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  1. One of my favorite, in an odd way, is when you come to one in the wilderness rated high and you find you have to take a risk or three to claim it. 1st, I silently cuss out the person who put it there. Then I think of all kinds of reasons why I can't do it. Then I have to do a self check and see if I can do it. Then I stew for a week or three until I build up the nerve and then do it. Then I post it as an easy find.
  2. Needs Archived 07/15/2011 He didn't log it as a DNF. It was a NA. You didn't say "Why didn't you post a DNF log?". You said he didn't list his DNF, which he did. The whole topic is him laughing at himself for jumping to the NA without checking the facts first so I'm pretty sure he knows he goofed there. And good to know that he realizes his error without beating himself up too much for it. I didn't 'say' anything.
  3. I always trade for a rock and seashells and leave a toy behind. I'd also say something to the group that just screwed over the next kid that does that cache but I'm a prick, so it's expected.
  4. I enjoy doing a nature hike to nab a cache a day on the way home from work. On weekends I love to go with my kids. That is all I like to do.
  5. Needs Archived 07/15/2011 He didn't log it as a DNF. It was a NA.
  6. Don't leave it in a cache but you can mail it to me. I'll eat it and tell whomever you meant it for, how sweet and wonderful it was.
  7. A month's worth of metal collected from Geocaching only. This is stuff I have found near geocaches: Made $117.
  8. Just like now, when I am running a macro pulling up important data to look into 'issues', I can surf here at the same time and get paid for it. I don't count this time because it's on someone else's dime...
  9. I've 'caught' kids stealing some I've been looking for twice so far.
  10. Welcome to the game. Is this your geocache you found?
  11. Any homemade swag is good swag. Anyone can buy junk at a dollar store.
  12. Try it on e-bay. You have nothing to lose. The Army surplus stores are doing it, why not you?
  13. Q: Do you maintain your caches regularly? Please state approximately how often. A: None placed yet as I consider myself too new to place caches yet. I currently have quite a few in my front yard and backyard being ‘tested’ against the elements and color changes in an open air environment. When I find the right spot, I’ll place them. Currently I’m waiting for deer season to end. Q: Do you expect Cachers to sign your log? If so, do you verify the “found it” logs? A: When they are placed, I expect a signed log. Will I verify them? Only if I see a pattern from someone not playing fairly. Q: Do you practice, replace taken sway with an item of greater value? A: I always swap fairly of equal or greater value but what is greater value? A matchbox car is worth more to me than any dollar store trash. My son loves rocks so to him a rock is worth a lot more than other bought items. Q: If one of your caches are particularly difficult to find, do you give clues to its location not publically visible on the cache page? Example: by email A: I will never give a clue. Why play the game if I have to show you where it is? Why not just sit in a chair and log the find? Pretend you figured it out when you needed someone else to tell you? Or how about go to an event and just follow everyone else to the cache and claim is as a find? Or how about getting ten groups together with cars and everyone goes their seperate ways and you all share the finds as a ‘team’? Q: Do you clean out caches of the worthless, filthy, broken items, etc.? Is this an accepted practice and do you encourage it? A: I clean up ruined by water items but I don’t remove ‘worthless’ stuff because like I said before, worthless to who? Q: Have you ever removed a cache completely? A: Nope. Q: What happens to the disabled/archived caches, can you replace them with one of your own and how do you go about doing this? Will it get approved? What is the timeline for replacement of a disabled/archived cache? A: ? Q: Do you often practice the philosophy “Cache in Trash out”? A: I always take trash out. In fact I’ve made quite a bit of money picking up old metal while caching. I’ve lately started welding some of this metal into future caches to be seen if you ever visit them. Q: Do you attend “Events” and if so, would you encourage others to do so? A: I went to one event. It isn’t my thing. I’d not ever go again. Q: Do you really believe some of the “find” stats that are being professed? A: No. See my rant above. Now, some of those might just be real. I’m not calling anyone a liar (here, I won’t). Q: How do you find locations that do not exceed the guidelines? (saturation criteria) A: I have been looking far and wide. Very few good spots found. I’ve found a few. Q: When a TB is found, why are so many not logged? Is it because, it is a two-step process and there is not a link to the TB on the cache page that you are logging a “found it’? Would this be a good idea? A: I sometimes don’t log them until I drop them because they’re in my swag bag in my trunk. Q: On an average, do lost TBs ever show up? A: Whose? Mine? Q: Do you photocopy your TBs and send these along? Is this an accepted practice? A:Why take a photo? If you’re afraid to lose it, don’t play that part of the game. Q: Do you find some of the codes on the TBs difficult to decipher? (Especially the photocopies or 0O, 1I, 8B etc.) A: I’d not take a photo copy. Why bother? Q: Do you find the selection options (Found it, Grab it, Discovered it, etc.) unclear? A: Nope. Rulez are pretty simple to follow. Q: Which company provided the best TBs? Is cost a factor or quality? A: Isn’t this question a commercial advertisement? Q: Do most often seek out new, and/ or TB caches exclusively? A: Nope. If I find one and I have one to swap, then great. If not, no problem. Q: Should placement of all future caches be placed by premium members only? I have noticed that some caches are placed by individuals who appear have not found one cache themselves. A: Nope. Place too many restrictions on the game and you’ll lose a lot of people playing the game. Q: Would placement of caches by premium members only, reduce the number of unmaintained or abandoned caches? A: No because then you’ll create the cache police. People that have nothing better to do then judge other peoples stuff. Where do we stop? Trials to see if your standard fits my bill? Come on!
  14. I think I found 13 in one day and that wiped me out. I salute those of you who find more.
  15. I'd suggest you post in the regional area of the forums and you might have better luck there by narrowing the people who're looking to just those in your area..
  16. Let's ban the micro's hidden in pine trees too. In fact let's ban all micros in woods.
  17. Don't know about Texas but road easements are off limits here in this part of Michigan BUT there are tons of geocaches there anyways. I guess your ethics determine your course of action.
  18. Welcome to the fun. If you always found them, it'd get boring real quick.
  19. Group hugs all around. It's just a game....isn't it?
  20. Whenever I find myself short of good swag and I want something in a cache, I'll toss in a 5 or ten spot. I always hope a kid finds it. Usually it's a self-centered adult who does. I'm glad a youngster found this one. Keep the money. But something for a treat.
  21. Read the back of the tag. Too small to read. Swag they is....
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