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  1. New England is exactly straight, lol. The distance I'm talking about would take approximately 2 hours, by major highway systems.
  2. I like to at least touch them to log them. I try to keep it to caching the coins but have discovered about three trackables so far.
  3. I figure any summer maintanance would be easy, because I will be visiting often, but other season would be a little harder, though it could be done. IDK if a Lock N Lock container is worth all that gas and time in the winter. I could always ask for an assistant in the New England forums.
  4. Whats the farthest cache that you own, from your home? Do you have a geocacher from that area help mantain it, do you tough out the commute, or do you hope for the best and get out there as much as you can? Feedback would help, as I am deciding wether or not to plant a cache about 100 miles from my house. I have an RV in Maine that I can stay at and was wondering if I should try and plant a cache up there. I live in Massachusetts, though during summers, I will be going up there a good handful of times.
  5. Wow, people suck sometimes. LOL. I can't believe anyone would think like that.
  6. Well said, nothing wrong with revisits to get a TB.
  7. I collect sig items (cards, wooden nickels, etc.) and leave sig cards myself. I think something that simple is fine. Also, I collect foreign and antique coins. Its always neat to find a new coin.
  8. I agree with these two. You found it, just with another website. Its still a find. Just log it to the date you visited.
  9. If I placed it, I don't claim it as found. If I found it before I adopted it, I would keep the claim. You have to actually find it.
  10. I think that would be a good idea for cache along bike paths.
  11. Yea, I have to say. The ticks have been horrible up here in New England. Surprised I haven't gotten lime disease yet. I actually just found a tick on me this morning, but go figure, I wasn't even geocaching. Even spraying myself down pretty well this past Monday didn't stop one of these little guys from clinging to my leg.
  12. Didn't catch the show, but pretty interesting.
  13. I can't imagine people making caches that turn away any group of people. I think as long as its on groudspeak's website, caches won't go that way. The pretty sure after a few complaints, it would get pulled, that is if it ever even got approved in the first place.
  14. I came across one of these just the other day, but it fortunately it wasn't flooded.
  15. Finally! Been wondering when these would start wanderin around the world, cache by cache.
  16. I only want to add:Do you go to parties and walk around the room telling people they should change their topic because you already discussed that topic on the other side of the room? Similarly, do you refuse to contribute to a conversation because you've spoken on that topic previously? If you do choose to contribute to the conversation and your input is "OMG, not this again! I can't believe you're talking about this again! Didn't you just hear us talking about that over there? How redundant can you be??" then you come off looking like a moron. Well said. I don't mean to point fingers at anyone and definitely don't want to pick any fights. I'm just stating my opinion.
  17. Obviously I read them, but with an open mind. I don't feel the need to belittle the thread poster just because I've read the same idea before over and over again. What I was I saying is that its better to not say anything if all you want is to make that person feel stupid. I read them because I can handle reading them and not having the urge to make myself feel superior over other people.
  18. This topic has come up before. What I've never been able to figure out is why people that are bothered by disrespectful replies keep reading and posting about it. I mean it would seem like if it annoyed them they would just avoid it, or ignore it or something. Its not like anyone has to read a post, or respond, right? It doesn't bother me that much, I just wouldn't like to be the poster having all that critcism and plus talking about how the threads have been overdone gets off topic.
  19. Pretty quick fix, don't use round lock n lock containers.
  20. BomberJjr


    Good suggestion, you should mention it in the Geocaching.com Web Site Forums.
  21. No specific spot in mind at the moment, but I know that the geocachers of New England would support a Geowoodstock event very much. (A global event sounds awesome!)
  22. LOL, yea, I just mean that I think some of us on the Forums should think about the other guy before posting.
  23. I know that there are quite a few repeated topics that we all grow tired of and I have seen quite a lot of disrespectful replies to them. If you hate these topics so much, why is it that you read them and find that you have to post on them? Is it not possible that the topic starters may not have realized there were previous similar ones? Wouldn't be just as easy to ignore the topics you are growing sick of? Just a suggestion. I'm not trying to name names, I just think a little more respect towards others is in order, as some people do not spend as much time on the forums.
  24. My big problem with this idea is that you know exactly when the cacher is coming. I'm not in any way trying to discredit your character, its just nobody really knows you and whos to say you won't go out and murder them in your backyard (again not saying you would, its just other people don't know you and have no way of making sure you wouldn't do that).
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