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  1. It sounds like a great goal. I've been tracking mine and even have a outline map of the US in my log book showing the general area of my finds in the states. So far, 8 states:OK,TX,AL,MS,IL,MO,KS,HI. Madog "Discover of America, ca 1169"
  2. I just wonder about the usefulness of the ability to adjust for declination on your compass. Of the cache sites I've looked for, when a offset azimuth and distance are given, none have ever specified either magnetic,grid, or true north. This always confuses me. Working in the military, we are always careful of which we are using. Madog "Discover of America"
  3. I travel by air about every other week, and have had no problems with a GPSr in my carry-on bag. They do tend to give it a good look, since I usually have two GPSrs, one camera, and two cell phones, all in the same bag. I wouldn't put them in my checked luggage, due to the new procedures that allow the checkers to handcheck the bags. No use in tempting a honest person. Madog "Discover of America"
  4. I use Topo USA, along with my Garmin 12 to track progress in difficult areas. This includes cities or forest areas with trails that don't run north and south. Madog "Discover of America"
  5. In an auxillary topic, how does one receive notice that there membership is about to expire. My membership is up in Feb.. Will I receive some type of notification. Since I can't get PayPal to accept my credit card, due to the number on the back of the card, I will have to use snail mail, or some other source. Madog "Discover of America"
  6. Since you are visiting the OKC area, here are a few caches I’ve located in the area, that I would recommend. Sugar Creek Vista, Red Rock Novelty, The View From Above, and Three Springs. These are caches that involve a little more than the 1/1 difficulty ratings, and you are rewarded with unique searches. I don’t mean to downgrade others in the area, but these are my top choices. Madog "Discover of America"
  7. I agree with Markwell. I would like to see an optional Parking location, as well as having it download via Easy GPS. This weekend I spent time searching for a couple of caches that had parking areas mentioned in the info. It resolved and eliminated a lot of confusion and frustrating driving to locate a starting point. I don't really care how far I have to walk (within reason), but I really get bent when I find that I could have driven right up to the site. Madog "Discover of America"
  8. A cache attribute, I would like to search on is the last date the cache was located or at least a range of dates maybe ranging from 1 week to greater than 4 weeks. This would give me an idea if a cache had been located in recent history. Madog "Discover of America"
  9. I've heard that Michael Jordan (the original, not the cheep copy) is into caching Madog "Discover of America"
  10. please disregard Madog "Discover of America"
  11. I tend to agree with Aronius, but I think I'd be a little more tactful saying it. I currently have a standard etrex (yellow) and my first GPSr, a Garman 12, that I bought 4 years ago. Both are very basic receivers, but include the features I need for caching, such as storing waypoints. I tend to look at maps before I enter a cache area, and if I feel I need really specific map information to support a hunt, I use Topo-USA. Basically, I feel that any GPSr with the ability to be used in the 'Go-To' function will work just fine for caching. All other bells and whitsles are great for other pursuits. Then again, I'm one of the last people to see the benifit of many new features. Madog 'Discover of America' Madog "Discover of America"
  12. My only problem with using FRS systems, is what I call 'The Verizon Effect" (Can you hear me now?) These things are used a lot by Army troops as unofficial non-tactical, unauthorized commo means. They usually do the the Verizon Effect 3-4 times before they actually say anything important. Madog "Discover of America"
  13. I retired in 95 from the US Army. This probably accounts for why I can't figure out lat/long, but can get about anywhere with UTM MADOG Madog "Discover of America"
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