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  1. quote:Originally posted by TOMTEC:I'm trying to choose from the following dates: Tuesday, July 8th Wednesday July 9th Thursday July 10th Friday July 11th Hmm, still waiting for some feedback... isn't anybody interested? TOMTEC
  2. quote:Double-Diamond, the official beer of Geocaching since 1879 I think this should be put in the cache hiding guidelines under pub nights. Well, it's the weekend, and as far as I can see, nothing is organized as of yet. So I'll get the ball rolling... We've had the last 2 area Pub Nights at the Black Bull Pub (See: "Yet another Pub Night!" ) So I think it's time for something new. Coupar-Angus suggested the Toby Jug (N43 52.367 W79 43.626) which is just down the road. Sounds good to me, we know the where... now for the when. I'm trying to choose from the following dates: Tuesday, July 8th Wednesday July 9th Thursday July 10th Friday July 11th I usually work evenings, but I am free on those nights, so, there are the options... Lets get some feedback from the local cachers so we can decided on a date. TOMTEC
  3. quote:Originally posted by Coupar-Angus:I'm getting really parched now.... Olar? Tomtec? CryptoBlue? Flick? Trimbles? GHMCMC members? Hey, I'm all for a pub night! CryptoBlue is currently in possession of the Pub Bug so technically it is his turn. If nothing is organized by this weekend, I'll call one at the Toby Jug since it's so close. (As suggested by Coupar-Angus, pub-miester extrodinaire and Double-Diamond addict) As far as a date goes, we shall see. TOMTEC
  4. I have always bought my Tyvek maps from Federal Publications Inc. in Downtown Toronto. Paper Topographic Maps: $10.45 Tyvek Topographic Maps: $14.95 Best prices I was able to find.. TOMTEC
  5. Hmm, here's an idea... Uncle Sam's TANK It's big, it's heavy (~3 pounds empty!) and probably won't fit in all but the largest geocaches! Plus we could use it to collect spare change to buy the organizer a round! TOMTEC [This message was edited by TOMTEC on March 25, 2003 at 10:32 AM.]
  6. Hey, I'll be there... a bit late, but there none the less! I'm playing around with the concept of a Pub Night travel bug... Changing hands at each gathering and staying with the new owner until the next gathering. Actually, it could be a great way to plan new Pub Nights... The person who receives the "Pub Bug" gets to "host" the next meeting! Interesting... TOMTEC
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