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  1. Apparantly most of the 'major' brands did this - I have a 7up & Coke marker myself & see Grapette markers on Ebay all the time. Interestingly I've never heard of or seen an example in my part of the country..
  2. ..looks like it isn't in the GC database. You could create a waymark in the U.S. Benchmarks Category on Waymarking.com
  3. ..another nice one from AZ: USGS R13 1933 by dcrep
  4. ..if you'd like, you could also post the mark in the U.S. Benchmarks Category over at Waymarking.com
  5. Before you submit recoveries to the NGS, you'll want to do a lot of reading (FAQs, many threads on this forum). Since the NGS database is really meant to be used by professionals, we don't want to introduce mistakes into their database that may outlive us! That being said, they do welcome our input & once you feel comfortable w/ terminology/identification - go for it! I do it, because if I've spent the time & resources engaging in the hobby, perhaps someone can benefit by knowing that a mark nor uptated since 1935 is still intact for professional use. Many new submitters will post their finds here for advice on submitting to the NGS - that may prove beneficial for you. Go forth & hunt!
  6. ..over at the Canadian Benchmarks category on Waymarking.com, there are a number of databases listed which might be a good place to start.. PS - the Newfoundland and Labrador flag is ont of the nicer-looking ones out there..
  7. ..as m&h implied, it looks like the part that would've most likely have been the intersection point (the vertical pole supporting the blades) appears to be intact. Geocaching doesn't make a distinction between 'Found Good' & 'Found Poor' (I usually do in my logs) - although the US Benchmarks category over @ Waymarking does..
  8. ..sorry about November - I finally got 'em all in! I think I've singlehandedly kept Horry County, SC lit for 4 months...and I live in PA!
  9. ..regarding the drill hole - I've seen the same thing (even the diameter looks the same) in 2 huge boulders on top of the ground in a park in town in an area where sewer lines were buried. At first I thought 'core sampling', but I ended up suspecting it could be for blasting....
  10. ..regarding PIVOT - at least I will be able to project some decent coordinates from the MARYLAND HEIGHT S datasheet
  11. Regarding the potential MARYLAND HEIGHTS S revisit - both ArtMan & mloser had expressed interest in possibly joining forces to ascend to the summit (sounds like something from Pixar), but I haven't heard back from either of you yet - how's May looking? (here in Southern PA the mountain tops above 1000' are still relatively devoid of leaves) I'm also wondering if anybody has run across any notes on the referenced unpublished station PIVOT - JV4627? Looks like a nice 1000' vertical elevation change hike..but at least it's not all at once!
  12. That reminds me of a book by a local PA author titled "Return to WELLSVILE" - where a BM hunter returns to get photographs and has an 'unfortunate' experience...
  13. ..being a PA boy - I'd peek at the 2 bridges over the stream to the SE of the tracks (Mt Bethel Hwy & Ye Olde Hwy). Most of the PADH* disks I've found were on wingwalls of bridges over streams & usually on the wingwall nearest the Keystone plaque indicating the bridge construction date.. - E * PA Dept of Highways in the middle of the 1900s & stamped P.D.H. (P.S.H.D in the early days & P.D.T. in the late 70s & 80s) ..although you may have found a few of these on previous 'incursions' into PA
  14. ..I might be interested in joining you for that project - I've had HU1290 programmed in to my GPS for 3 years now! (I always have passed on that due to time constraints) I usually get to do recoveries, I mean vacation, there in the fall. A good 2nd location could be HU1295. (Am also still determined to find the one @ the library in C.M.C.H. - you know which one I'm talking about;) Incidentally, my daughter's 5th grade science project (How Accuate is a Handeld GPS) consisted of taking 3 units to a tri-station near our house on 8 different visits, (boy, did I love helping w/ that one!) where the average of the individual results were nearly spot on & individual readings probably covered a queen size, except for 2 anomalous readings on a day w/ really lousy weather. Calculations were '5th grade math', but she did win 1st place! (she still refuses to go on 2 mile hikes to the mountaintop tri-stations, tho..)
  15. I seem to remember something similar showing up in the BM forums before but can't find any examples - they are a bit like the piers at the Hoover Dam: GR1855 These have a regular disk in the middle, however.. ..I do seem to remember a large grooved flat disk somewhere though..
  16. I was pleased to assist in PFF's NCCP (North Carolina Colorization Project) by filling in the first GEOCAC recovery in far-flung Columbus County. Maybe I can help again this fall!
  17. Well that would rob us of all the recoveries done by those who do not report to the NGS and that includes some good recovery people ..I took it to mean the "all capped" NGS info from the GC page. Also - in the GC page, if a mark WAS destroyed, it would be nice for the GC listing & logs to remain, instead of 'archived' like NGS datasheets.
  18. "USCS" - it's on the SE side about chest level.
  19. ..and it has this cool 'bench' carved into the side: Edit to add this pic as well: (I'm a big fan of this benchmark - try to climb the 199 steps at least once every year!) PS still haven't recovered HU1294 ..although 2 RMs are alive & well.
  20. Awesome! I had also considered looking for Soper &/or Stabler instead, but took a guess that Webb had the best chance of being intact & I only had a few hours to hunt that day - I'm glad I chose to look for Webb.
  21. My favorite time to ascend the mountains is Late March or Early April - warmer, but before the leaves/ticks/poison ivy are in full force & you can still get a decent satellite lock. ...maybe we could even cajole PFF to cross the Potomac for this one!
  22. Papa Bear - thanks for the link - I'd forgotton about your maps...I'll get to work on more sites down there as the shopping trips allow I'd also like to get to MARYLAND HEIGHTS S (JV4626)- BDT, want to meet up & give it another shot? (from the looks of the terrain, there should be at least a half dozen of us searching!) Klemmer & TeddyBearMama - This dosen't have a whole lot of relevance to your question posed above, but but I was pleased to see the Google Earth registration was about spot-on!
  23. I was going to post a reply to Papa-Bear-NYC's EOA thread on the Epping Base Line , but thought it would be better to have a separate thread broken into the parts listed on Holograph's wiki. Papa-Bear had stated the desire to keep track of EOA recoveries, so I will add mine: Unfortunately this won't be a very exciting story as there was no mountain to climb or serious measuring - however, it was nice to get a chance to look for one of these stations. The 'Mizziz' wanted to go on a shopping junket in the Baltimore-Washington area & I found myself about 5 miles from WEBB (JV5810)...so I charted a course to hunt for BMs toward that direction. After warming up with a few benchmarks along the way, I found the most difficult part of the search was getting access to the area. Fortunately, the station is located on county government property & there were a few workers on-site at the property who explained the best way to get there – I would not have searched otherwise as the property is posted. I had hoped to be able to find the original referenced stone markers placed 5 feet (more or less) to the E, N, & , S of the main station, but they were not visible – due apparently to a mound placed around the monument, most likely in 1933, when familiar USC&GS bronze disk were set. Per the (2nd) 1933 recovery – “SUBSURFACE MARK A CONE BURIED 1.7 FEET BELOW THE SURFACE WAS RECOVERED AND A TRIANGULATION MARK CEMENTED INTO THIS CONE BY MEANS OF A PLUMBING BENCH AND A SURFACE MARK WAS ALSO SET BEING SEPARATED FROM THE SUBSURFACE MARK AND PLUMBED OVER THE SUBSURFACE MARK” By 1942 the original reference posts were not found. surface mark (close up was too blurry to use - I was either too excited or didn't have enough light) setting showing mound which probably covers reference stones Although this was not a 'hard find', it was interesting interpreting the old references to plot the location of the station in relation to the old driveway (houses are long gone) and what appears to be an old yard fence. I also found an interesting stone (actually the first thing I found when arriving at the site) which appears to have been used at least - at some point - for surveying purposes...it looks like there was a cross chiseled on the top..although it isn't referenced in the datasheet. ? well...maybe not the most exciting old recovery (even for me)...but it was still more fun than pouting in a shopping mall! - E
  24. ..at least I have more time to catch up on my NGS backlog As for the mystery of FX1352 - I think I remember a story from the Jan 3rd issue of the Cary News Gazette - Local Benchmark Hunter lost in woods - returns 4 years later after making recovery.
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