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  1. When geocaching gets regulated out of existance. And Groundspeak is spending all their money on legal battles it will be time. Time to move the site overseas. Out source it to India etc. My computer cares not where the geocaching servers are. Without legal woes to worry about we will be able to list caches anywhere with no recourse from the land managers. Problem solved.

    I wonder if Jeremy and the gang like curry?

  2. After several tries to go paperless on the Iphone I finally stumbled onto a solution. Starting in GSAK I go to

    File then print

    print format = condensed html

    press button for preview

    from that page I go File- send- page by email.

    open email in I phone and there ya go. Pictures and all.


  3. With PQs its real easy to not know you didn't want to hunt a cache until you get to the location :)


    Yes but with this OP he even has a puzzle cache made to make people read the cache page as he states he dislikes people not reading cache pages. So I believe the OP had read the cache page. Knew what the cache was going to be. Already disliked the CO's caches from previous experience. Was going to ignore this cache. But for some reason decided to go ahead against his own better judgement and was disappointed. Wow what a surprise. Then comes to the forums and bad mouths the cache owner. Wants to have the cache archived etc. All for not being able to sign a silly name on a piece of paper. How ridiculous does this really sound?

  4. On my last trip I used the google map off the cache page and just scrolled down the road I was taking looking at all the caches near the road. Read each cache page deciding if it looked good. Didn't have time for long hikes so ruled them out. Bookmarked each cache I wanted then pq'ed the bookmarks. Did a PQ in the towns that we stayed overnight in just in case we had some time in the evening to get a few more. Did that all along the coast of Oregon down to LA.

  5. If the goal is to make it hard to find then is it not just as good a feeling to be told "I had to use a PAF" Or "I had a nudge from cacher X" when they log your cache? They are admitting your nano in the woods was hard to find. I don't care how someone finds my caches, just that they eventually do find them. After hiking out to my cache on a bluff overlooking the ocean and they take in all the scenery, got some exercise, should I really get worked up if they couldn't locate the cache and called for help? People call for help when they are stumped. Not before heading out the door to go caching. Is this different than posting spoilers on the cache page? Yes. Posting a spoiler in you online log I would call poor etiquette, encrypted or not.

  6. My laptop died and the new computer has Windows Vista. Palm offers no support for the Lifedrive on Vista. Try as I may with the drive mode I could not get cachemate to see any of the files. So I started exporting out of GSAK onto an Sd card in HTML format. Plugging that into the PDA and using the browser to view. Other than not being able to write notes directly, I use the note pad function, it functions as well as cachemate. With better graphics and easier searching.

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