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  1. It would help if you tell us what type of GPS you have. Garmin has a varied product line and while most of the newer models seem to have the same basic functionality there are differences among the models. Generally Garmins can's search by GC number. Garmin 450 Unlike the web site, Garmin searches for the text anywhere in the name which, in the case of a long name, could be in the portion of the name that has been truncated on the the display. For example you might enter THEM searching for "THEMe park monster ride" and the results include "We hate muggles, a cache safe from THEM." In the latter case you would not see the word them on the screen. As you type, the results pop up in order of distance from your current location, nearest first. Not a very useful function under those rules
  2. A Garmin 450. I have figured out one way to get the PQ onto the GPS. I put them into a GPS folder on the computer and then hook up the GPS. Would be interested in the drag and drop method but I don't know how to open the GPS to that level. Plug your Garmin into your computer and open "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer". Look for a drive labeled "Garmin Oregon 450 (X)" and dbl click on it. Look for the "Garmin" folder and dbl click on it. Look for the "GPX" folder and dbl click on it. Drag and drop the 2 files from the PQ into this folder. You're done !! If a cache is marked as one you have found, either by you or from a PQ, it will not show up with the "Find a Geocache" option. Try using "Show Found" instead. THANKS I save that one
  3. A Garmin 450. I have figured out one way to get the PQ onto the GPS. I put them into a GPS folder on the computer and then hook up the GPS. Would be interested in the drag and drop method but I don't know how to open the GPS to that level. The issue of not finding a cache while searching for it on the GPS is still a question. Can't find by searching using the GC# or the name
  4. I have gotten the PQ to the GPX file on my computer and plugged in the Garmin. How do I know or can I check to see if the files transferred? Additional question. If I search on the Garmin by GC number for a cach that I know is in the garmin it come back no result found. If I attempt to type in a cache by name the Garmin will fill in results after 3 letters are typed with results that have nothing to do with what I am searching for. Is this a setting issue and if so where do i change it.
  5. Firstly, GSAK is windows only...but you can run it in a windows emulator. The program itself comes with a really comprehensive help section. You don't need to pay for the program to download it and give it a try. Their forum is filled with helpful users waiting to assist. I loaded GSAK and read the Get Started pdf. The program locked up my computer did nothing of what the pdf said it would on start up and after an hour I removed it from the computer. Now i am sure the program works but i just don't have the time at this point to work through it My issue right now is getting PQ files from my computer to the GPS. I thought it was a simple plug in but I must have missed something.
  6. I have created and unzipped 1 PQ on my computer. How do I get it to my GPS using only my computer without any special GPS program? Also. Caches that are already on my GPS. When I search by GC number on my GPS to a known cache it comes back NO RESULTS even though I know the cache is on the GPS
  7. Anyone, regardless of platform, can use PQs. However, users of Macs, AFAIK, don't yet have an API-powered program they can use to download caches, at least according to this page (I couldn't find any under "Desktop" that appear to be available for Mac). Personally, I use PQs because I can have them scheduled to automatically run several times a week. I don't know of an API-powered program that can do that. Several cachers have suggested the GSAK program. I am interested and if anyone knows of a tutorial please post it.
  8. Along this line of thought. If I have put caches into my GPS singly and then do a PQ that includes those caches are they duplicated in memory or not?
  9. I have a pocket query set for 15 miles from my home. I just realized that it stops at the state line even though that line is less than 7 miles away. The query goes out to the 15 miles on my side of the line. What did I do to limit the query this way?
  10. 2 interesting points. The MH-C9000 charger does not seam to have any way of changing the voltage setting and the Eneloop batteries that are listed as 1.2 volts have 1.34 volts on them out of the box. I charged 2 batteries on the brake in cycle and they now have 1.43volts on them. Did I destroy 2 batteries?
  11. I was thinking of using Eneloop rechargeable batteries in my 450. I now see that they are only 1.2 volts and the current batteries I am using, 1.5 volts are coming out with 1.2 volts when the unit is saying Low Voltage. Others have said they are using the eneloops. Am I missing something here?
  12. That's odd. As JohnCNA said, "Find Another" should be searching based on your current location. If it's still searching the old location, it sounds to me like the GPS hasn't realized it's in a new location. Does the map correctly show that you're in a different area? Also, are you sure you have caches loaded into your GPS in that new location? It could be that it's correctly searching in that new location, but that the closest caches in the GPS are in the old location. Interesting point. I have caches within a 10 mile radius of home and I may have been just beyond that. Will have to check it within that area to be sure.
  13. Find Another searches in the area I was caching in. I have moved miles and want to search for new caches. The map is an interesting feature but not one that one could use to traverse several miles from the last search.
  14. On my Garmin I have a question regarding changing to a new cache. If I have hunted in an area and move to a new area how do I stop the Find Another function from continuing to search the old area. There is a way to reposition the Garmin to my current location but it eludes me. Just stopping navigation does not do it
  15. "Things are working" meaning you got the geocaches to show up in your Garmin? My latest PQ held 100 caches and was over 200KB. This makes me think that the file you are putting into your Garmin doesn't actually have any geocaches in it. I'm sorry if this is a frustrating experience. I'm doing my best to help you figure out what the issue is. Once you get your first PQ successfully submitted and put into your Garmin, all the others will seem easy and so convenient! Promise! Yes The frustrating is that I have loaded PQs before and the system is sufficiently complex that I can't just work from memory. Your help is appreciated Thanks Again
  16. I only loaded the geocache files. The file size was 1.108KB. Things are working. My problem is that fact that any direction supplied by Geospeak are written by someone who knows what they are doing and thus leaves out 90% of the information or refers to it by a TAB designation that no one has any idea where that tab night be. At least when you buy something from China you can figure out what they mean by "plug the thing into the thing and plug the other end of the thing into the thing" The complete instructions that came with my DVD.
  17. Yes they were unzipped. As noted above I did get the file, I used the terms GCXXXX for illustration only, loaded on my Garmin450 and can find a given cache on it as a test.
  18. I have a saved file on my computer named X. I have dragged that file to the "G" drive named Garmin Oregon, Garmin, GPX. The file appears in the folder GPX. I have plugged my GPX to the computer. Nothing visible happened and when I open the Garmin and search for one of the caches in the PQ, by GCXXXX I get NO RESULTS. What do I need to do now? If I search for a cache that I have loaded directly to the Garmin as a single cache and search by GCXXXX it comes back NO RESULTS also even though I know that caches is on the unit. It appears I have to search by NAME not GC number. The PQ has loaded to my Garmin. Not sure I will remember this sequesters route but one can only hope. I assume once in that area caches will appear in a distance from my location. Thanks
  19. OK the problem was I had not selected a day to run. Now I have received the download notice and SAVED the file. I have NO IDEA where it was saved as it did not give an option or show where it was to be saved.
  20. I think I found it. Now the question will be to load it. It shows in my Query list but it doesn't show in the Ready For Download list. How do I move it from the list to my GPS?
  21. My query was an Instant Download,400 caches. My question was where and how can I retrieve? There is nothing in the instruction for Pocket Query that gives any idea of how to do this. The instruction were written by someone who knew the answer and just did not include it.
  22. If I have created a SMALL pocket query it says I will ge tan instant download. Do I have to have my GPS plugged into the computer or where will this instant download go? I did one and saw the Preview but am lost from there. Can I retrieve that query somewhere or do I have to rebuild it?
  23. it looks like logging a visit with my TB has to be done while logging a cache. I had hoped i could go back and add the visit to an old find in order to show the distance it has traveled.
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