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  1. That log has been deleted as well. It didn;t do much to the mileage since he took it to The Strand in California as well. Thanks for keeping an eye on my coin I hope the coin will make it back to Cologne in time.
  2. Hi guys, I have deleted the log myself. Luckily I was wondering about the standings and checked in here. To my surprise I saw the discussion that was going on here. Next time just ask me. I really don't bite Now I have to inform ZorkV of the log-deletion. Edit to add correct mileage: 15 431.94 miles
  3. If shipping 50 would 4 dollar the prize is still reasonable to me. Email send.
  4. My Pink Yimes have arrived. Thank you very much for a good idea which gave us the chance to buy a very much wanted coin with a clear conscience because we did it for a good cause. This was also the reason why I bid high on the other Yime that Opalsns put on eBay. I was happy to pay that price. I wanted to donate a little bit extra but there was no room for it unfortunately. Thanks guys
  5. Nice coin, congratulations on the design. But the fact that I will have to buy 8 coins, will keep me from buying them. I collect coins and 1 version of each leaves me with 5 coins I have to trade or re-sell. The price is reasonable I think: € 8,75 per coin. However there's no word about shipment. What would shipment of 8 coins cost?
  6. You can count me in. E-mail is in the making.
  7. Dropped down from #1 to #4. BUT..... My coin is in hands of Zork V who traveled from Ireland through California to North Island, New Zealand. He dipped it in several caches. Added up that makes about 12,000 miles. So when he drops it...
  8. Just one question. Why is International shipping to the Netherlands $ 14.00? That's more than the starting price of many coins. Not likely I will bid this way.
  9. In Dutch eleven is "elf". And an "elf" is a fairy. 11 is the first number you can't count one your fingers. If you do, you've got one left, which brings us to the (German) source of the word eleven: ain lif (one left). 11 is the first Master Number in numerology
  10. I will be getting my hands on an extra Dutch 10-10-10 Coin. If there's anyone who would like to trade, let me know in an email. That way I can choose the coin I like best
  11. I sure would like 2. I hope to get them...
  12. Actualy it's not highlighting anymore. You have to choose an action in the drop down menu. In your case that would be "Dropped Off".
  13. Love that idea. And then maybe a EU-version to trade with US/CAN-versions?
  14. I hope my coin(s) is(/are) gonna make it to Cologne. Maybe I can pick them up right there.
  15. Reserved a 5-coin set and very curious of the mystery coin
  16. The site is restricted for me (and many other people). Would you be so kind to post the pictures here?
  17. They turned out realy good!
  18. I don't know if they are still available. I didn't see them in the shop anymore. You could ask the guys of AH5. These are the gold and silver coins I won by collecting all mini coins. I do have a red one in my possesion still...
  19. If it is all, then I miss one side of the Dutch coin. They are all gorgeous!
  20. I see it as well I tried to read the other codes as well but they get to blury when you magnifie the picture.
  21. It does indeed take you to the coin-page but you still need to enter the trackingcode manualy. So just making the trackingcode unreadable is sufficient.
  22. I got #10. Same number as the Meh I got. Your sales are doing fine; averaging $ 50,- a coin. You're making good money for your church. There was one lucky buyer with $ 39,- for # 7.
  23. My coins have been activated, html added and they're in the box. I might just put all other coins on my watchlist to see how they're are going next year.
  24. Ruud4d

    Troy Geocoin

    Hi Woejam, it's starting out to look like a very nice coin. I'm keeping my eye on the thread and process. In Dutch: Hoi Woejam, het begint er als een heel aardige coin uit te zien. Ik hou het draadje en proces in de gaten.
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