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  1. While doing maintenance on one of our caches we picked up a TFTC coin (none trackable), we dropped off two bugs and took the coin (they were thanking us for the cache, right). We plan to put it in one of the new caches we see as the weather gets nicer

  2. We picked up the schmo's coin today and the curse was pretty bad (we feel like the worst geocachers already, sometimes) but I couldn't keep it because of the hole, an idea that I hope is ok ot use.

  3. We're planning a February or March geocaching road trip; like fly to Atlanta and rent a car or 4x4 to drive back to PA, a-geocaching-all-the-way. Does anyone have any suggestions on good software or other methods for organizing and planning which caches to do and/or which routes to take.


    We use a pocket PC with Mapopolis which is great for the real time routing and hunting, but I was hoping there was a software program for Windows that would make organizing all the caches along various possible routes easier to research. Google Earth seems like a good tool, but a lot of the views when zoomed way out show random samplings of caches instead of showing everything.



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