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  1. Cool stats, Loch Cache. WY is probably high on the list because it has the lowest population (I think or VT).


    Utah has such a high number because of AD0Or and his 1000+ hides. That stat there still amazes me.


    hahaha, don't forget about your Utah hides Mark :ph34r: you leaving caches here and not being counted as living here sure helps our score!

  2. I read every log posted to our caches, so I think it's silly and annoying when someone posts a needs maintenance, there was no need, the only reason I like them is that I have a notification set up so I get emails on them around here and if it's a cache that I don't own but I don't think the owner will fix the problem then I can go "save" the cache for them... that's what I use it for.

  3. We feel like "house caches" as we call them are great, they are safer for travel bugs, etc.. and just really fun to look for, we never feel awkward looking for them because putting a cache in your yard IS an invitation for us to come into it, we have a cache at our home and always will and we have them at our parents and relatives and friends homes too!

  4. My buddy was at GW6, I had to miss it due to work, but he was talking to the new record holders as they were telling their story and he said that they said that they went to the caches before hand and looked for them, but didn't sign the logs, then on the special day went to all of them and signed the logs, now if that's the rules to play by, I personally believe I could do it myself here in Utah, if the record is to sign 315 logs in 24 hours, even though you "found" the cache previously, that sounds easy!

  5. Right, however my point is... how am I supposed to know this prior to planning my hide unless I go and figure out each caches location first?


    There's a missing piece to this if you ask me.


    1. Prepare the cache.

    2. Look up local caches in the area and find a good unused location.

    3. Plan to deliver and hide the cache.

    4. Hide cache and mark coordinates.

    5. Log in and submit the cache.

    6. BAM, sorry - this location is in use.


    You just wasted a fair amount of time for a cache I can't place because the location wasn't known to you.


    You're ok with this?


    That's why it's important to find ALOT where you like to hide, so you know where the FINAL's are.

  6. Of the 184 multi's I have found, I'm sure I skipped one or more stages on at least half of them. I have been chastised by very few owners over this. CacheBandits cursed me over one of theirs, but then they are always cursing at me. :D

    I suspect some of the other owners were not particulary enthused by my actions. On a number of occasions, the hints were changed after I posted my log.


    I can see the argument about possibly missing some of what the hider wanted me to pass by, but trust me in that I usuallly end of knowing more about the area than those who walk it with GPS in hand. Skipping stages often means careful investigation of trail maps, and delving into the mind of the hider. It means making slow careful inspection of the route, looking for sites that match the clues, without knowing if you are on the right trail.





    I skip a lot too, I see it more as the clever then the cheating, to me if you find the final you found the cache.

  7. Isn't the location of City Hall or County Courthouse considered the 'location' of a town or county for mapping purposes?


    Like the location of the Post Office is the geographic location of that zip code?


    If there is another way of figuring 'ground zero' for something like that I can't imagine what it would be.


    I have not seen any like that, but it would make sense, the "dot" on the GPS is often the intersection of the two main streets , but not always, there are several other ways I've seen of doing it too...

  8. I saw where someone found something like 100 caches in a day. How is it possible to do that ... unless they are just one after another along a short trail and simply placed under bushes just off the trail?


    I spent a day caching in Boise, Idaho. I cached from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with about 75 minutes for dinner and 20 minutes buying more batteries for my GPS. I drove to areas where I could easily walk from cache to cache and I was lucky with 18 caches and 6 DNFs. How 100?


    I have not done a 100 day yet, but have MANY 60-80 find days, and lots of people get 100 find days around here, the reason we don't is that we place the ones they find!

    But it's not too hard to do if you travel to a place where you have not found any, or at least very many and just go hard all day.

  9. Los Angeles County Quad Challenge GCZMBD


    Requirement: Find a cache in each of the 81 USGS quads that make up the county.


    I wanted to do one of those in my home County, but was told that a Quad Challenge and a Township Challenge for the same county was too much.... sad...


    Thanks guys! I'm having fun seeing what you're sharing!

  10. Those are cool!


    I guess I should have been more clear, I'm not so much looking for "Challenging" caches, as I am "Challenge Caches," like :


    - You must find a cache in each county in the state


    - The Delorme Pages for the state


    - One with each letter ( alphabet soup )


    - 100 puzzles ( challenge of the century )


    basically a cache where you do a lot of OTHER caching to qualify for finding the cache.

  11. I really enjoy all the challenge type caches, like Delorme, and the county challenges, and Alphabet soup, and the fizzy DT/TR Challenges, and thought it would be fun to see what else is out there, if you wouldn't mind posting links to the challenge caches in your area that would be cool!

  12. That would be a cool idea, but my systems also works fine for me, I just mark the coordinates as corrected in GSAK, then I can load all unknowns with corrected coordinates and that gets "ALR's and solved puzzles" ... bytheway, what's an ALR? I've never heard/seen that one before, I knew what it meant based on context but can someone tell me what it stands for?

    Additional Logging Requirement



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