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  1. Coins have been sold, thanks for the responses.
  2. Ok y'all, without getting into the details of the why, I find myself in a position where I have to part with my coin collection. I know I'm gonna lose my a.... keister on this but thems the breaks, even though I wouldn't want to totally give them away. Here's a list of the trackable coins I have, most are activated but will be adopted to whoever ends up with them and there are a few which have not been activated. There are a few non-trackable coins mixed in but I don't think I can itemize them here. ACTIVATED - WILL ADOPT OUT Absolute Geocaching Alabama 2005 (silver) All American Geocoin #19 (silver) All American Geocoin #22 (gold) Appalachian Trail - Ga (bronze) Appalachian Trail - Ga (silver) Appalachian Trail - Tn/NC (silver) Appalachian Trail - Va (silver) Appalachian Trail - WV (silver) Back Brake Billy BikeDog (copper) Cache Run - The General (gold) Cache Run - The General (silver) Cito Civil War #1 - Fort Sumter Civil War #2 - Manassas Civil War #3 - Shiloh Civil War #4 - Ironclads Duncan Clan (copper) Evil Micro (black nickel) Evil Micro (nickel) Found It! GCC Apr. 2006 Recycle GCC Mar. 2006 Hunter Orange GCC May 2006 GCC Nov. 2005 Benchmark Georgia - Peach Georgia - Stone Mtn Georgia Micro (antique bronze) Georgia Micro (antique copper) Georgia Micro (antique silver) Georgia Micro (black nickel xxxle ONLY 12 MINTED) Geoscouting 2005 Geoscouting 2006 GGA 2006 (gold) GGA 2006 (silver) Kansas Sunflower Kansas Sunshine Micro (black nickel) Lildorkfish Makin' Tracks (black nickel xxle VERY FEW MINTED) Not Another Micro! (camo) Parrolet (copper xxle VERY FEW MINTED) Police Geocaching Squad (gold) Police Geocaching Squad (silver) Pone-a-Friend (black) Pone-a-Friend (red) Puzzle Cache - Research Puzzle Cache - The Challenge Puzzle Cache - The Find Puzzle Cache - The Quest Satellite - Series 1 Signal - April 2006 Signal - February 2006 Signal - January 2006 Signal - July 2006 Signal - June 2006 Signal - March 2006 Signal - May 2006 Southeastern Tennesee Cachers Team Pez Team Skirtlifter Team Skirtlifter - Lamp Post Team Thorny (copper xle) Tennesee Micro - (gold) Tennesee Micro - (silver) Texas Bluebonnet World Traveler UNACTIVATED COINS Cache Run - The General (bronze) Georgia Micro (antique bronze) Georgia Micro (antique copper) Southeastern Tennesee Cachers Team Skirtlifter Lamp Post GCC Feb 2006 Ghosts of Caching Past Signal - August 2006 I'm asking $400.00 but I will entertain honest offers. I'll check back in a few to see if anyone's interested, if not I plan to tuck my tail between my legs and go to e-***. Oh, yeah, I prefer PayPal if possible.
  3. An excellent day! My mailbox was VERY GOOD to me today! April Signal, Makin' Tracks (bn) and Parrolet (xxle copper) (coin and pin) Thanks Paula, two of the nicest coins in our collection!
  4. Thanks Rusty, he snuck into my mailbox today, nice. Now I 'spose I'll go ahead and order the next one, first week in July or so?
  5. Thanks Rusty (et. al.), I was just wondering about whether or not I would attempt to complete the series and haven't heard anything about April yet.
  6. Has anyone heard anything out of the April Signal coin yet? Been paid for for a month and a half and my e-mail hasn't been answered yet either.
  7. Yeah, me too, or sechs biers or even neun biers....
  8. The tough part about solving this puzzle at midnight (local) is now I have to wait until morning to see if someone else got the solution in before me, or if I got the right solution at all!!!
  9. Looks like I need to check my computer more often, I have a very late start here.
  10. Cinco de Mayo, still no April. I canceled my subscription. I subscribed hoping for coins like the Benchmark, the FTF, etc. but have been disappointed in what I've gotten, they're all up for trade or already traded.
  11. Got 'em in today, they look great! Thanks Billy. Greg
  12. Sleep tight Billy, we missed ya'll at the cookout today on Allatoona, but I understand that you have a valid reason to miss this one (yay COINS!!!). See ya'll soon.
  13. Got mine today, will order #'s 3 & 4 as soon as they are available. Greg
  14. Police Geocaching Squad (Gold and Silver) Anthus Decoder February Signal (Much better that January's)
  15. Lisa said to tell you that she likes it, she must, she's still laughing. Greg
  16. I'm glad I got my two while so many posters were complaining about so many new "pointless" geocoins hitting the market! Anxiously awaiting my pair!!! Greg Hall the Georgia Austringer The Hall Clan
  17. Another Bikedog from a trade... Where's the GCC coin? And the others I feel like I've been waiting on for months!!!
  18. Well Grid, make sure you save one or two for us, you know we gotta have it!!! Greg Hall
  19. Let's see, over the last few days: CITO (then traded for Ghosts of Caches Past) Bikedog Team Thorny Tx Bluebonnet Definitive set (all 3) Alabama Georgia Stone Mtn Silver Tn micro Geoscouting
  20. We got a couple 'cachehopping' as well (well one is and two others are waiting for the right caches, I found two perfect ones this morning but found I had left all my coins at home before I drove out of state just to sign these two cache logs!). Greg Hall
  21. Thanks, buddy, lookin' forward to opening the mailbox!!!
  22. Hey Dewayne, the Hall Clan will surely take a few off your hands!!! Greg
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