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  1. Just curious, we recently just got back into geocaching after being away for a pretty long time other than some sporadic finds here and there. One thing I notice is a big difference now is the amount of caches that have several DNFs and haven't been found in over a year. What happened to responsible cache owners and why are they not either maintaining their caches or archiving them if they no longer want to take care of them? Just noticed several since coming back and was just curious if Geocaching.com has a rule or can archive them on their own after a specific amount of time? Happy Caching!!
  2. No I never did, and honestly it was so long ago I can't remember if I tried using the admin feature. I just went looking for it again but didn't see it. Do you have to be a premium member to use it? I was then, but am not now.
  3. Yesterday I tried downloading Magellan Coummunicator from www.geocaching.com and it went through the install process but was no where to be found on my computer. I tried re-installing again only to find it was actually uninstalling, then went back and re-installed but again could not find it in the program file it was installing to. Tried installing to desktop only to find the setup.exe file ended up on my desktop. Now this worked great on my old XP laptop but having a lot of trouble with it working on Windows 7. Any ideas? Thanks, Bob
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