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  1. Yes. Make sure you register your DVD map at -> https://my.garmin.com/mygarmin/customers/myGarminHome.faces then click on My Maps. It should show any available updates. The NuMaps guarantee will cover certain units if they have a CityNav installed (e.g. a DVD).
  2. They are wherever you put them on your computer. Erasing them on your computer will not erase them from your GPS.
  3. Likely it has to do with the Family name, Map #, Map ID, Map Name, Map Number, Series Name, etc. and such when a map is created. If they are the same, they maps will show as one on the GPS.
  4. The 2720 uses a standard mini-USB, available just about anywhere. Nothing special about it.
  5. No comments on the unit itself but FYI:, it's on sale at Amazon -> http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-GPS-60CSx-Han...r/dp/B000CSOXTO
  6. When you upload your field notes to geocaching.com, you still have to submit them for each cache and you can edit them when you actually submit each cache log.
  7. Which firmware are you using? Mine did something similar with (I think) 2.92 BETA. ???
  8. Can you give me an example of a file name you used. I've managed to get my topo on my Oregon's internal memory, and my Bluechart Americas on my sd card...but for some reason it's not giving me full detail - like it's not unlocked. Yet when I had the bluecharts on my internal memory, it showed it all, lol. Confusing There's no need to create a new, separate .img file for each map, though that is one way to do it on the newer models which allow multiple img files. As jotne noted, open MapSource and select all the maps/tiles you want in the .img file, as this file gets rebuilt with only the selected maps whenever you run it. The old maps get deleted and replaced by the selections you made.
  9. Using 2.95 beta it locks up almost always when I am using a route and go off course. Instead of recalculating it locks. Gotta pull the batteries.
  10. I just got an email from them today and told me the covers were backordered for a week or so.
  11. Viewing the info is boring. Simply lat/long, cmarea/pix info. The idea is that you can use that info to view the photos in relation to a map. For instance, Google earth you can save the photos in My Places and it'll show the photos at the location it was taken at. On the Mac in iPhoto, you open a map and see where all your pix were taken.
  12. You don't need anything since the 550 has a camera and it is a GPSr, it does the geotagging automatically. The location is stored in the EXIF data, which is all the data (date, time, exposure, camerqa info, etc.) and is part of the picture file.
  13. I have a Colorado 300 and the Garmin apps (for Mac) work pretty well. I have National Geographic Topo and it works okay with the GPS but the app itself is kinda flaky/slow. Reads/writes, tracks, waypoints, gpx files fine. I do have Garmin City Navigator 2010 and it works well. Quickly tested a few other apps and what I have tried at least communicates and uploads/downloads okay. Plenty of Mac maps available at gpsfiledepot. Also, you can get routable maps here -> http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php
  14. Jeeps? Roads?!? We don't need no steenking roads!!! "Paved roads are just another fine example of needless government spending"
  15. If you download the caches as a gpx file and put the gpx file into the gpx folder ont eh Colorado, they will show up as a cache. When you select a cache, press the left soft button to get a description which shows the difficulty, cache type, log, hints and other info.
  16. Is there a reason you do not want them to show up as a Geocache?
  17. Okay, whatever. This started because... I responded "How about the person already owns a handheld?" Someone who already owns a handheld (like Rockin Roddy) has a very good reason for using a handheld GPS with a motor vehgicle. In turn, Rocking Roddy quoted and responded to me... If Rockin Roddy agrees with this, why use his PN-40 (handheld) in the motor vehicle? After all, "there is no good reason" to do this. (emphasis mine) And again, the word "better" needs to be qualified.
  18. So sell your PN-40 and use half the money you get to purchase a $100 car unit. After all, it is better. Lighten up. The original post I responded to stated, "I can not think of any good reason to use a handheld for motor vehicle." If the user only has a handheld, then that is an extremely good reason to to use a handheld for motor vehicle! I was responding to that only. And these preferences are exactly what makes something better or worse. You need to qualify "better". It is better for a specific purpose. What makes it better? A larger screen? A larger screen is not better if I need it as small as possible. It has text to speech? I need longer battery life and speech will eat up the batteries. How is that "better"? Which is better? Ford or a Chevy? Garmin or DeLorme? Steak or lobster? Summer or winter? 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel drive? These differences make it better for car navigation but they do not make it better for hiking or bike riding. In fact, just the opposite. A larger unit while backpacking/rafting is a definite disadvantage (read:worse) unit than a handheld. Okay,but I did not suggest that. Please reread my first response. A $95 car unit is "better" than a $600 handheld? Take them both hiking or on a rafting trip and let me know which is "better". If you are purchasing for a car, then yes, a car unit probaly has the features "better suited for use while driving". Car units are generally better suited for driving than some (not all) handhelds. And the reverse could also be true. Nuff said.
  19. You could also file a report here -> http://www.bsa.org/country/Report%20Piracy...y%20Online.aspx
  20. No, it's not. One cannot choose "better" unless "better" is defined. For instance, a Garmin Colorado (handheld) is better for hiking than a Garmin Nuvi 120 (auto). A Nuvi 730 is better for display than an Oregon while driving down the highway. An Oregon (16 hrs rated) has a better battery life than a 730 (5 hrs rated). They are equal when used for routing (meaning, the routing is going to be the same, not that one will have more features suited to driving).
  21. The statment was not, "which is better, handheld or car unit?" It was, Better? If you mean the car unit will have more functions (voice, beeps, warnings, blu tooth connectivity, mp3 player, larger screen) okay, but a route is a route. I doubt a specific manufacturer has different routing software for their handhelds vs. their car models. Again the car units may have more functions in them because they have more hardware but the actual routing software is likely the same.
  22. How about the person already owns a handheld? Why should they spend another $95 for a dash mounted GPS?
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