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  1. This is what was just a few messages up. I guess they were all sold out because it's a beautiful coin.
  2. You can try Geocoinshop.de. Pretty sure that's the one. Edit: I was wrong. That were the "I want to find the cache-coins". Also with an X.
  3. The nice thing of buying and paying the complete set is being offered the antique gold version I need a new book for the series
  4. 2nd should ship May 18th and if all is good I will have them at Geowoodstock. Corss your fingers. I'm a little confused. If we bought the first coin, we automatically receive and pay for the rest, or do we need to go to the site to buy each one ? I remember somewhere it said that only those that got the first coin from the beginning would get the LE or something like that. Thank you, The Antique Silver is the vresion for those who bought and PAID up front for the entire set. After that each coin will be sold individually on my site. Right now I have some silver versions of the first flag left but I am out of gold right now. I bought the Gold Betsy Ross coin, will I get the whole set or do I also need to buy the Silver ? You should have ordered and paid for the complete set to be able to purchase the antique sulver edition: serie of 7 coins, 2 or 3 finishes (silver, gold, antique silver) = 14/21 coins. If you didn't, you can get only the silver and gold edition when the come up for sale. And then there is the XLE antique gold edition which you can win here or you will be offered if you're one of the people who ordered the entire set. I hope this helps.
  5. As a matter of fact there is a new All in one 2009 coin available at geocoinshop.de.
  6. Hmm, could you sent me one so I can check for myself?
  7. Ruud4d

    the big ones

    I can't find the meassurements for the coins but I think if you put the 4 Puzzle Geocoins together they might meet the criteria.
  8. Just a little addition in light of the changed rules. There are caches that are meant as a TB/coin-hotel. The owner of that cache often demands trading a trackable item for another trackable item. The new rules state that these demands should change into questions and that the finder of the cache doesn't have to live up to these demands or questions. So in fact if you find a box with like 10 trackables, you could take them all without putting anything back. But I must say that's a bit against the normal rules of commom sense. If you come to a box that full, leave something for the next finder. Perhaps take 10 and leave 5 or so? That's up to you.
  9. And if I may add something. You could ofcourse attach a coin to any object. And if that is not really the question you asked, here is another answer. Nowadays they put tracking numbers on any kind of trackable item: bracelets, lumb of gold, jewels, t-shirts, and so on. So you could develop playing cards with trackingnumber. Even with a special prefix (PC is taken )
  10. And it works again. How about Ruud4d Dutch Geocoin 2006 2: 43889.8km
  11. I'm sorry, I can't check because GC seems to be down.
  12. I'm sorry for those who are still waiting But I got mine today. Oh boy, what a (extra) surprise. They look réálý good! I like the Satin Black Nickel with Light Blue Glitter most. The owl seems to look strait atcha. Thank you very much Suckerish. Ruud4d
  13. I've asked that same question in an email and got the folowing answer: But with the new rules on icons I can imagin there will be icons for every edition.
  14. Ruud4d

    captain zero

    How do see which coins/TB's are in hand of a person? Ruud4d
  15. In random order: sahasrara AS XLE Dragonfly Talisman Steel Viking (series) Cache of the Titans - Medusa Geocoins (all Artist Editions) Birka Geocoins Gold/Silver/Color (series) Bad Jeremy/Good Jeremy Geocoins XLE Astro Geocoins Summer Splash (series) Templar Geocoins Two Tone (wanting the Black Nickel ) Delfts Blauw Geocoins Klomp and Molen Pirates of Hariman V (series) Reintje de Vos IM coin And then there are some more... Ruud4d
  16. I wanted to edit this post because I made a mistake. What I wrote above is my Top 10. But I can't edit it! So now my Top 5 most wanted. At the number one place: Templar Geocoins Black Nickel (I have the others) The rest is: USA coins (all but 2004, 2006 v1 and the 2005 Pure Silver) Volunteer coins (any version) Brahean geocoins Puzzle Coin Black Nickel The last 2 may vary.
  17. I like the idea. But the US flag keeps me from buying it. It's a game played all over the world as the text says on the back of the coin. So maybe as DJ J Rock says: Could the flag be variable per country? Ruud4d
  18. 5 coins? I hope I can restrain myself In random order: sahasrara AS XLE Dragonfly Talisman Steel Viking Cache of the Titans - Medusa Geocoins AS/Gold AE Birka Geocoins Gold/Silver/Color Bad Jeremy/Good Jeremy Geocoins XLE Astro Geocoins Summer Splash Templar Geocoins Two Tone (wanting the Black Nickel ) Delfts Blauw Geocoins Klomp And then there are some more...
  19. no, i'll sell international. this is the first time i have sold on ebay in almost 10 years and i may, probably, have messed something up. can you log onto the US site? i'll see if i can "fix" it. ;-) thanks everyone! lara Logging in on the .com site works. Now I see your coins. I might be bidding on them. In the meanwhile all the best! Ruud4d
  20. Hi RSG, Lara, I can't see your coins from the Netherlands. Are you only selling in the US?
  21. You could also take a look at the Cache Zone Shop. Same coins as at Coins and Pins. The Caching Place has also achievement coins. Ruud4d
  22. I've checked out the retrievers of the coin. They are real saints . They hadn't found a Poffertjes Event 2007 coin yet and probably just wanted the icon. They will drop the coin soon they write. No thiefs.
  23. If it is the Purrfect Geocat coin that would be Hogcode.
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