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  1. I think that I have found the export problem to Topo4... There must be a limitation field for the Message in Topo that simply crashes the whole process if it is over characters... in my syntax " %ShortName in %typ1/%con1 B=%bug %last4 %dif1/%ter1" if I add "%hint" or any combination "%hint=10" it will not work, the error is a bad .tpg file from Gsak... Anyone else had this happen? I was so wanting to add the hints to my exports...
  2. Can someone that is using National Geographic Topo 4 please tell me how they are transfering Gsak information to their maps? Each time I try to export to the NG format the file will not open to merge... Clyde thought someone here might be able to help. Thank you, BossTracker
  3. Can anyone help with exporting problems from GSAK to NG Topo? I use GSAK and export to the NG .tpg and nothing will open in Topo.... TIA Clyde suggested posting here. BossTracker
  4. Several times... the error says it is a .dll error, I have the program on another system and it is fine...
  5. I am getting an error after installing the Watcher program... anyone got a phone # for the owner.... any suggestions?
  6. Thank you so much... I'll wait for the email
  7. Did that, said preview, got the screen, checked the box and clicked download... comes as .loc Does it have to be emailed to get the .gpx?
  8. Sorry, but I am feeling a little dense... I can run a PocketQuery that sends a .loc file, I was wanting to use the Watcher program to see more information and it requires reading a .gpx file... Where do I change that setting? Thank you in advance, BossTracker
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