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    Missing Finds

    It only happened to me once that I am aware of. The cache owner decided to re-use the old event listing for their next event, and deleted all the Found It logs instead of creating a new listing. Nobody really paid any attention to their find count back in those days though, so I bet most didn't notice... TOMTEC
  2. For urban hides, I find this works well: Yes, that is a coke machine costume... For those bush caches, the ghillie suit comes in real handy: But for this time of year, I'd suggest this: TOMTEC
  3. Hogtown is generally a pejorative term for Toronto (be nice, we don't slag your home town.) However, this cache is in Mississagua. Remember, this is JuicePIG we're talking about... HOGtown is his home town! So, how about we recruit a bunch of the BFL Bootcamp participants for a night raid? I'm sure 20 or 30 spotlights will help clear out the "lurkers". As a bonus, the "paparazzi" could break out their cameras for some extra effect. TOMTEC
  4. Sure do... You want the full Hilton Falls 25km loop? Something like this? (That's Logger's Track...) TOMTEC
  5. We second the nomination! Sorry, I've been banned from editing Wikipedia after the last fiasco. It seems that Microsoft just does not understand the concept of humor. Then again, each of those edits was based on hard facts collected and distributed by my favourite MCSE, so maybe they just can't handle the truth. So, back to the topic at hand... NEXT POST WINS!!! TOMTEC
  6. Wow, did they update metric conversions to correspond with the new exchange rates: Or does anyone else think they forgot to move the decimal place? TOMTEC
  7. I'd rather stay inside the box... Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start TOMTEC
  8. Hmm, I should seriously consider opening my own "Unauthorized" GPS repair center... most of these issues are quite easy to fix if you've got the right tools. For most repair and service jobs, when a component on a circuit board goes bad, they will scrap the entire board instead of trying to remove and replace the faulty component. Then again, many of these places just don't have the skills required to preform surface mount component open heart surgery! TOMTEC
  9. Well, based on my experience... 90% of the caching population does not even have the physical ability to hike 50km. How do I know this? Well, this spring there was an event for Geocachers to hike the 52.3km Toronto section of the Bruce Trail: GCZZZ0 - BT Hike Event - Toronto Section 24 geocachers showed up at the start to give it a try, but only 4 of us managed to hike the entire distance... that's about 16% of those who attended? And that doesn't include the hundreds who knew they would never survive even a fraction of that distance. But, maybe 37km is a more reasonable hike? We're doing it again this fall: GCZZZ2 - BT Hike Event - Caledon Hills Section: Part 1 TOMTEC
  10. My race bike from 1999 (I think '96 too) had that gearing, and 11-32 is probably the most common rear cassette available these days. I think most newer race bikes are coming with 22-32-44 rings on the crank, though on my XC full suspension "fun" bike I dropped the big ring and run 24-34-Bash Ring to keep things interesting. TOMTEC
  11. Hmm, you might want to get a bit more specific than that, as there really is no official standard... I have factory XC bikes from 1994 through 2006 and each has a different stock gearing configuration. Not to mention the "Mega Range" cassettes that began appearing on entry level XC bikes for those who were still unable to climb hills, even with a 20 tooth granny! Then again, maybe I just like causing trouble... TOMTEC
  12. He he, I'm actually considering riding over to Creemore for a pint this evening... Good choice! TOMTEC
  13. That alone is worth the price of admission! Don't forget to wear a pink shirt when posing for photos with him... If you're feeling generous, bring one for him to wear too! TOMTEC
  14. There is a series of caches placed along the 401 in most of the service centers... here's a bookmark list TOMTEC
  15. Why yes, it is Dave Ulmer. For those who would like a refresher on Geocaching history, check out his profile in Today's Cacher Over to you! TOMTEC
  16. It's not that difficult. His first name is Dave... TOMTEC
  17. Are you kidding me? I thought everyone knew that August was Lumberjack Plaid appreciation month. Though I would advise against wandering the city with your hatchet unsheathed, as it might attract unwanted attention. You know, all those "My axe is bigger than yours" contests that seem to break out on every street corner. Don't forget, on Labour Day, we all dress up like our favourite mascot from the West Coast: Nardwuar the Human Serviette and run around the city shouting "doot doola doot doo..." at each other. (See? He like Plaid too!) In August, (actually most months) our temperature can vary by 10 Degrees (that's Celsius) from one day to the next, but you can expect it to average around 21ºC (68ºF) during those weeks. Though, if you're lucky we might be hit by another heat wave and get to suffer a few days with a humidex of 45ºC. Then it should feel just like home! As far as clothing goes, it depends more on the section of the city you plan to visit. The fashion police seem to be pretty lax considering the high concentration of Goths these days, so feel free to express yourself and show your Pride! (You already missed the parade... It was a blast!) Though there is one rule you should never violate or you risk being shot on site: No Socks with Sandals! (or Crocs for that matter) I would highly recommend a visit to The Island where you'll find one of Toronto's clothing optional beaches... (along with a number of great caches) then you wouldn't have to worry about what to wear! TOMTEC
  18. TOMTEC

    Midwest Geobash

    I finally got my vacation day conformed, so I'll be there! TOMTEC
  19. We're waiting for me??? Alright.... Name this cacher: TOMTEC
  20. Do you normally STAND ON the seat in front of your computer? I guess it makes it an extreme sport then... Tune in to the next X-Games where we will be featuring Extreme Graphics Designers going one-on-one in matches of Photoshop Tennis! TOMTEC
  21. Off the top of my head I can only come up with 2: The old Town of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia The remains of the viking settlement in Newfoundland But there has got to be a few more... TOMTEC
  22. Obviously that would be Google's search results page containing the many thousand results that match the "Canadian Geography" search criteria. Depending on weather you preformed the search with or without the quotes, the resulting url would likely look as follows: http://www.google.ca/search?q=Canadian+Geography (without quotes) http://www.google.ca/search?q=%22Canadian+Geography%22 (with quotes) And each would provide you with different results. Of course, you'll find a string of additional data following the base url that provides Google with all sorts of great information on you, your browser and your surfing habits. Though if you were referring to the webpage you would visit by clicking on the first unsponsored link in the results list, hell if I know... Hey, it's not even your turn to ask a question yet! Now where's guiderchachi? TOMTEC
  23. Hmm, we've had a couple suspect quiz answers lately, so I'll take a moment to remind everyone of the thread's guidelines: Though feel free to google after you've posted your guess to see just how bad it was! TOMTEC
  24. I will safely assume it is not going to be Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, so how about Springfield? There seems to be a Springfield in every state, so why not Canada? TOMTEC
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