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  1. On December 7th 2006 Coen Boltjes, better known by geocachers as Reintje de Vos, died. He was a web developer for the Foundation Geocaching Netherlands. At his funeral Ronald Heirbaut (Heirbaut Hunter) spoke some words. This description was also written by him: "Coen Boltjes, better known as Reintje de Vos (Reintje the Fox), was a geocacher who enjoyed everything about geocaching. Not only did he like the puzzling or searching for the cache, but also loved the walk and the people surrounding him. Although Coen was single and did not have children, he was a real family man. Unfortunately Coen died in 2006 after a short period, suffering from cancer. Coen not only was a geocacher in the field, but on the computer as well. People know him especially from his maps, standard maps at first, GoogleMaps at a later stage. During his stay in hospital, he asked for postcards without any hesitation or embarrassment (note that maps and postcards use the same Dutch word). "You always get a map from me, now I would like a postcard from you", he said. This was the kind of humor of Coen. Until December 3rd, he was busy with geocaching. That day was his last day online. Ideas, improvements and things that should be done different; assuring the quality and make sure that his thingies kept working. He disliked lazy people for not reading carefully, not searching too well or not double-check if necessary; it made him itchy. Above all, his difficult caches could be found with straightforward logic, so anybody should be able to find it, he said. Reintje, as geocachers we remind you with respect, gratitude and appreciation. You have put geocaching on the map, literally as well as figurative. Not a man of too many words on the forum, but one with many deeds and a pleasant stream of words in real life. Always an enthusiastic conversation about a new cache, improvements on the website and new thingies to build; most of the time followed by the words "if you know what I mean". You did what you liked most, passionately, professionally and unselfish. As a geocacher you leave us two marvelous caches and 443 logs of caches you found, either alone or with others. As a webprogrammer Coen has done a great job and a lot of work to make geocaching.nl as it is now. Only for his own pleasure he made things he thought might be useful. Trying and learning motivated him as well. Constantly aware that over 2000 people used the website on a daily basis, he made sure that quality was an issue for the website. Many people are proud and honored to have known Coen personally. Coen was a warmhearted man." The “In memoriam – Reintje de Vos” Geocoin After his death some Dutch geocachers thought it would be great idea to make a memorial geocoin for Coen. With permission of his family and the Foundation, they started working on the idea. All designs were sent to Coen's family, and they made the final selection. That's how this coin was created. The front of the coin shows a picture in 3D of the avatar of Reintje and the text: 10/12/1960 ~ Reintje de Vos ~ 7/12/2006 ~ In Memoriam. The back of the coin shows the DHZ-kaart (the map Coen was known for by most), the geocaching logo and the text: Coen Boltjes ~ Webdeveloper www.geocaching.nl. The coin has an antique silver finish. The coin has a unique icon, that was generously provided for free by Groundspeak. Designs were provided by the people of Geocoins.nl, who also coordinated the production and will take care of the sales. Natuurmonumenten Coen's family wanted all proceedings to be donated to the Dutch organisation for nature conservancy - Natuurmonumenten. It is one of the major Dutch organisations for conservation of the forest in which geocachers spend many hours. By buying this coin you make a little contribution to the quality of our sport. You can order this coin at Geocoins.nl.
  2. By filling out the Unite for Diabetes Geocaching Challenge contest photo entry you have to enter a state you live in. But there's no possibility for another country outside the USA. This disqualifies a whole lot of people. And the rules state that anyone can enter. I hope this is read soon and action is taken quickly. Greetings, Ruud4d
  3. In holland we are experiencing the same problems. Maybe because of the update on the cache-pages?
  4. Thanks Alex for this solution. I'm gonna try this one and will tell about it in the dutch forum if it works. Bye, Ruud4d
  5. OK, let me try to explain it again. Sending a check or money order from the Netherlands costs about $30. So becomming a Premium Member this way would cost about $60. I think that's too much. So I do wish to use my PayPal account. Allong the way of paying $30 to Groundspeak I must give my creditcard number. But I don't own a cc. So I can't transfer money to Groundspeak through PayPal. I know there are many more dutch who would like to pay Groundspeak but can't because of this reason. And I suppose there are even more people allover the world who encounter the same problem. So Groundspeak misses a lot of money because they insist on a creditcard to be used when paying through PayPal. If they would only change this, they would make a lot of geocahers very happy. Greetings, Ruud4d
  6. I'm in the Netherlands and I want to become a Premium Member. But I don't own a creditcard. I tried to pay through PayPal but Groundspeak still asks for a cc. Sending a moneyorder from the Netherlands makes the price twice as much so that's not a good alternative. Does anyone know how I can transfer money to Groundspeak in another way? Or when Groundspeak will change its policy and let you pay without cc? Greets, Ruud4d
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