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  1. I foundered around and got back into my Geocaching page. Have no ideas about the waymarker site and will not risk attempting to find out.
  2. I was attempting to use the Waymarker site and now i am locked out of my Geocaching profile. The only thing i can access now is this forum. The forgot your password is a closed loop. If I attempt to reset my PW I get a message asking if I am human with no way to go beyond that page other than Facebook which i don't have
  3. It is very interesting that you can see my account and tell me what I have as a count but I can not sign in at all. I an getting a note that my UN and PW are incorrect. I have rest the PW and gotten a validation code all to no avail. It is a closed loop.
  4. I recorded 1938 in West Windsor NJ in 2011 as a Virtual and now see it listed as a Waymarker. When I went to log it as a Waymarker, just to test to see what would happen, that is when I got the message that I had already logged it. I guess my question is when logging a Waymarker do they show up on my total count to date or not. If not where do they get recorded?
  5. If you mean "Waymarking", there's an entire forum about it: Waymarking Subforums http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=52 B. Do Waymarkings accrue the same as caches. I ask this because when I looked at a local Waymarking that had also been a cache when I started caching and went to record it I got a message " you have already recorded this. When I originally logged it it was logged as a cache.
  6. Is the Waypoint membership additional to the Geocaching membership? I attempted to sign in using my Geocaching ID and it came back invalid.
  7. One more question. If you load a PQ how does the I phone distinguishes between and display only the PQ caches and not the caches in general that are in the area you are in.
  8. So if understand it what one gains by loading a PQ into the phone is just better response time for a given search while searching for the information of a cache while in a dead cell phone area. That may be worth it.
  9. Depends on which app, but you should have the option to save a Field Note, which can be sent later, and then logged on site. https://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx Garmin 450?
  10. You may want to read this article from the Help center: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=430 Now that is great and Thanks. How do I shut the cell service off while using this? Just go to airplane mode? Can I assume that while in the field I can log my finds and comments that will be saved as pending till I get back to cell coverage?
  11. If I can ask you to go into greater detail. How and where do I define the area I want to copy? And what is saving to an off line list.
  12. I have heard several mention that there is a way to use the I Phone for cache hunting in areas with weak or no cellphone coverage. Caching without using data time on the I Phone. If this is possible can someone give me some details as to how to do it?
  13. What is a letter box cache and how does it differ from a normal cache?
  14. When I have the map open I can no longer click on a given cache and have it open to the description of that cache. The pointer is a hand, not an arrow, and only scrolls in on the map as I click it.
  15. It appears I have found the answer. If yu are using Safari in Privaye mode it will require the use of a user name and password. If however you are not Geocaching.com will open using auto fill. It also appears you can move back and forth between Private and none Private mode and the user name and password will be retained and available in the none Private mode. This even survives a shutdown of the I phone and a clearing of history. A Tech at Apple solved the problem.
  16. Cookies are enabled for sites I visit. Opened in Safari and set a bookmark. Used the bookmark to the I Phone and the same issue, it asks me to login.
  17. Have you tried deleting website data and then re-entering the log in information (assuming that cookies are enabled)? What are your safari settings? Does this occur when you open the website page through a browser, as opposed to a home screen link? I have no idea what your question is asking. I open the site through an icon on my desktop. It open Geocaching.com
  18. It does not appear that I can insert a picture unless it is has a URL. I have the picture if someone can tell me how to include it. Copy and paste is not an option
  19. I access this page from my iphone, using Safari and alternative browsers, without a problem. Once I log in, the site generally recognizes me. I assume you have allowed cookies for the sites you visit (in settings) and checked the box in the log-in screen to allow the site to remember you. Beyond that, you might try clearing the web site data (in settings) so that you remove the history, cookies, and the browser cache and try it again. I don't know whether I am not stating the problem correctly or the masses are not understand what I am saying. I have an icon on my phone that opens Geocaching.com. When that site opens it asks for my user name and password. Yes there is a box "keep me signed in" that has NO EFFECT on future logins. I have another icon on my phone that opens directly to "Find Nearby Caches". It appears to be a bookmarked page of my account because it has my user name and caching totals noted at the top. My question is how do I get my home page in Geocaching.com to open with the same level of convenience?
  20. Did this previous thread you started not help? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=333056 Or this one: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=332365 B. The first suggestion refers to a different problem I was having on a friends I Phone. The second was on this topic but did not answer the question to a point that I could get the site to open without having to fill in my user name and password. My question is can I get to this (equivalent) site on my I Phone without have to put in my user name and password? https://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx
  21. If i may ask. How do I determine if I have the paid app or the free app? I have 2 sites set on my desk top. One opens directly to the Find Nearby Geocaches and presents a map at my current location. NO need to sign in as it open to my user name. The second opens to Geocaching.com and requires me to sign in, which is a pain in the butt considering it is on my I Phone, who else do they thick would be opening it. If someone can tell me how to open Geocaching.com without the need to sign in I will be a happy cacher.
  22. Found it Thanks. I lost it while setting up bookmarks on Fire Fox
  23. Project-GC? Poor design, IMO. I can't find anything out about it without logging in. No page that tells you what they do. Looks like the right area. What I am looking for are the maps by State of my finds.
  24. I had a bookmark for a site that listed all of my finds and statistics by date, state, and type. I lost that bookmark and don't know how to recover it. If you understand what I am looking for please advise.
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