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  1. We got OHV area as well in Oregon. Oregon sand dunes where OHV is allowed does allow people walking out there. Very hard to do but I know a few cachers that hike them all. :laughing: Oh its rated high for a reason. And there are few evil CO that placed caches where you cant get to it via a 4x4. Well...its an extremely long hike from trailhead, but closer with a 4x4 but still a hike! :laughing: And there are few that are placed in a lake in the middle of the sand dune! Now thats evil! :blink:

    Now now Swineflew I remember that evil cache hider giving Jeep rides out to them caches. And I love a good dune lake.

  2. Using the Gatorade top cache again as a starting point, blobbed on the body filler. This one looked animal like to me.


    So painted it up covered with clear silicone added the fake fur squashed into the silicone. It is white till it cures clear.


    Waiting for the guts to cure and get clear.




    This is how I keep a micro from being dull. Most want to poke my caches with a stick before picking up.

  3. Once the body filler has hardened take out and paint.


    Paint it brown and let it dry.


    Dry brush some of the black on to high light the edges.


    Place a log in it and go hide.


    Or if you want texture after a wet first coat of brown while still wet squash cotton balls into it and let dry. after dry pick off most of the cotton leaving a moldy white fuzz.

  4. Took thirty posts before anyone realized what the OP meant. Read some caches in another country. Some have it in German and English. Others are in French and also English on the cache page. Those are the pages he would like to help the co with. Not dumb Americans and their inability to spell. Maybe he needs to help people in the forum comprehend what they read. :D

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