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  1. 7 minutes ago, Team Christiansen said:



    Look at the highlighted text under "Actions."

    When I ope the page you suggest and open Action there are 3 choices Mark Item Missing, Recalculate distance, and Lock

  2. I have 2 PQs that I would like to delete. When I select them and click delete selected items they are only marked with a line through them in my PQ master list. I can delete other PQ no problem. Is the problem that they both have the same name?

  3. I have given up on the Geocaching app and now use Cachly with only one question. When navigating to a cache it is impossible to have the map hold in a navigation mode, arrow pointing straight ahead to the cache. Any time I touch the screen it reverts back to a map orientation, north at the top of the screen. This is a pain at best.


    It appears that if I were to be in compass mode that will remain n a navigation mode. Is that the answer or am I missing something?


    I have noticed the compass frequently asks for a calibration when using Cachly. Why is that if i have not moved some distance from my last caching experience?

  4. A custom decal sold in the Groundspeak Geocaching Store ???


    I bought the decal from the Groundspeak Store as a Custom decal. They do not make the decals but rather buy them in bulk form a suppler and offer them from the store. They suggested I contact their suppler directly and have the Custom decal made to order. So the adhesion of the decal should have been the same as any one bought at the store


    My problem may have resulted from the fact that I got the decal 2 months ago and that time laps may have allowed the paper to stick and thus not release as needed.


    The suppler is a part time business so it will take a while to contact them and see if there is an answer.

  5. Well this was a disaster.


    I tried to just peel the backing paper of the decal. The paper remained stuck to 40% of the decal retained the decal. I wetted the hole thing hoping the paper would release from the decal. Maybe 80% of it leaving a fine layer of paper still on the decal. I placed the decal on a plate and slowly scraped the wet paper off it.


    When I placed the decal on the car I found that there were still small areas, on the thinner lines of the decal, that had paper between it and the window.


    I wanted to post a picture for you but do not have a way of assigning a URL to my picture.


    It was a custom decal.

  6. All this information about magnetic and other types of decal is interesting but my question related to the TB decals that sold by the Gepcaching web site.


    Do they require wetting of the glass or not? Since no instruction came with the decal I don't want to run the risk of wasting it on a mistaken application.

  7. Is it this one? One of the reviews has a tip for using Scotch tape.


    Lots of information there but it does not mention as a definite fact as to whether or not the window should be dry when applying. My guess is dry.


    From the reviews people have been questioning this to Geospeak for years. You would think they could just print the instruction on the backing paper.

  8. Peal off the back side (sticky side) to apply to the window. The lighter layer of paper (this paper is slightly sticky) on the face of the decal is pealed off after applying the decal to the window.


    google: applying vinyl decals to car windows


    Does that look like what you have?


    The Google Search yielded 2 answers. One using water and one dry. Anyone have the tie breaker.

  9. some of them are stickers, some are static clings. When you peel back, you'll know which kind you got. The static clings are meant to go on the inside of the window facing out.


    It was ordered to go on the outside as the window in darkened.

    As I peal the paper there doesn't seam to be enough adhesive to cause cling. Is it water activated?

  10. How do I put a Travel Bug decal on the window of my car? Do they require wetting or just crack and peel? No instructions came with it.


    It is mounted on paper with a lighter layer of paper on the face of the decal.

  11. Did you track the increased usage to the Geocaching app? You can see, at least since the last time you reset your usage stats, how much each app has used by going into Settings --> Cellular and scrolling down a bit. Each app listed should show the usage since the stats were last reset.


    having never been in the section of my phone let me list waht i found.


    Call time

    Current period 4 days 1 hour

    Life time 4 days 1 hour


    Cellular data usage

    Current period 19.5 gb

    Current period roaming 7.5 gb


    Under Cellular usage for geocaching classic 752mb


    If that is a life time usage I find that very low compared to the other app on the phone considering I know I spend far more time geocaching than I do on weather bug.


    I see voice is enabled in cellular data options but data is not


    Is there a way to reset these counters and follow usage in the future?

  12. I just got my Verizon bill for Jan. It showed a 5 fold increase in data usage. We were in Fl and were doing Geocaching but that is all. No streaming or other usage. One day showed 2 periods where .3 and .2 GB were used. We were east of Appalachicola maybe in a low coverage area but we have cached in such areas before.


    My question is what could account for this as while we are home and caching for the same amount of times per day never showed this high usage.

  13. OMG. Are you talking about using a smartphone? If so, you should have mentioned that from the beginning. My advice was dealing with the use of the webpage.




    Yes your comment does work on my computer. Is there a similar function on the phone. Sorry for the lack of clarity on the device I am using.

  14. I see nothing as noted on a cache page or any of the pages relating to the cache. I have checked the 3 dots in the upper right for more information and there is nothing there either.



    I am using Geocaching.com Find Nearby Geocaches and see no link to Waymarks. Please advise.


    From the cache page: rolleyes.gif




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