of gc.com. If it's not a bug, then consider it a regular trade item.
  21. Here's a thought.. Seems to be just a few of these caches out there but, maybe set the micro's up in the shape of a triangle and put the physical cache where X marks the spot i.e. the Centoid or middle of the triangle. A triangle is just one shape. Maybe try a circle, or a hex shape. However, you need to make the contents of the regular cache worth finding as a reward for a job well done. I don't know about you, but after you have cached for a while, the better the challenge, the more fun the find.
  22. You guys kill me... Tornado's might be the more logical explanation. An item is picked up somewhere by a tornado and deposited somewhere else completely unharmed. I have heard stories of this happening to farm animals such as cows.
  23. Sometimes buildings will block satellite reception. Also overcast days will make a sattelite lrahter rather difficult sometimes. Another thing I've noticed with my Magellan is that if the batteries are low, it will take longer for the satellites to lock in. Be patient. Turn it on and wait is all that I can tell you.
  24. B)Just checked my settings. I'm not using zonealarm pro, just the free zonealarm edition. My settings are all medium, and I havne't had any problems on GC.com
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