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    GPSCentral in Calgary already has. The 62S is $299 until January 2, 2012. And the 62SC is $360. They ship quickly to the US if necessary.



    It was $299 when I linked it! LOL the price went up. Good thing I snagged it before that happened. Thanks for the heads up though, I appreciate it.

  2. Hello everyone. I recently was told about Benchmarks and I'm wondering if they are located overseas also? I'm from the USA but we are temporarily living in Kuwait. I have gotten all the challenges and all the caches (nonmilitary ones) that this country has to offer, and now I need something new :D So back to my point..... Are these located overseas? And how would I go about finding them if they are? Thanks in advance for you help.


    PS looks like my husband has a benchmark at his work site back in the states!

  3. I was in Brazil for a few months this year (hubby's work). We travel around the world for his work and have been doing it for 5+ years. I actually LEARNED about geocaching while in brazil. I didn't know about APE caches yet but it would have been great since I was right there a few times! They people are very friendly, its over priced all year long, and HORRIBLY overpriced during Carnival. The visa for a tourist is easy to get-only takes about a week. They raised the price of the visas for USA citizens when one of their big wigs had to pay that amount to get into the USA...they thought it was way to high. so now they charge us the same amount :D

    Make sure to get some Acai ice cream, if you drink try a Caiprinha, the Churrasco is a MUST (bbq and its amazing!) and don't rule out chicken hearts because it sounds bad--they are yummy as well! Make sure the taxi puts on its meter or get out of the car if its "broke"...always ask the hotel what it should cost to take you somewhere...and have a map or GPS out to let the driver know your paying attention to where your going...many will try to scam you. But thats very common in none western countries. Um I could tell you a ton...what else do you want to know?

    RIO is AMAZING and one of my favorite places I have been!


    And I agree with Andromeda321 the biggest hassles/visa/entry issues I have ever encountered while traveling---from Canada! And I have been to 35ish countries. I actually never got IN to canada.

  4. hello everyone!

    I hope your having a great day :) I want to collect some coins...particularly one from each country I have found a cache in so far. I'm sure there are tons of country coins so I was wondering what is your favorite series for them? Also I will be making my 100 cache find in the next coming weeks and I want to get a coin for that...again-what is your favorite series for milestone coins?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I would understand her passing if you wanted Team e or J...but the symbols themselves do not have a copyright on them (i looked :D ) it would be no different then me using My family crest or my native american friend's family symbol. The only other thing I could think of was to have a coin made that sparkled with the name edward on it! :D Or one that has a the back side of a "jacob" looking person and the name jacob on it and the front side a wolf. No issues there either....i'm just going to have to be more creative!

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