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  1. You have good hearing. The order has been placed. Watch for it.
  2. More local (Calgary) interest here. Great looking coin.
  3. Being on the 'Canadian' end of all the coin trades / purchases, I can tell you that $10 is the average cost of a coin coming out of the US. There have been times when an 'extra' cost is added to ship coins to Canada. Sometimes this is as much as $3.00 plus the already included shipping cost in the original price. We already have to incur the exchange rate when considering a US purchase plus the 'extra' shipping which isn't really a huge 'extra' cost from what I have seen on the packages. In the end it is your choice if you purchase a coin at the listed price even if you think it isn't worth it. I don't think anyone complains to the grocery store when they buy a case of Coke vs the local generic name brand soda. You don't 'pass on this one' because the price was raised by a couple of $$. From what I have seen, those of you that are passing on the coin have very extensive collections. I don't think that a couple of extra dollars is going to break the bank. I too had some concerns about the higher cost of these coins and having to pay US prices and shipping when it is a local purchase. I still have 2 on order. That's my 2 cents with the exchange rate included.
  4. 3 Bubbas


    Santa stuffed my Tiki coins in my stocking (ok my wife did) It was a very nice present on Christmas day.
  5. I got mine today. Very nice design. Thank you
  6. Since I like your coins so much, I better get entered in this contest. I placed one of your 'Red-Handed' Coins in the cache Stash n Dash The coin is in there as a 'gift' all nicely wrapped for someone to find during the Christmas break. I comes complete with the Sheriff card and everything Here's hoping I am the lucky one. Thanks Lemon Fresh Dog.
  7. Coin #012 made it's way to Canada yesterday. Thank you very much. What an awesome coin.
  8. 3 Bubbas

    Dnf Geocoin

    2 regular please. If there are any left
  9. In for 2. Nice coin design. Maybe I will make it to Yosemite some day.
  10. Yep, every night for sixteen days and we looovvvvved it! The question is...Did you sync all the clocks in the house also??
  11. I am out for the evening Good luck to all the people posting their 16th logs tonight. I am sad that I will not be able to see what is happening. Don't get me wrong, I am making sure that I am back in time to log my 16th and try to figure out the palm trees. Arrrgh...
  12. Arrrgh...You say you want hints eh. Well matey, what's it worth to ya scallywag?? Are ya willing to walk thar plank to find out a hint? Are ya willing to trade your whiskey? How bout that nice boat you travel around in? Keep at it scurrvy scallywag, you will find the answer if you google enough.
  13. 3 Bubbas


    Paid for 1 of each. It's nice to see a custom token like this being made. Looking forward to getting this one in the mail. Thank you
  14. I would like 1 if I make the cut. Thanks
  15. Arrg Mateys...Just 3 logs left. Red herring solved. Thar cipher has walked thy plank also. Some of my fella ship mates helped get that scurvy cipher overboard. Were gettin so close to thar coins, I can taste that metal in my whiskey filled mouth.
  16. Arrg...They are talking about this mates. Those blimeys have thrown a puzzle at us. It works the grey matter between those ears.
  17. I am looking to use it as #15 - Attend an event. As the host, I was wondering if I could log this early instead of on the day of the event. Arrg....So many questions...not enough time looking for treasure...
  18. I have tried to keep up with all the FAQ's so I won't repeat a question. I couldn't remember anything so here it goes. When you have an event submitted and approved, do you have to wait until the date of the event to log the cache? Arrg...Us Canadian Pirates are starting to get chilled to them bones. Thar winter winds are a starting to blow matey. Must complete the Quest before thy ship freezes in the waters. Having tons of fun with this Quest. Thanks for all the work that went into this.
  19. Transaction complete. Paid for 2. Thank you
  20. E-mail sent. Christmas stuff is in the malls already so why not geocoins.
  21. No need to complete this. A cacher from out in Texas is taking care of this for me.
  22. Hi there. I am trying to complete the cache (GC3153) Where's in a name? I need someone to go to the coordinates that my name converts to. N 33 22.22 and whatever W coordinate that will intersect this. As the cache states, a picture of your GPSr and its coordiantes. A picture of the area would be nice also. With winter just around the corner up here in Canada, a pic of the warm south would be nice to see. If you complete this task, we both get to log the find. Read the cache page for full details. Please message me if you can carry this cache out for me. Cheers
  23. Sorry everyone. I made a typing error. The coordinates should read N33 22.22 Thanks
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