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  1. Has anyone ever thought of awarding cache points per find based on terrain and overall difficutly. Then based on the number of points a person has accumulated, they are then entitled to a different level of caches. Kind of like memebers only but in order to see the next level of caches, you would need X number of points. I.e. 5, 5 -- 25 points. 4,4 -- 20 points, 3,3 -- 15 points, 2,2 -- 10 points, and 1,1, -- 5 points. You could also have spin offs like 5,3 = 15 points, 1,3 would get 10 points, etc.
  2. If you are so concerned about your cache being looted, then do one of the following 5 things. (1) Make the cache a members only cache. (2) Make the cache a micro cache so if it get's taken who cares. (3) Make it a virtual Cache. (4) Make the cache coords a riddle or somthing. generally the harder the person has to work for the coords, the less likely they will go after the cache. (5) Become really good at hiding the cache, or make the cache container very difficult to find. P.S. Caches normaly are only worth less than $10 bucks. Yes, I understand it can be frustrating to loose a cache, but if you put a cache in a high traffic area, those are the risks. The Brownies
  3. On my recent caching adventure, I found a cache by Camerathyme where he used an empty gluestick container that had a rollout log attached to a straw so when you twisted the white dial as to roll out the glue, the log rolled out. Very, Very cool...
  4. The name game is not going to come into question here. The things being said by George were not true, and George has since appologized, but Sam is not sure he wants to forgive and forget. Depending on the things George said to Sam, it might take a while for things to get better. I guess they will have to work it out for themselves. Anyway, it is clear from the feedback that I'm getting that Groundspeak does not need to spank George, but it is a shame that this sort of thing ever happened. It takes away from the true nature of Geocaching.. Fun and Adventure.
  5. Thank you for your input. Maybe you do not think it is groundspeaks responsibility to do anything. "Let them take it up with the authorities" you say. What are they going to tell them. "He wrote bad things about me in his log". They'd laugh that person out of the station. Not entirely, that person could sue the other person for defamation of character. Personally I think this whole incident was kind of stupid. Not only did we loose a good cacher, but some really cool creative caches. Honestly, I think the two parties probably should have worked it out, either in a civil manner, or person to person. From what I have just been told they have done just that. But sometimes, it might be necessary to give misbehaving children a little reminder, just who is in charge of the game, and if they do not want to play by the rules, then they should be removed from the game. Wouldn't you agree?
  6. I guess I'm going to have to cough up the 30 bucks and become a charter member. I love the game, and it would be nice to contribute to such a fun sport. Vielen Dank; p.s. Meine schuhe sind trocken.
  7. This forum comes about from an incident that just recently happened to a cacher we'll call Sam. Sam was placing a lot of caches, and enjoying the game. However, another cacher, we'll call George, does not like Sam, and he was doing what it takes to give Sam a hard time. I.e. writing nasty logs. Telling other cachers mean things about Sam, etc. Sam said enough and quit the game while George, who caused the stink, is still playing the game. Now you see where I'm coming from, what do you think should happen to George? Does ground speak need to impliment a cacher complaint hotline? You get the jist.
  8. What should happen to geocachers who have a grudge against another cacher, and that cacher causes the one cacher to quit the sport all together? I did not see a Groundspeak policy on this. Personally, I think the trouble maker should be given a time out or banned from the game all together. What do you think?
  9. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search for caches in your area by difficutly. Say that I just want to look for difficutly range 1 - 2. I don't want to look for a 3 or 4. Currently you can only search by a key word, user id, or zip, etc. What do you think?
  10. Has anyone ever looked at the cost of running a business? There is certain overhead, and just how do you pay for this? You do your best to please the customer, and as everyone knows, the more customers you have, the more money that flows into your business. With that in mind let's look at your proposals. Do you think that making it harder for new cachers is going to increase or decrease business? Shaa -- it's going to decrease it. Therefore, let's not go off on a tanget and make things difficult for the new users. Why? Because the more new users we get, the more money that comes in. The more money that comes in, means that Jeremy can hire more people, and more people means more resources that can be use used to develop more interresting games. The Brownarola..
  11. The Meridian comes with the manual, and an Electronic Manual in PDF (Acrobat reader) format on a CD. If you look in the box your GPS was shipped in, you should find it there. If not go to Megellan's website, and get a copy. Anyway the manual just tells you a little bit. It does not go into depth about anything. I was totally confused by the interface until I read the Electronic Manual. Then everything made since. If you press and hold GOTO it only creates a way point. If you hold the GOTO button for 3 seconds you can setup all the details about the way point. Back to your question. When Backtrack is off, the Meridian will show a black tick mark on the screen. This is a path of where you have been. Again, if your Backtrack is on, you do not get this. With Backtrack on, the Meridian would be making it's own way points and you will see these on the map minus the tick line. If you don't see the meridian generated waypoints, just press the OUT button a couple of times. To activate the backtrack, you need to be in the ROUTE window. Then activate the route. All of this is explained in the huge Electronic manual. It is pretty easy to understand so have fun. The screen you need to be familiar with is the Coordinate screen. This tells you where you are at and is necessary tp find any cahce. One extra tid bit of info. Look at your Meridian Software. (i.e when you first press power, at the lower right had corner of the screen is a V2.09)This is your Magellan's operating System version. By default it is sent out with V2.09 software. Only the Platnum had 3.08 installed. Magellan has newer software available on it's website, so I would suggest downloading it, and installing it. JB
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