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  1. He he, the obvious solution for me is turn to the dog! (assuming you have absolutely no idea how to get out) With the simple command "Let's go home!" you'll be led back the way you came... Beat's the track-back feature on a GPS any day. Now, if you don't have a dog... I hope your nose is working! TOMTEC
  2. That'll do... When it was first introduced, NAD83 and WGS84 were basically the same, but WGS84 as had a few "revisions" over the years as the calculations have gotten more accurate... the most current being in 2004. This has resulted in the reference centre of mass shifting by approximately 2 meters from where it was determined to be for NAD83... You could always try use this as your DNF excuse for caches hidden before 2004! You're up Pig! TOMTEC
  3. He he, running, that's why I was never good at orienteering! Here we go... All of the co-ordinates listed on Geocaching.com use WGS84 as their reference frame. If you setup your GPS receiver to use NAD83 as it's reference frame, how far away from the cache (in meters) will you be once it zeros out? (Assuming the Hider used WGS84 and you both have perfect accuracy) TOMTEC
  4. He he, I had to laugh at many of the answers so far... from what I remember, White is used for areas of forest without much undergrowth. The idea being that it should be easy to navigate through and should not impede your progress. TOMTEC
  5. Says who? Where did you think that large "bump" north of Lake Ontario came from? The Oak Ridges Moraine was formed around 12,000 years ago by... no, not dump trucks, a glacier! (Actually where a couple glaciers met) But, I won't answer this question because I know absolutely nothing about glacial geology... he he TOMTEC
  6. That's right, back in 1869 a hurricane blew through the area producing a tide height of 21.6 meters... that's the highest recoded reading to date. Hopefully any caches above that level will be safe for years to come... Landsharkz, you're next! TOMTEC
  7. Not quite that easy... but atleast you chose a number Higher than the average! Just think what might happen with high tides meet a hurricane... though, now that I think about it, the cache better be anchored to the rock with some sort of chain to sustain that force! TOMTEC
  8. Alright, let’s go hide a cache in the Minas Basin near Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia… home of the highest tides ever recorded with an average change of approximately 17 meters. You want to hide a cache, to be accessible by boat, but you don’t want it to be carried away, even during the most extreme conditions. How high above the low tide mark must you place the cache so it will stay dry? Round your guess up to the nearest meter… no Googling now! TOMTEC
  9. I can think of three things... but only one that would effect the design life, and that's the fuel capacity. Without fuel, the satellite will not be able to adjust to keep in it's designated orbit. Other items could cause the satellite to fail pre-maturely are loss of battery power, and damage to the solar pannel array. But, if these continue to function, the satellite should be able to run until the tank is dry! (Then it will eventually come crashing to earth in an uncontrolled fireball!) TOMTEC
  10. Ok, first let's clarify... do you want it's weight on Earth, or it's weight once in orbit? TOMTEC
  11. I rember that day well... Tony had spotted us from a distance and was hiding out near Card 1 of Res2100's Rouge Valley GeoPoker 2006 series. Spike and I made the find, then he pops out of the bushes only meters away! What a guy... A few caches later we met up with Luc & Sweety (When Luc took the hard way down the hill) and we continued as a group of 5 for the rest of the day! That was a great photo.... Tony started geocaching back around the same time I did... first with his 2nd Meadowvale Scouts troup, then he created his own account. Over the years, his excellent cache series' and puzzles challenged everyone in the area, and he was always hot on the trail for a FTF! Thanks for all the memories Tony. You will be missed! TOMTEC Tony, Sue and their Son at GAGAFAP I
  12. Hmm, let me just ask Santa... yep, he's still located at H0H 0H0! I recall magnetic North being located somewhere around Ellesmere Island in Nunavut... the only cordinates I have on my GPS for that general area are for the airstrip at CFS Alert at N82 31.066 W62 16.833 which is likely a few hundred kilometers away... hey, it's a start! TOMTEC
  13. Yep, Cyan (often called Turquoise or Teal) produces a Bluish-Green (or Greenish-Blue) light with a wavelength of 500-520 nm. At very low intensities, the eye is more sensitive to this colour light than red. Because of this high sensitivity, it is easy to use too intense of a light for a given application. Up until recently (newer, efficient LED's), Cyan was a difficult colour to produce, so Green was often used in it's place. Game on! TOMTEC
  14. Getting close... there is some blue in this colour, but there is also some green! Think printer ink! Who's gonna be first to say it? TOMTEC
  15. Red? Red light will preserve your night vision, but it requires a much higher intensity of light to produce the same relative brightness to the eyes at low levels as the colour I'm looking for. Red light stimulates the cone (colour) receptors in your eye, but does not effect the rod (intensity) receptors at all. Unfortunately, a rod cell is close to 100 times more light sensitive than the cone cell. You'll keep your night vision, but the intensity of light required to see is far greater. So now that we've narrowed that down, what colour light are the rod receptors most sensitive to? TOMTEC
  16. Alrighty... here's a question for all you night cachers. You have just achieved scotopic vision, (i.e. your eyes are fully dark adapted and you have become colour blind) What is the ideal colour (or wavelength) of light that will preserve your scotopic night vision, but at the same time, still produce enough light for navigation at minimum intensity? TOMTEC
  17. I'm thinking it must be LORAN which operated somewhere around 100kHz or so... Supprisingly, a buddy of mine still has this installed on his boat! TOMTEC
  18. You are getting closer. You are "half" right that's a good one... GCK9BG TOMTEC
  19. I agree... I'm sure the answer could be found quickly with a Google search, but that's not the point of this "quiz"! Maybe we should stop with the multi-part questions in the future... and keep this thread a little more active! TOMTEC
  20. Uh, that would be a multi-part question... and it's not your turn to ask one yet! TOMTEC
  21. Yeah, and it still has no A/C! TOMTEC
  22. At this point, Friday's definately are out for me, and the first available weekend day (at the moment) is Sunday August 27th... but that may be changing. The Labour Day weekends also appears to be free at the moment for some reason! TOMTEC
  23. Hmm, so now you want people to solve puzzle caches for you eh? How do you plan to verify that it's correct? I know, but I'm not tellin'. TOMTEC
  24. You got it... according to the Guiness Book, Lake Bernard is the largest freshwater lake without an island! My buddy has a cottage up there, so I've been playing around there for years! You're next... TOMTEC
  25. Alright C-A... I'll be expecting a live demo of this stunt on the 28th! TOMTEC
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