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  1. Actually, on bcaching you get a personalized email address and can set up geocaching to send daily pocket query updates for whatever areas you're interested in. It just requires the initial manual setup.
  2. If you're looking for an alternative to the WAP interface, take a look a look at BCaching.com. The mobile view is xhtml (not wap) but it is optimized for mobile browsers and should work on most newer phones. It is only for geocaching.com premium members though since it requires the use of pocket queries. Field notes can be exported and uploaded as geocaching field notes. On the blog you can read a comparison between bcaching and geocaching wap site.
  3. We've always used two devices - our trusty 60csx gps for navigation and a pda or cell phone for paperless info. We're currently using a blackberry pearl with Verizon for our paperless info. We used cacheberry for a little while, but for the past 8 months or so we've been using our mobile web site www.bcaching.com. Since it's a web site, it only works if you have internet access -- and a signal, but it provides full cache details and let's you track your field notes and trackables which can later be uploaded as geocaching field notes from a desktop browser. On blackberries it can also send cache coordinates to google mobile maps or blackberry maps. We've used that a few times to find hides in urban areas, but most of the time we use the 60csx. Here's a few screenshots:
  4. Anyone interested in a paperless caching tool that uses the mobile phone browser? The potentially big downside is that Internet data access is always required. If you go somewhere with little or no signal or have other connectivity problems, you're out of luck. On the other hand, data coverage and speeds are continually improving. See the blog for more: Paperless Caching with your Mobile Browser
  5. Beat us to it!!! Congratulations.
  6. Can you match your hides up with your finds. You have some of the best caches we've found. Your an all around great cacher!!! Keep finding and hiding them.
  7. You are one Amazing guy!!! congrad!!
  8. You fly to Seattle for GW6 and then go and spend a perfectly wonderful day climbing a freaking mountain for 1 cache (Ape) and then spending the next three hours climbing down that mountain in the SNOW (7-10 feet) only to find out that you didn't log the dadgum geocoin in the cache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still happy you did it!
  9. Nothing is 100% (not even birthcontrol) The annoplasmosis thing is what has been being diagnosed as Lyme for awhile. Treatment is pretty easy. Is your dog protected against leptosirosis? It is spread through the urine of wildlife and if your dog is caching with you he/she is being exposed. It effects the liver and kidneys and is usually not diagnosed till it is too late. There is a shot for it, but once again NOTHING is 100%. It is the risk you take with life.
  10. can't wait to see them, I always seem to miss out on these coins, hope I don't miss this one.
  11. Way to go! That is alot of wonderful logs!!
  12. See your keeping busy, I miss seeing your handle in the logs. Peace, love and bark!
  13. m_and_w


    I would love to know how you organized this so we could have one in PA. I sounds like a blast!
  14. Are there any left for sale? I'd like to get three.
  15. You go girl! Congrad! Missed you at 777, hope you had a great day.
  16. First chance to get on here, ODragon hit 4000 and Rachelhead hit 600 at Manunka Chunk Tunnels on April 28th. Congratulations!!!!!! On to 5000 and Brazil.
  17. But would you have been upset if you had been FTF???? It is the chance you take trying to be a first to find, it's part of the game (especially if your going out at night).
  18. It is great quality time together. We both enjoy spending time outdoors, and the dog gets to go too! I think the teamwork to find a cache has brought us closer.
  19. Love the coin! Dogs make great caching partners, they get exercise and they keep their owners safe.
  20. I guess that means m_and_w have gone to TB heaven, cause he logged us in at the cache a few weeks ago. I guess we're gone, but if anyone sees us please log us in, we believe in the afterlife like our cats (9 lives and all)
  21. FTF is for whoever gets there first, your just faster then us! M thought it would be more fitting for 1300 if we went in the dark, with me in scubbs and in the snow. It was very memorable.
  22. We were very happy to do the whole tour, a birthday wish of mine! The weather was wet and misty, a perfect weekend for caching. We saw alot of great parks and had to skip over alot of caches that we have been reading about because of time restrictions. Neither of us had been to Bergen before and we now plan to go back in the Spring. We did the final yesterday and left behind a green jeep! Thanks for giving us a great reason to get out and see more of NJ.
  23. I'd be interested in 1 and depending on the price 2.
  24. Never got an email, would love to hear if more become available!
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