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  1. All the cashes in question are now on my I Phone. Thanks
  2. How does one get Geocaching.com attention on a problem like this?
  3. Thanks to The A Team Repeatability, and your results show this, is the proof for a scientific experiment. The cache still is not showing on my I Phone at 9:30 today. In the past published caches have shown up on both the computer and the I Phone as soon as published. How do I get this through to the Mother Ship that there is a problem?
  4. I have even done a Hard Shutdown of the phone. Not only is the cache not on my phone when I search for it on the phone by the number GC488VK it comes back No Cache. If you do see On the road to Buckingham on Laurel Ave do you see another one closer to route 27/130. There was another cache there last year that I found and now that cache does not show at all on the phone or my computer.
  5. I got the e mail notification at about 12:30 afternoon looked at it on my computer and was at the cache by 1 :30. It is now 11:00 at night and that cache is still not on the mobile app on my phone. If you have a mobile app look for GC488VK. In the past as soon as an e mail comes in the cache would be on both the computer and the mobile app.
  6. I got a notification of a new cache today at noon but it has not yet shown up on my mobile app. When should i expect it to show there?
  7. That's unfortunate to hear. The Oregons are outstanding devices, and I'm sure it would meet all your expectations if we could help you troubleshoot your problems a bit more. If you do find it too complicated, then you might just want to stay with your iPhone. You won't find many handheld GPSrs that are more easy to use than the Oregon. In case you want to try a little bit more troubleshooting before giving up, I'd recommend you check the datum that's being used. It should be set to WGS-84. Consistent inaccuracies like you describe are often due to an incorrect datum setting. Also, knowing what you're using as the source of your test coordinates might tell us if there are other factors in play. [/qu I reviewed the Garmin manual and there does not seam to be any mention of or any search result that speaks to Datum Settings. I believe it is however set right after one of my many calls to Garmin. I did go out again today and checked on a couple of caches. The first one it lead me to with in 2 ft of the cache. The second it was off by 30 to 50 ft depending on which time you looked. Now in all fairness the I phone was off also at that location but not by that much. The source of my coordinates are downloads directly from Geocaching.com to the Garmin. The same ones the I Phone is using. I have used Garmin GPSs all the way back to and still using a Street Pilot,13 years. I have had to replaced the screen on my current Street Pilot after it smashed into the shift knob of the car. Not an easy task but much less expensive than having it repaired or replaced. I know that it seam simple to you'll as I have written for years on GM Diesel engines, Airstream trailers, and trailer hitches. Not everyone gets it at first. I will keep trying over the weekend as Garmin did not send the return tags as they said they would
  8. Sorry Guys but this thing is going back. I tested it against my I Phone at 3 different locations and it is out in left field. Distances were not only off but showed me getting closer to a point as I moved away from that point. Next to a bridge it went nuts both in direction and distance. These inaccuracies and that fact it is insanely complicated gives no reason to keep it. Maybe if I had seen someone use the Garmin first hand it would have been different but my time right now is committed to learning the manual for my new Jetta. I don't have time now for two doctoral efforts. Thanks though for the comments.
  9. Very interesting. Once loaded can these maps be used for street navigation with turn by turn or will they just be displayed under the Geocaching azimuth? Care to add instruction on how to get the map on the GPS. If I download it to the computer then what? Big fat lies. The Oregon 450 is an excellent GPS. The thing about the map is partially true, though. They don't come loaded with decent maps, at least mine wasn't. However, you do not need to spend $100. You can download openstreetmaps for free. View them here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/ Download them here: http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/
  10. I just bought a Garmin 450 from Garmin directly and now am told it won't predictable load caches from Geocaching.com, that I have to spend another $100.00 to put maps on it, and when I put coordinates in it to test the accuracy they seam to be off by more than 50 ft. What did i miss here?
  11. My I Phone no longer gives distance to a cache I am navigating to on the map page. It does give that distance to the cache on the compass page. This happened just after I put a waypoint into a search.
  12. Yes that information is there. My question is in the help menu quoted above it says members will be given credit for caches found before they become Premium Members. Is that statement wrong?
  13. I have read this section but do not see any indication that I have accrued points for caches i found before becoming a Premium Member. What am I missing? If I purchase a Premium Membership later, will I be awarded Favorite Points for the caches I found when I was a Basic Member? Yes - for first-time subscriptions! If you upgrade to Premium Membership we will add up your past geocaching finds and award Favorite Points accordingly. From there you can visit the cache pages you found while still a Basic Member and "spend" the Favorite Points on the best ones.
  14. I am a new Premium Member and it shows I have No Favorite Points. I thought newly joined Premium Members could go back and log a Favorite
  15. How do I input a longitude and latitude that I have for a puzzle cache to my I Phone?
  16. How can I go back and list a cache as a favorite? I have read the description of how to do this in the help section but what they say to do does not seam to be available. "Go to cache listing and on the right side you can list as favorite." I do not find that option.
  17. Where can I get information on how to start and set a cache?
  18. Someone showed me how to input my current location L&L into my I Phone but I need a refresher. I would like to be able to set this as a homing location to insure I can get back to my starting point
  19. Sure thing, but I've known only those who ask are so discouraged that they aren't even willing to re-release one on their own. Then they are even more discouraged when that one goes missing. I tell them, don't worry, enjoy it while it travels and learn how to keep them in play. I will not place a TB in a cache that has had one go missing from. If i find a cache that lists a TB and there is not one there I will not place one there. I figure if they stole one and are in the area they will keep and I out for the next one placed there and go get it. This limits where i can place TB since New Jersey is not generally a safe place for them.
  20. While this may in fact be annoying your TB is still active rather than stolen. Do not list him as missing. I placed a TB in Ca. and watched it visit all the way to Alberta Canada before being placed. I have also held TB for some time holding them until I was away from the cache I grabbed it from. The bigger problem that Geospeak needs to address is to put some level of information on the Tags themselves telling the finder to keep it moving. This fact it not self evident to beginners and would be a gentle reminder to those who might just be keeping them for their personnel collection.
  21. People are stealing them! I hardly ever find a trackable where it says it is. I have a couple that have gone missing. I have placed a few that I did find never to see them again. People need to understand these were bought by the owners and meant to travel, and not sit in someone's trophy shelf. I had asked Groundspeak if they could put a more definite statement on the tags to let people the difference between a TB and just plane old swag in a cache. I suspect a large percentage of new cachers really don't know what a TB is and just take them as swag. Then again some are just stolen by knowledgeable cachers.
  22. Very interesting, I must have missed that. Please show me where Groundspeak is keeping track of our counties for us. Premium members have access to an infinite variety of information that goes down in detail to the counties across the States that you have found caches in. It is interesting that you would ask that question since I can see your history showing details of the counties in Ohio that you have found caches in. Having seen others that have their accounts set up to show counties across the US I assume you can enact that option also. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=212690
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