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  1. I'm thinking about making a cache look like a tree branch (cypress) using a soda pre form. Any advice as to the best way to do this?
  2. Is there a way to revisit my past caches to include a travel bug I want to keep so I can map the places I've been? I recently put a travel bug sticker on my vehicle and would like to track my caches via the trackable system. My hope was to log the bug when I started caching thinking it would be an easy fix, but nothing ever is these days. I just to show how many miles I've traveled doing this. BUT I do not want to revisit these caches and relog them all. Is there easy way to do this?
  3. Good ideas, I like to log caches using a smartphone, but it drains the battery. I would not be doing a crazy amount of caches, but hopefully more than I can remember. I use the GC and still have a lot of learning to understand it fully. Never thought about using the GPS and using it to accomplish this.
  4. I am hoping to make my first cache run soon and I was wondering if you make a "cheat sheet" or something to help as you check off caches. I figured I would just make a table using Word or Excel, but wondering if there is a better/easier way you use when hoping to do a lot of caches at once. I've made a pocket query of my possible route, but trying to think of an easier way to keep track with the caches I encounter.
  5. Is there anyway to see which cache would have been double logged without reading all past cache logs?
  6. Thanks, I went to a local craft store and hope to do an update on my newest cache since the velcro isn't working. I might have to shave a portion of the container down so it will be flush with the metal. thanks to all
  7. This might be a silly question, but I really don't know where to look to buy stronger magnets. I know a magnetic key holder can get the job done, but where can I go to buy magnets strong enough to support a small locking container. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Thanks, but I cannot find a change background option. I can see where you add images to text, but I still cannot see where there is a background option. Thanks again.
  9. I've noticed a lot of backgrounds on cache pages have custom backgrounds? How does one go about doing this? I would like to customize my Civil War Geocoin page (even though the coin hasn't moved in a month!) and even a cache once I finally decide to hide it. . . .
  10. I will also say congrats on your first FTF! I had a FTF with one of my earlier finds and really didn't think much of it. As I get more finds and see the same names that get FTFs, I know know that being the first is a big deal to some folks. So congrats, coFTF or not. My personal story is that I signed the log first and even logged in first, but some other guy on his log says he was FTF, to each is own I guess....
  11. I have a Galaxy S, and have to use the phone's browser to log onto geocaching and upload a picture that way. I have also emailed the picture to myself and saved it so I can do it via computer.
  12. I just released my first trackable into the world. It was a Civil War geocoin. After hearing some responses and seeing logs where trackables suddenly "disappear", is there any advice for someone new to the game regarding watching this trackable? **Assume it will not move quickly? **It may get stolen or not logged? etc?
  13. I got frustrated too when my phone GPS has me walking in circles. I found myself finding more "urban" caches until I learned to look for certain things that seemed out of place when looking for the caches. Good luck.
  14. I always knew Fall would be a slow time for me to go caching, but do you ever feel discouraged because it seems like you do not have time to go geocaching? I think about it often, but it seems like I need to plan a day for searching vs. the few park and grabs I can get on the way home.
  15. Works now . . . guess it was just moody
  16. Anyone else having problem with their Magellan GC today? I turn it on and it cannot find a GPS signal. I have restarted it several times and nothing . . . .
  17. Thanks everyone for the clarity, now for me to do a few housekeeping items before sending the little fella out into the world.
  18. It is a geocoin with a code printed on it. So you are saying that after I activate it, the coin and the code printed on the coin is all another needs to use for tracking purposes?I'm confused because on the package there is a place to write an additional code, and I figured one would need it for logging reasons. Thanks for the input.
  19. Been really, really slow logging on. Glad to know it is not just me.
  20. I think I am ready to release my first trackable into the world. I picked up an unactivated geocoin recently and have now activated it, I just haven't put it in a cache for someone else to get and send worldly. Question: Is there a technique to keeping the code on the trackable from smearing or becoming erased in the elements? I used a Sharpie pen on the plastic coin holder, but fear it will eventually erase. Should I use a better pen or computer printed code attached to the coin. Just another noob question.....
  21. For time reasons, most of my finds would be considered urban in nature. Would have to plan a day to hit the nature caches. I've noticed that hand sanitizer would be great to have regardless the location of the cache.
  22. I still consider myself new to the game, and I'm sure this topic has been asked before. But what other supplies or items do you normally take on a cache run? With micros and nanos, I've learned that having tweezers would certainly help . . .and a pen of course. But what else do experts carry when geocaching?
  23. Bingo! The code was under the paper that I thought was the bottom of the box. Maybe this explains why I'm not very good at micros and smaller.
  24. So I finally bought an actually GPS unit instead of using an app on my smartphone. The Megellan unit says I get a free month of premium membership, only thing is that I go to the geocaching free trial site and it asks for a code. So . . . anyone know where this mystery code can be found?
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