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  1. Ooooooo! Can we have a copy? I think this is the one. You'll need the Greasemonkey extension installed.
  2. Had a similar situation. Nearby cache in need of some maintenance, visited and sorted some of the issues, logged a find, then decided that i'd be happy and able to maintain it so adopted it. Other point is whether you should log the same cache more than once. I don't think I've done this but if it had moved I would feel fine logging it again.
  3. The cache owner looks like they are relatively new. I guess it might be a good idea to let them know that they shouldn't delete logs when a cache is archived, becomes unavailable or whatever the situation is as it effects peoples record of finds.
  4. Sounds like this was a great event, bit far for me to go but glad my TB, Remove Before Flight, could make it. Does anyone have any photos of it at the event? Thanks.
  5. Might be meaning this one.
  6. Hi all, Just a quick note to remind people that the results for June are due in by the 15th of July. See the Cacher of the Month website for more details. If you haven't taken part before you can register on the website. If anyone has any problems please let me know. I shall be away (again) between now and the 15th so may not be able to respond to queries straight away. I should be able to publish the results but will not be able to deal with any other issues until I return home a few days later. Any entries which come in before the deadline via email which I can't add into the database as I'm away will be sorted on my return so the results may be subject to change. Regards, Adam
  7. Not really, since you can choose to move it to an unknown location which removes it from your inventory. But I suppose that feature might not have been available when the cache was approved. Does seem very daft to have an active cache for the purpose though. Surely it could be archived and still serve the same purpose.
  8. May I ask, what is the point of the UK Travel Bug Graveyard (GCD653)? This seems quite a popular concept judging by a bookmark list that the UK one is on.
  9. On second thoughts, original comment removed.
  10. Very easy to reset passwords. All one needs to do is send me a quick email. Will sort yours out now Helen. Do you need a new password Matt?
  11. Hey, try this: <strike>Some random text</strike> Adam.
  12. This site might be of interest. Also, as you are a Premium Member you can create pocket queries that find caches with the Wheelchair accessible attribute. Suppose it depends what the disability is though.
  13. I'm aiming to get my first 100 before the 18th July 2006, a year since my first find. I'm on 99 now so not too difficult. Probably doesn't sound a lot to many but all but a few have been found by public transport. I shall be returning to the North East where I started caching for a few weeks in August/September and I'm hoping to log a good number to get me near to my 200th. As normal, I'll be using public transport for most of the time, but there are some cache rich areas which I'm planning trips to. Also, I hope to find a white and a yellow jeep as when I'm in staying at my brother's in the North East, I'll have less to do so it'll be easier to chase around after jeeps. Maybe even find a new green jeep if any of those find their way there by the time i'm up there. Looking forward to my second summer of caching.
  14. Yes I'm afraid so. I've informed the hosting company, hopefully it will be sorted soon. Sorry for any inconvenience. Update The site is now back online.
  15. Keep them, at least until I've had chance to visit some of them! Will be returning to the North East in August/September, where I started geocaching and was planning to hit some cache rich areas which I think might have included some of yours. I'm aiming to get another 100 finds in the few weeks I'm going to be up there, all by public transport.
  16. Really don't like this whole social find idea. There must be a lot better things TPTB could be working on. Wasn't Waymarking created so that geocaching.com could return to finding boxes, not passing round code words.... I'd much rather find a virtual, webcam, or locationless etc than collect code words from other cachers. Now you're talking about merging the profiles, so why not just go the whole slog and merge the websites, preferably getting rid of endless lists of fast food outlets etc. in the process.
  17. It depends on how many miles you put on my TB More seriously, do you have it with you?
  18. I've raised this issue before and agree that user locking of threads should not be allowed. Why is it neccesery? If you raise a point for discussion, you don't have a right to tell everyone that you've heard enough. You don't own a thread, you merely start it. The freedom of speech thing was said tongue in cheek surely....?
  19. Not just you. The database server has gone down it appears. I've contacted the company that hosts it who will hopefully have it working again soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  20. The results for May 2006 have now been published. See the website. Congratulations to all who took part this month.
  21. Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to get entires in for April. Results will be published tomorrow morning. Adam
  22. Hi all, Got back from my camping trip on Friday. Had a wedding to go to on Saturday, then didn't get home till early Sunday morning. All of which has left me knackered. But the main thing is, I'm able to answer any queries again now. There is a few days left until the deadline to get May results in on the 15th. Adam
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