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  1. I recently helped my dad in hiding a cache. Didn't log it and I can live with that.
  2. Haven't seen the water thing yet, but very interesting. I hope to see it someday.
  3. 14.3 miles to the 200th furthest cache from my home cords.
  4. Man I wish I had started geocaching a bit earlier. I visited Aruba a half year before I got into the sport. There seem to be some really cool ones there, and I was close to one when I visited the lighthouse on the island.
  5. Sounds interesting. I'd like to see the outcome.
  6. I've had to do just this a few times already. These forums get to be too much sometimes.
  7. Parking lot LPCs (lamp post caches) can get boring, but besides that, micros can be really well done. I love micros if they're hidden well, if they have neat containers and/or if they're placed in good areas.
  8. There is one cache that I planted early in my experiences in geocaching and have since grown to feel its a bit lame and could be done better. Sometimes I think I should archive it and use the container to make a sequel to the cache that would be placed in a better spot, most likely more than .10 miles away from the original spot. I also wonder if it would be wrong to archive it, b/c of what I think about it. Any suggestions?
  9. I wouldn't think there would be any problem. We would have heard if electronics were prohibited. It seems to be liquids, gels and creams that you can't carry on. Hope you have a safe and fun trip.
  10. In the words of Ron Burgundy, "I'm kind of a big deal." Pushkin I think it is your duty to destroy these caches. The geocaching.com moral conduct doesn't touch you. Your above all of us. Go ahead buddy. LOL, honestly I think someone needs to humble themselves.
  11. Just 5 states. Just need the go for a geocaching trip in Vermont to complete New England. I plan on going down to Florida next spring too.
  12. Prob country, though I don't hate city caches. As long as the caches don't get repetitive and overly easy, I love them all. I really like to see interesting places that caches bring me to and that can be in a city or country.
  13. I think there are the usual FTFers in every area. I've only had one FTF. It doesn't bother me at all. If those people love the sport so much as to be out there in dark or inclimate conditions to be FTF, I say good for them; I think it shows their dedication. It adds something else to the game and thats one of the things that makes it fun for them. A FTF race is always fun, even if you don't come out in the #1 spot.
  14. Found something interesting on the matter: http://www.nativeweb.org/pages/legal/squaw.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw
  15. I thought it was a size, not a type. You are correct sir. And so I stand corrected. So to be fully correct, maybe I should say... I will find any caches placed near me. nice, short, and to the point. Well said. I feel the same way. I neither specifically look for micros, nor do I avoid them. Although I could see if every cache out here was a micro that was the same exact thing, with nothing to them, I might get a bit frustrated, but its not too bad out my way (as I have said before).
  16. I don't think the micros out my way are all that bad. There isn't much of a spew. Most of the micros I have gone to have been interesting spots. I'd like to thank the geocachers of the Blackstone Valley area for knowing when a micro is appropriate. Fortunately, it sounds like my area isn't so bad compared to others in this matter.
  17. Fortunately there aren't too many horribly bad micros (LPC-like) in my area. Personnally I've only visited one LPC that was actually the first stage of a multi. Maybe the lack of number rake in caches is due to the fact that I live in a smaller town. It seems people in dense populations have a hard time finding places to hide their caches and are forced to put them anywhere they can. I don't think geocaching should be based on the numbers, although I often do get a thrill out of seeing my numbers go up. I enjoy geocaching because of the hunt. I keep my eye on the numbers only to give myself a sense of what I've done and my involvement in the world of geocaching. I try not to judge others by their easy finds, although out here the issue doesn't seem as bad as what I've heard about in other areas.
  18. It was 99 in parts of Massachusetts today and I hear its supposed to pass 100 tomorrow. Municipal centers have been opened to the public as cooling centers, Mass Electric is workin overtime and pools and lakes are getting extended hours. This is the first time I've thought twice about caching because of the heat.
  19. I'll make sure I'm caching nowhere near Criminal. LOL
  20. Personally, I carry a backpack with on my geocaching adventures. I was wondering what other cachers might bring along and what they have inside. Contents of my CachePack: Folder with print-outs First Aid Kit Pen Tweezers Trade Items Travel Bugs and Geocoins Camera
  21. Its cold water for me most of the time. If there are a few caches I'm going for I bring along two bottles and a small cooler. I leave one in the car and bring one with me. I have brought sport drinks with me two.
  22. Usually read the hints before hand. If its a DNF I'll go back and look at previous logs for any suttle hints.
  23. Wow, he thinks being FTF all the time ruins the game? I would think that stealling caches would be a bit worse. What an idiot.
  24. I haven't seen any around, but I just noticed that at a TB hotel I had visited about a month ago, someone has just taken out one. I wish I could find one, as I have yet to log one. I've only found white 2005 Jeeps TBs.
  25. I'm thinking between me and a volunteer local, I'll be fine. I've had caches hidden for 3/4 of a year so far and no required maintainence has been needed. If I have a solid cache, with a good container and plenty of log space, I may not even end up needing assistance.
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