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  1. Could be. Picture after a hard day at work you have dinner and spend a little time with the family. Once the kids are in bed you check the queue and see over 100 caches awaiting review. It's late and you're tired but you have to get up early so you avoid a cup of coffee. Bleary eyed, you try to get through the queue as quickly as possible. Oops, there was a proximity issue you missed. Happens. Zero excuse whatsoever. I appreciate that our Reviewers are Volunteers, but if they can't handle the job competently along with the rest of their daily lives then they don't need to be in it! I hear that all the time as an excuse... they are volunteers, they have a life, yada yada. I'm a volunteer too, in other communities, and if I get to where I can't balance everything (and it does happen) I ask for help. 'I'm over-worked' or 'I'm too busy to do what I do well' is never an acceptable excuse. WOW. Especially when it's such an easy mistake to fix once discovered. I'm glad most people are willing to forgive mistakes since most of us are mere mortals.
  2. I have to admit that I dont understand the comments. What difference would it make to you if I said that Joe favors Jane and to prove it even prseent a cache? How is that going to prove anything for you? You dont know any of the characters, you dont know whats going on on my corner of the world so how are you going to decide if I am right or am I wrong? Actually I believe that asking that question you already made up your mind and nothing I would say would change it. Geocaching is a universal game and Earth is pretty big and people have to realize that things might not work the same way elsewhere. When I read folks here complain about things I dont discard them as just being whiners and losers because I dont know where they are coming from. They have a gripe about something and come here to talk about it not being ridiculed and I respect that. And to stay on topic, to answer the OP question: How close is too close? My answer is : Whatever the reviewer wants it to be. Cheers. My comment should be easy to understand. Forums are open discussions. When you bring something to a forum discussion, you should be prepared to back it up openly. It doesn't matter if I know the principals involved directly. If you mention specific incidents, there are moderators and reviewers who can verify the information for the rest of us as Keystone has been known to do. Perhaps you are worried that he would also reveal to us what is really going on which is also usually the case. If you are not prepared to be specific when tossing out those kind of accusations then you should refrain from saying anything at all and take your issue up via email with Groundspeak directly and privately. What is hard to understand about that?
  3. No it's not. It's the defacto evidence promoted by Groundspeak. But you can use a number of other methods to prove someone was there. Photos are one.
  4. I'm sure you are going to really hurt their feelings.
  5. You'd better provide some backup to that statement, my friend. Typically the exact opposite is true. Im sorry, Im not about to plaster names in here. I know the crowd would want nothing more than for me to do that. I see whats going on in my corner of the world that backs up my statement. If your plan is to keep your mouth shut, then you should keep it shut to start with. Making those kinds of statements with absolutely nothing to back it up is irresponsible and libel.
  6. I disagree. At least on the swamps and mud. There are some great caches in those areas.
  7. Pretty big accusations. Any proof to back them up?
  8. Here we go again. Same arguement over and over and over and over. But it's too easy to pass up. Not really. I figure tozimbique will be by soon enough to straighten him out.
  9. Underwater roots. I'll let you know when I get back out in the swamp.
  10. I would saay Gay friendly for sure....lol.....not quite "family" yet Do you realize how deep you dig the more you post in this thread? Do I qualify for the gay cachers group yet? I did not say the part in red. Please edit your post.
  11. The problem is not the original cache you talked about, which you seemed to have handled in a manner that made the CO happy. What John is talking about is the fact that you admit to continuing to go into parks after posted hours even after having been called on it by a police officer and apparently having been taught not to do so while growing up.
  12. I've seen the same thing happen, but it doesn't bother me. Everybody plays the game the way they want to. If they get a thrill logging an unfound cache, then I let them enjoy it. It really doesn't effect me. What if they get a thrill logging a dangerous cache?
  13. Really? You think a security guard or police officer isn't going to notice that you are walking in circles while staring at a GPSr? If they know what geocaching is, they will know you are geocaching. If they don't, they are going to be very suspicious. If you try to tell them you are just out for an evening stroll to get some fresh air, they are going to know you are lying. And when a cop (maybe not a security guard) knows you are lying to him, expect to be thoroughly questioned while he radios in for a complete check on your criminal history and warrant status. You wouldn't be lying. You just not be forthcoming with the entire truth, which is what NeverSummer is saying. Don't just blurt out geocaching as the first thing you say. I don't know. I prefer to go places when and where I have permission to be there. If I can't be forthcoming with what I am doing then I probably should not be doing it.
  14. Why are you making fun of this? If you were gay you would understand how difficult it is to be out there with people who don't approve of your lifestyle. It's easy to say just don't bring it up. But it's a part of who these people are. You can't just not talk about it any more than I can't talk about my wife and marriage. Sure, it shouldn't really be a part of the forums. The forums should be more general. But all the OP asked was if a group existed. He didn't try to gaynize any of you or push his sexual preference on anyone. I wonder if you are a part of the FUITH group?
  15. But only if you buy the bacon at the store, please. Probably wrote that sitting in a leather chair drinking milk wearing leather shoes.
  16. I agree with you to a point. While walking your dog will be more likely to just affect you (ticket, etc.) it will probably not result in walkers being barred from the park. But, breaking park rules could easily result in the banning of geocaches or the enactment of permitting policies. Again, there is really no difference between the two, but we are dealing with human beings here. Not everyone in authority acts logically. I just wouldn't recommend mentioning it in a log and if someone were to do it like in the op I would remove it and offer them the chance to log again without the info.
  17. Ahem....Canada is a country, eh. And you don't need a Premium Membership to find out about events. You only need to subscribe to the weekly Groundspeak newsletter. Or...when you're logged in, check out the "newest caches in Ontario" in your profile that will let you know all the newest listings of caches and events. Opps, I forgot about those methods. I prefer a visual. 50 miles away down I-95 is one thing, 50 miles through the New Jersey forest backroads is another beast entirely. I thought Canada was part of the U.S. though... Why do they have teams on the American leagues for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hokey? I seriously hope you are joking about Canada being part of the US. If not, our education system has indeed failed. Calm down, simple mistake. I know better, please stop going on about it. No it's not. I agree it should be dropped, but it was a huge mistake.
  18. Where did you get that figure from Coldgears? I doubt G.S would reveal such information and if it did, I'd be shocked if you were remotely in the ballpark. The basic idea still holds true. If you have the resources to convince Groundspeak of your agenda, then it's possible to have an agenda.
  19. Won't do a bit of good if you don't change the text on the listing.
  20. I don't get why so many people seem to find so many reasons to get upset about what should be a very simple, enjoyable hobby.
  21. If logger stated they broke the speed limit going to the cache, would you delete that log? That has nothing to do with the actual hide where park hours do.
  22. DING DING DING, we have a winner. Not quite. It might be an ALR if he didn't allow a find log at all. But asking him to remove the illegal activity when logging his find should be fine.
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