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  1. Seems as if i'm always bumping the buttons and the GPS goes into change the data field mode. After picking through all the fields and choosing the ones I want it would be nice to lock them so touching them wouldn't send it into the replace screen.

  2. QUOTE

    [March 2, 2008 by minstrelcat (1130 found)

    We got a little confused by this cache because at home, a terrain rating of 1 means wheelchair-accessible! Because of this we tried to get to the cache from the north as the terrain looked flat on the map, only to come across a sign on a gate saying we couldn't access the area that way



    Seems pretty clear that the north route is the improper way. Can't read the SIGN ON THE GATE. Then they can't read the cache page either. And most likely wouldn't use parking coordinates.

    Why should the cache owner have to hold the hand of any cacher who can't find the way in. Spoon fed where to park on a game of searching for things. It's part of caching, finding the way in to the cache. Guess the "numbers" people can't be slowed down the two minutes it takes to read the page.

  3. Since it seems as if most everyone is in agreement that there really is nothing that hasn't been discussed to death. I propose that starting new threads get locked. Except those that get submitted to the "know it alls" that form a committee to decide if any new thread has merit. This will give the heavy posting know it alls something else to do than slam newbies for starting rehashed threads. *G*

  4. We all have separate accounts. Not all of us go caching at the same time. When we do and say find 20 caches. I as the main cacher in the group end up having to post 80 logs for those twenty caches. The kids like finding but not logging. The wife won't log either. So Either I log all eighty or just the 20 for me. But then the kids like to see their counts go up and track where they have been individually.

    The cache owner would get one log indicating the cachers that were there getting the cache. My sons log would link to my log for the cache. Last five logs for the cache wouldn't be "Found with the family" when looked at paperless in the PDA or on the Oregon. Would sure save me the time. Also if the family all wanted to post their own log that would still be available by not choosing to link them for that cache.

  5. My kids won't write a log so I end up cut and pasting for the family. With my log detailing the caching experience. This would stop the cache owner from getting the other three C@P logs. They would get one useful log from me with at log in it of who was with me. And all the kids would then get credit.

  6. Caching with three other family members, wife and kids, that don't like to or want to write a log. I'd like to see a feature that would allow me to add people in a "My family" just as we do with my friends. And then when I log a cache have an additional drop down box that I could check any of those family that are caching with me at the time. Then submit one log and have all checked people get credit for the cache. Sure would save me from writing four cache logs about the same cache.

  7. Get the Oregon. Why buy outdated technology? Unless cost is the major factor. Been around all three. Really no difference in accuracy. All good. But the paperless on the Oregon and the touchscreen makes all the difference. A couple taps on the screen and I'm reading the cache page. As my friend was dragging out his pda etc. I ended up reading it as he was too slow.

    I followed the GPS forum and watched as the new tritons came out and all the buzz over them then they faded in posts as the colorado took the spotlight. Then that faded out and the Oregon took over. Then nearly all the bugs got worked out of it and there are hardly any new threads on it covering anything new.

    Any of the three will work.

  8. Personally I'd take offense to someone calling each of my caches a PYN cache. I looked through a dozen logs that the OP left and only on one hider did he keep calling the cache PYN. Sounds antagonistic to me by using derogatory terms to describe the cache.

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