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  1. Kitty Hawk I work for Nildram. One of the best ISP's around. I'm on support so hey if you go with Nildram and have issues I would be able to speed up any processes or issues you have. and email delays....Plusnet....sounds about right! http://broadband.nildram.net/?is=hp-fspace Not the cheapest but it reaps with benefits!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 511th POST THE GOLEM A Big Well Done from me and the rest of my family including my dog called gnasher and my rabbit called spike.
  3. Fair play old chap, hope all goes well for you. Good Luck!
  4. Missed this mate, but WELL DONE son! I might have to give you a bottle of Champers next time I see you
  5. Yeah I think they realised it was going to fall down if they didnt!
  6. Hi Guyz! Well the point of this thread is mainly because I am fairly lazy and also because I like to seek opinion without having to trail through any more cache pages to find what I want - I am planing on going on a day trip caching next Monday and am looking for a fairly dense cache area that meets some criteria for me to do it...... its fairly picky criteria but hey I am a picky guy ... The Caches have to be: Within 50/60 Miles of Aylesbury, Bucks Able to be done in 30 minutes Be in a place of interest that holds some form of motive (i.e. Coombe Hill) I am looking to do about 8 caches in the day and would love it if there was 1 or even 2 that had an amazing view to remember. Hopefully someone can help....I can't be doing a caching trip quite far away that just consists of 8 caches in random woods without really enticing me to go back. Although I don't mind doing 1 or 2 of them, just want some great views and interesting easy finds! Any Help Appreciated (A very bored of searching Geocaching.com) Pid
  7. I agree with this statement but it is nice when its a bit more descriptive. Clues I absolutly Hate: Cyrptic Clues, such as: Its where the rabbit may linger but sometimes up a waterfall..... Blatant No help clue, such as: Under the pebble..... (On a Pebble Beach!) Clues you "MIGHT" know, you might not, such as: What year did Beethoven write his infamous piece? well take that away from 30 and take 4 steps to the right! Clues worded wrongly (That can be interpretated in a thousand different ways and you have to "GUESS" what way you are meant to read it) such as: Look at the wall, turn right and peer around the bushs. .............. What side of the wall? and which bushes? I don't mind having a "HINT" but don't want to be misleaded even more and some clues just mislead you more than you were already. A clue in my opinion should be a hint that makes clear sense to anyone and leads you in the right direction but doesnt tell you where it is. such as: Look around the area of small trees, find the shortest tree and hunt your goal or Head height - Find a Juniper tree.
  8. "Taxi Driver, How much will it be to bury your car for you?"
  9. Just a question to all you lovely people... Has anyone ever bought a anything on this website? http://www.gps4less.co.uk Just its pretty reasonably priced compared to its rival GPS only sites, and the site is (to put it bluntly) craply designed...lol. Looking for some encouragment to give them my credit card details. Cheers Pid
  10. *cough* Sensei *cough* Simply Paul *cough*
  11. Dude please don't tell me you counted them...lol. WELL DONE ALIBAGS ON YOUR 1000th CACHE FIND. ROCK THE FEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR ON! Pid
  12. I have a question about the Lake District.... Anyone know which Explorer OS Map Scarfell Pike is on? So I can buy the correct map.... Any advise appreciated. (didnt see the point in a new thread)
  13. Phantom's of Cryers Hill Rozey wants to put this under her name now because its close to her Wycombe place and I have too many myself. So when you wanna do the business big man, send it over to Rozey Bear's account...
  14. If my brain worked in remotely the same way as yours Simply Paul I would indeed have found all 122....however I don't think I can afford the phone bill to be doing all your crazy mind boggling caches....and my brain can't take it. lol Same goes to Sensei too.....now I can see why he's found the most! haha
  15. Has to be a Barn or his house or something that one..... is it actually a box?
  16. My opinion is kind of with Lathama.... I agree that if a place has a cache, then that particular place has been "TAKEN" and for someone else to place a cache there for the same reason is just a bit out of order, within the guidelines or not.... Planting it for a different reason however in my opinion is acceptable because there are different things about the same place.... This Motorway Mayhem malarkey falls into the first category, same reason for placing....so why?
  17. Big Up all you people.... 4 years....400 caches, I'm liking it. Pressures on this year though, this last year I've only got 60 odd!!
  18. I would like to attend this, look forward to the page going live with all the details of location etc to confirm. Pid
  19. WOW Guys well done... I've only got 600 more to catch you up..hehe..
  20. HAHA Deja Vu of a new young cacher eager to find caches....a little too eager... sounds familar.... Sounds like Me and Dan 4 years ago!
  21. People like me take the bugs and eeeeeer forget they took em. Doh!
  22. I would say the reason is to experience it first before anyone else, makes it feel more unique I guess. Also think its to get first dabs at the goodies!
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