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  1. He he, now you're too far North... I'd post a photo of the monument, but the sign in the background would just give it away. TOMTEC

    Going Fishing!

    Metroguide Canada 4 and Topo Canada 2 have the exact same waterway and road data. Based on my experiences with both maps loaded on separate memory cards, TOPO Canada v2 will display streams, wetlands and seasonally wet areas that do not exist in Metroguide Canada 4. Then again, coverage in other areas may differ. TOMTEC

    Going Fishing!

    Metroguide Canada should do the trick But TOPO Canada v2 has more lake and river detail which could come in handy if you're fishing from a boat or canoe... TOMTEC
  4. The mountain may be higher, but we're looking at the distance your GPS will free fall before impacting ground and going splat, not sea level. TOMTEC
  5. If it's the one I'm thinking about, it's located on Baffin Island and the mountain is named after a mighty BFL that was found in attendance at the COG Spring Fling event. (Ok, maybe the BFL was named after the mountain ...or maybe they were both named after the norse god, it doesn't really matter) Anyhow, I know the drop is greater than 1000m but can't remember an exact number. Let's see if someone else can use these hints to nail it? TOMTEC
  6. Just give them to MacGyver and he'll jury rig a GPS! TOMTEC
  7. Snakes, Why Did It Have To Be Snakes? You're not a real adventurer until you've fought your way through a snake pit, recovered the long lost treasure, and saved the girl! Seeing as Juicepig already has the Fedora, I'm betting on him for FTF... TOMTEC
  8. Is that the new "hip" name the kids these days are calling the town of Wrangell, Alaska? You know, similar to how they like to call Scarborough Scarberia? TOMTEC
  9. Well, if a certain Ottawa area BatCacher was coming, we were going to try for this: But I think we went for plan B.... which I don't have any samples of. Though as a reserve, we could always break out the Team Canada hockey jerseys. I'll be heading down on Thursday morning by motorcycle and likely meeting up with various groups along the way... Keep your FRS radios tuned to the official Geocaching hailing frequency, as I'll likely be giving some shout outs along the way. TOMTEC
  10. Is this a trick question? Chomolangma is a Tibetan word... So I'd have to assume Chomolangma means Chomolangma in Tibetan! Semantics!!! Do you know what it means in English? It's the Tibetan name for Mount Everest and translates to something along the lines of "Mother of the Universe". TOMTEC
  11. Is this a trick question? Chomolangma is a Tibetan word... So I'd have to assume Chomolangma means Chomolangma in Tibetan! TOMTEC
  12. That's the one... better think up a question quick! TOMTEC
  13. Actually, the original cache owner passed away a few years ago in a climbing accident, so it's been adopted by another cacher... Besides, someone would have to actually summit and try searching for the cache to discover if any maintenance is required in the first place... Ok, if nobody knows the name, how about the general location? TOMTEC
  14. Well, that depends, how big is your breadbox? The cache is listed as a "Small" container, and is rated a 5/5 but considering the climb and amount of time you would need to invest, it will probably stay unfound for a long time. TOMTEC
  15. Cool, following along with that idea, what's the name of the highest (again, as in altitude) geocache in existence? TOMTEC
  16. Could it be Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents (GCG822)? After almost 5 years it still remains unfound... once I win the lottery and have time to kill, I may just have to make the trip down to visit. TOMTEC
  17. I have yet to locate a reliable source that will confirm that it is, in fact, the "world's largest" If you have some hard facts, send them my way and I'll add them to the listing. There are so many communities with their own claims of "world's largest" object these days, it's hard to find the real thing! TOMTEC
  18. When you drive through again, don't forget to stop and log the waymark! TOMTEC
  19. Oh Landsharkz, the floor is still yours... Don't make me ask another question that favours the old folk... CouparAngus might start thinking he'll have a chance to win! TOMTEC
  20. Yes, finally! GC1838 - Geocaching Roundup -- Montreal to Ottawa was the first successful Ontario event. Over to you! TOMTEC
  21. Nope, that was number 6... Though I will admit, you also hold the honour of being the owner of Ontario's first Unsuccesful GeoEvent... Southern Ontario Geocachers (GC31E9) Though it was kind of used as a brainstorming forum, which led to the creation of Ontario's first PubNight at the Black Bull. Ok, maybe this question is too tough, or there aren't enough old timers who can remember that far back. I'll give it to midnight then turn it over to whoever has a question up their sleeves. TOMTEC
  22. He he, back then, you could fit all the caches in Ontario into a small binder! Now it looks like an encyclopedia set. Ok, last hint... it happened on January 26, 2002 in Hawkesbury, Ontario TOMTEC
  23. None of the above. This is from the basemap on my GPSmap60C: If I had a data cable handy, I would upload some screen captures for you to see. Basically, there are no lakes, no place names, no green coloured area for the park, (it doesn't even show that there is a park) and no railway tracks. It DOES show the Riviere St-Maurice, the 155 and 159, but not the 55. The road and river detail is quite jagged (i.e. not many reference points used) so you can expect to drive beside the road in many stretches. Off the road the map is solid yellow, so don't expect much help there. As was noted in your last thread, the basemap is not designed for serious use. This is why Garmin sells various mapping products, so you can load the detail you require in the areas you need. If traveling through an area along the main road, the basemap may be enough, but if you want to see any detail, or locate points of interest (gas station or food or hotels) you gotta load a real map. TOMTEC
  24. Well, atleast we're heading in the right direction... Go and Get Em!! was the fourth successful event. Hmm, as a matter of fact, the future GAG hosts were actually in attendance at the first successful event! Maybe this photo will jog some memories: TOMTEC
  25. Time for a hint? Ok, hint number one, it occurred in Early 2002, quite close to the Quebec border. TOMTEC
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