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  1. Any none petroleum lubricant should do the trick. Automotive stores/hardware electrical supply stores should have it. The pool gasket idea above is a good suggestion too.
  2. Every day for the last 9, as I drive home, I pass the one cache I want sooo bad but a policeman seems to of adopted the spot for a speed trap. Can I describe it and still claim my prize? Didn't think so. Life isn't fair. It's your cache, your rulez. OTOH, rules, in my opinion, are usually just a general guideline. Use/abuse at your own descretion. Are you gonna' burn some bridges just for a technicality? Finally, as someone else pointed out, if other people are finding the spot and the owner isn't maintaining said spot/cache, isn't this now the owners problem? OTOH, are you gonna' punish someone over something that happened before you assumed responsibility of this? OTOH, the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. So if I scream and whine enough, you'll cave in? There, all settled? Glad I could help. Carry on Ladies and Gentlemen.
  3. Get a map, compass and protractor. That is all anyone needs. Look it up on line as the grunt (above) stated. I was advance party for quite a few years and that was all you needed to find anyplace on earth. When those other people break their toys or they run out of juice, then the real fun begins. If you still can't figure it out after trying to figure it out on-line, send me a pm and I'll talk you though it. If I can teach 70 or so 18-19 year olds the basics, in a few hours, I can easily teach one person.
  4. Cops = good Criminals = bad. There will always be bad apples but I've taught my kids, if in a bad situation, find the nearest cop.
  5. One man's junk is another man's treasure. I'm sure this 'junk' sometimes is all someone could afford. It might have meant a lot to them. As for we all being 'adults' I don't think so. I've observed quite a few kids going to some of the caches around here.
  6. I thought someone volunteered didn't get paid? Since people associate smilies as a payment of sorts, they weren't volunteers, right? So, what would it cost me to get a few thousand volunteer points? Hmm? (joke)
  7. I look up the GZ on google and try to find it hours later by memory. If the machine tells me where to go, where is the fun in that? Might as well sit on my butt at home and have someone else do all the work. Hey look.....someone followed their gps....True....
  8. Now, if you heard the 'crack' of a rifle and the bunny keeled over, it'd be kinda' funny in a sick way. Someone will always be offended by something, no matter what the subject matter. If something like this video offends you, you need to take a vacation...or something.
  9. Some people have such miserable lives they have to make everyone else feel bad too, to feel like they matter. Come on kid. If you don't like it here, go someplace else. Why take it out on us? Other then making me chuckle at your temper tantrum? Need a hug?
  10. Could I borrow those kids once in a while? My kids found one today rated with 3 stars, Took about 2 minutes.
  11. When I worked with a bunch of police at a riot control training session, I asked one officer what his job was. He told me: "To keep people like me in line. Criminals are gonna' do what they want no matter what. So he was there to make sure, poeple like me didn't break the rules." I kinda' lost a little bit of respect then and there for him. Hoping that, these were his feelings only and not all law enforcement. Of course now whenever I meet a law enforcement officer, I have that little nagging doubt in the back of my mind, until I get to know them.
  12. You misunderstand. When I opened the box, I saw a bunch of junk in a plastic baggie. Why should I investigate further if I know nothing of your game? If you place something of value in a public place. Expect something to be stolen once in a while.
  13. I'm new and use no GPS. I have only posted 3 finds because I wait for my kids to go with me to find and log the visits but I've found about 65 between my place of residence and the town I work in. There have been a few that have stumped me but if I can't locate them, my kids never will, so it's no loss.
  14. Keep the thread here so those of us n00bs, learn how not to do things or to do things... whichever. I have already learned not to leave more then one of anything in a single location.
  15. I just started this activity recently. I scout an area and locate a cache. No gps used. If I find it, I bring the kids back on the weekend and they look for it. Once they catch on and learn the ropes, we'll try looking together. While they are learning, I can observe them and offer suggestions to improve their searching techniques. They are now telling me which ones they want to try next by searching the map near us or their school area.
  16. Yesterday, my son put in a dollar bill for 1 pokemon card. I wanted to say something but to him, it was worth 1 dollar. So be it. We found the dollar bill at the cache before this one.
  17. I 1st started looking into this sport when I came across an ammo can. They ain't cheap. When I saw all the swag inside, I researched it and here I am. I was really close to just dumping the contents into the 1st trash can I saw. I never once paid attention to the little green tag on the outside of it. I'm suprised it dosen't happen more often.
  18. I have an electric fence. The post isn't electrified. The wire is. The wire (usually three of them), is on the inside of the fence and no one should come into contact with it unless they stick a hand through the fence. The fence is usually shut off if no animals are in that paddock at that time. If you have a medical device in or on your body that is run by a battery, I'd not suggest you to touch an electrical fence. Other then that, they are toally safe. I watch a kid every couple of days touch my fence. I guess they don't believe the signs I have posted. My only concern, this fence is off limits but I continue to see electrical panels and boxes used as hiding spots. Barbed wire fences also. Where/when do you draw a line? Maybe a warning in the description?
  19. I'm extremely new to this but I make a 'coin' out of corian, about the size of a quarter with a lithopane inscribed on it. To buy one? 5-10 bucks but since I make them myself, they're free minus time and materials. The majority of stuff I have seen in my very limited time doing this, is nickle and dime gumball machine stuff. Fun for kids but not really tradeable material.
  20. We have a Beers road near here that has been stolen 15 or so times. They have since elevated the sign 15 feet up. It's only been stolen 3 times since.
  21. N00b here. Checking things out as I think this would be a good activity for my kids to do, ages 8 and 10. I can pass on some skills I've learned throughout my time and we can learn and explore new worlds together before I get too old and feeble. Anyhow, I tried a couple of caches I found here yesterday and I'm hooked. I don't have any equipment (GPS) yet, since I don't want to invest any money until I know if the kids will enjoy it. I also don't care to use a GPS unless I discover along the way that I need one. I used one a LONG time ago and never really liked them. How long ago? Try 91-92. I'm sure I will since building a cache looks like fun and I have quite a few tools to accomplish this. And I assume you'd need one (GPS) to hide a new one. About me: Retired US Army, currently in my second career with a large automotive related industry. Married and we have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 6 koi. I drive 117 miles a day and I figure with that amount of driving I can nab 2-3 caches a day and keep busy for awhile.
  22. Last weekend I told my wife I wanted to adjust our vacation plans a bit and visit a place I went to as a kid once. She agreed but only if I could find other things to do in the area to make it an entire day outing. So, searching online, I came across a few mentions to geocaching. So I researched it and it sounds like a fun thing to do with the family. So, yesterday, I swung by a couple of places that were on the way home and found 2 caches. Hooked....
  23. As long as they're within 100 meters of said position, I'm good. I'm old fashioned and don't use those new fang-dangled GPS thingies. Of course it takes a little longer but that's half the fun...
  24. New person here. 2nd day of geocaching and 1st day on the forum. The A & J part of my log-on are my kids' initials. I'm introducing them to this wonderful sport/pastime because of the interaction with each other that is a part of this adventure. I expect someone will call the cops on me at some point. I carry my kids school id cards and those little id/finger print cards with me. I also have 3 years worth of school pictures crammed into my wallet. Whenever someone spends too long looking at me when I'm out with my kids, I confront them. How do I know, that they aren't the ones with 'issues'? It's worked so far. I will say, I'd never let someone talk to my kids alone. As for kids always telling the truth to adults? You ever have a kid? My son (ten) will not admit a mistake no matter what. To ANYONE but his mom. My daugther (8 going on 15) has been known to lie to my face and I fall for it 7 out of ten times. I understand that people are only doing what THEY think is right but sometimes, people need to mind their own business. The media makes mountains out of mole hills. They have to. It's called job security.
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