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  1. Crewe Alexandra? Nope. I'll see off your Crewe Alexandra with an Oxford or a Wrexham...
  2. Perhaps I'm just REALLY thick, but I can't see that Step by step please?
  3. My cache MISSION DRIVE is showing a TB in it which has long since gone. Can I remove it? I've contacted the owner with no response.
  4. Thanks, that's what I have. I was curious as Satmap ones seem to have a brand label on them.
  5. I was in Tesco this morning, and there was Doctor Who magazine....right Doctor, wrong story! Anyhoo.... One British senior football club has a letter in it's name which no other has. Which Club?
  6. Howdy, neighbour. I'm on the Countryside Access Steering Committee of my nearest Community Council and I too am a bit gobby on the matter. Despite our wonderful Countryside Access (Scotland) Act, we don't have much Scots Law on the subject of electric fencing. I know it's feeble, but the only legal thing you can do is to complain to the Council's Countryside Access Officer and perhaps copy your correspondence to the Scottish Rights Of Way Society. Of course, I could tell you how to earth an electric fence .... Already done. Scotways are helpful to a certain extent, unless it involves actually doing something....
  7. To clarify further, my SD card/Micro SD came in Garmin packaging, but the SD card had nothing on it to show it was the 1:50,000 Garmin GB Discoverer mapping (check out the Satmap version by comparison). Should an original Garmin SD have GARMIN anywhere on it?
  8. I've made a back-up copy of mine, just to be on the safe side. Have you tried the backup copy yet? I ask this because the majority of software loaded on SD cards is locked to the cards hidden internal serial number.. I tried to use a backup copy of my Garmin maps, but it never worked. the 'back-up' copy is in the unit... Works fine. The original -checked, still works- is kept in a safe place. (Somewhere, can't remember where... Isn't that always the case, put it "Somewhere safe" and forget where it is! ) So do they have a Garmin logo on them?
  9. Peter Davidson? Was it the one where Adric was killed off? I can state with all honesty that it cannot be Colin Baker. Probably not Sylvester McCoy either.
  10. I'm on the local council access forum, and I keep an eye on things like this in my area. There are two farms in this area who have blocked ROWs, on with a huge electrically operated gate, and the other with electric cattle fencing. Currently in the hands of the council. I'd be interested in any legislation/ practices regarding erecting electric fencing if anyone has any.
  11. I should clarify, it's the ones you buy with Garmin OS Discoverer mapping on them.
  12. I have found that the Garmin batteries supplied with my Oregon die horribly, and the screen fades as if it's all went phut.... One one occasion the unit froze, and failed to update or log any tracks until I switched it off and replaced the batteries with non-rechargeable batteries.
  13. Are the Garmin SD cards which are used for Oregons, etc branded as Garmin, or are they just plain off the shelf SD cards? Also, are they locked, or can I transfer data to a computer/ other SD as a backup?
  14. One day someone will invent a PNF (Pointless Nano Filter).
  15. I'm using an Oregon 550. I go to MARK WAYPOINT. It reads: "Your current location was successfully marked as waypoint 001" SAVE or SAVE AND EDIT. Press save and the page goes back to the main page. I then check WAYPOINT MANAGER and the waypoint is there. However on numerous occasions when I go to the waypoint manager, one or all of the waypoints has gone completely. I have found that this occurs after saving the track. After doing so it asks if you wish to clear the current track. Pressing yes clears the track, and apparently all waypoints. On checking the saved tracks there are no signs of my waypoints there. Can anyone explain why this happens?
  16. The 1/25,000 maps are available but only for select areas such as Snowdonia, newforest and south downs cairngorns etc but are the much more detailed than the 1/50,000 ? Yes i understand that they should in theory have twice the detail but does it show on the oregon in the field? I Thanks It's not that the maps have twice the detail, it's that there is more room to include detail which cannot be included on a 1:50,000 map for reasons of clarity. You will find on these maps that (amongst other things) walls and fences may be included, and that pylons are marked exactly where they are on the ground. On a 1;50,000 map pylons appear as a black line with little V shapes coming off the line. These are marked at a standard interval, and do not represent an actual true position of a pylon on the ground. The only place you will find one for definite, is where the line changes direction.
  17. I run a GPS users course, and it's a recurring problem with people who are new to GPS. If the unit doesn't have an inbuilt compass then the unit will not "right" itself until you move off. This induces in some an immediate distrust of the unit, as it sends them one way, then the other. I'm used to it, and expect it, so it doesn't bother me.
  18. Yes, but what if a particular cacher repeatedly places micros in places which aren't suitable, or are uninteresting in the first place?
  19. I'm having a bit of trouble here. I use memory map and quo mapping software, but the GPS doesn't seem to be recognised by either. I can download photos from it, but otherwise I can't send routes or waypoints to my maps. It's currently set on Garmin Spanner. Is this correct?
  20. Thanks Any other tips/ shortcuts gladly appreciated
  21. A few queries. This is my first touchscreen GPS. Can I fit a screen protector to it? Also, is it WAAS enabled? Do I have to activate WAAS, or is it done as standard?
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