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  1. What you don't have 10 or more cachers on Maui? Just grab some people of the beach and give them a partyhat. Then take a photo of all together
  2. No. You buy the trackable numbers from Groundspeak. 50 is the minimum I thought.
  3. You could also check out this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=242195 And a Google-search with "BSA 100th Anniversary Geocoin" will give you a lot of results too.
  4. I made reservations for all editions. And I took a look at the earrings just to get a closer look at the feathers I wish it was the end of April! They look great! Also made reservations for the Elements Compass - Sun. And I wanna say that the site looks great too!
  5. Yellow = wisdom Orange = mind And of course the black version... Ok now what would I have to do to get a black version??? OK?? You said there were just 7 versions. So you're teasing or you are just sneaky Let's see a picture! And if it's true, how can we get one?
  6. So what is the official name of the YELLOW version? I've seen both the YELLOW and ORANGE versions advertised on ebay and described here as the "Celtic Mind" version. Can anyone clear up the confusion? There's no Light Bleu version. But there is a Light Green version. I guess we can call that one Celtic Soul. And I've named my Yellow Wisdom and the Orange is named Mind. It's really up to you how you name them.
  7. My theme is Navigating in the Past and Present during a 30 kilometer hike. That's festive, ain't it No, they don't have to where funny hats
  8. The international orders will arrive at the end of March, we are checking on the domestic ones. We have instructed the mint to take photos and send them to us, as the orders are finished (hoping they will comply).
  9. From All Trackables: Celtic Circle of Life Geocoin
  10. Hi Wenzelbub! Have you been moved? And is there any time left for the artwork?
  11. It´s a Cachekinz-Grasshopper. So look for the Cachekinz.
  12. WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. The Yellow Wisdom geocoins are available HERE Thank you! Now I will get the complete series of this coin
  14. Kunnen jullie iets bedenken voor een event cache die in meerdere plaatsen tegelijk gehouden wordt met een zelfde thema? Zoals het 10 Years! event bijvoorbeeld.
  15. Good looking coin! I hope to be on the list soon.
  16. Can I get an invitation please?
  17. Ruud4d

    Love Geocoin

    AWESOME!! cant wait to see one in person, i think its awesome you do the charity donations with your sales!!! Thanks, we were able to donate $130 from the two purple heart versions that was combined with an additonal $100 from the fallen Heroes coins for a total of $230! As soon as Operation Homefront sends us the receipt we will post it on our donation page. Have another few Coins for Cause projects in the works!! Thanks, Eric That's a nice figure for a donation. I'll be keeping an eye on your other coins to come and be happy to pay the dollar extra for the good cause.
  18. Updated! I almost had them all
  19. I know Lucecitka does in the Czech Republic as she has been in contact with me about a trade And Longtomsilver has two versions also for his event in Köln, Germany.
  20. I will sure make reservations. They look realy great! I hope it will get a very nice icon too
  21. Thanks. That's exactly what I would have asked them. But they are already on the list. If others that I missed, would want on the bookmarklist, the easiest way is to contact me.
  22. I usualy get the coins I order at German shops or win from German eBayers within a week. Sometimes even within 3 days.
  23. Yep, just read the e-mail. The story is a bit like the first lost-coin-story. This time the coin was dropped 2-13-'10. On the 14th the cache was found again but this cacher didn't take any coin/tb nor discovered them. Today (march 8th) the cache was reported missing and checked by the owner. And he archived the cache, with my coin So I lost two coins without any milage on them.
  24. You asked... It is not a public list... CF30 I thought it was... Well now it IS
  25. And this guy is causing you a lot of trouble since people will turn to you as the designer of the coin. I hope the police will get him. Is it possible to name his name here? And will eBay block him?
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