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  1. Nice theory that MOCs are slowing expansion of the business but show me any evidence that is happening. I would be very interested in Geocaching's business model or "angle" as you call it. I'm sure the dollars come from a combination of premium memberships and the online store. I am also positive they have studied their business more than you or I have and if MOCs were going to impact new members not staying they would not have implemented them. Like you I have no evidence, but would bet the reasons new cachers stop caching after a few finds varies greatly. What percentage would stay if there first cache was a great cache? Who knows? But what makes up a great cache varies even among long time cachers. What you think is a great cache may turn a new cacher off. Maybe finding a few parking lot micros gives a new cacher the confidence to hunt for the 3 and 4 star ones? See I can make up ungrounded theories too. Or have I "lost you" on the concept? Good theory. Comes from a lot of experience I see.
  2. Not so much. Apparently you don't look at geocaching at a business angle. Yes, you need an income. That's where premium membership comes in. Yes, you need a reason for people to buy premium membership. GPX/LOC files, Pocket Queries, Bookmarking, Previewing Beta Versions of Features, and Off Topic Forums. Yes, I need an expanding market. We lost you on the third, I'm sure. If everyone decided that they just didn't want to be a responsible hider and maintain their cache, and figured it would easier to make it a "MOC" then everyone who is new to the sport would have little to no caches to find. Obviously, the good ones would be marked with MOC marks because you wouldn't want those caches to be muggled. Let the newbie find a badly placed micro, so they can think, "This is stupid!" Wouldn't you rather want them to find a good one at a great location to make them think, "Hey, I really like this sport. Get's the family out for good excercise, family bonding, and everyone has fun." These people who find a great cache on their first hunt, like it, continue to cache, will pay for premium membership. But...if their is no product, why pay money for it? Really now, do you want to shield potential premium members of reason why they would want to support the game? For some reason, I think a few of you actually would.
  3. PLease, just hide then submit. Let's say some avid hiker, such as myself, is bored one day. He has everything ready to go on a cache. He looks in his email and sees a new cache pop up in his immediate area. It's a brand new cache, he's never had a FTF on one of your caches before, so he sets out to get one. He goes out, and parks gets all his gear ready to get to this cache. Hikes 10 miles in to the location on rugged ***** terrain trails. Great location, awesome view. No cache! 20 miles roundtrip.... Wasting precious gas..... Wasting precious time...... Once again, hide before you place. For the cache finder's sake!
  4. Would we ban them for evidence of them muggling so many caches, then?
  5. Ringbone was complaining one day. He only found 1 cache I believe...well anyways....he couldn't convey his point to the masses. He created another account so he could have someone agree with him on something for once. Forgot to log out and when he posted, it said "why does my post say ringbone?"....he repeated the post a minute later in a the "oronma" account. I think he was banned. But the question is now posed....can a forum mod be banned? (JK, I don't want to turn into PILTY ) PS I've been reading through the old posts today, and uncovered those two...I got quite a laugh.....especially after "broncoholics". Taboo!
  6. I think mtn-man is CO Admin.
  7. Don't hunt in southwest PA. We are hicks, we don't look, we shoot at what moves. If you take the chance, you probably will be, through our drunk eyes, a deer/turkey/something that moves. Tried to get into the shoes of a local there....anyways....no I won't cache, but I will hunt.
  8. If you cannot contact him through GC.com I do not know how ou would get a hold of him. Check back through his logs, maybe he said someone introduced him, and you could contact them. Good luck!
  9. >>>>Concentration<<<<< But quality....I like it.
  10. Both. I usually don't bother to log BM's although. I just like to find them.
  11. Thank you for the leeway I don't disagree with MODs and Reviewers using seperate accounts. Its merely a way to keep things, especially hate mail, segregated (and that's sad). However, though I understand why some use them I still find it a little hypocritical, hence the laugh. If I offended any of the MODs or Reviewers I apologize that wasn't my intent . Naw, we still love you Mtn-man You signed as mtn-man...but you are CO Admin? Hmmmmmm..........we've been Quiggled.
  12. I have found a great spot, with a great view, have all the swag, log book, etc. for the cache. I have my .30 cal ammo can. The area I will hide it in gets SLAMMED with snow each year. The hiding spot will stop it from being "in" the snow. But when the snow melts, seeps through onto the ammo can, and then refreezes, that may be a problem. Will the rubber sealing crack and leak? What kind of problems do ammo cans have in winter, and what can I do to stop them?
  13. WH you are so off! All this deductive reasoning that is going on, yet no one can logically figure this one out....or can they?
  14. For some reason, while caching our dog finds most of the deer trails that go directly to the caches.
  15. This reminds me of a local cache hidden by a person with only a few finds, the cache had a great location, but wasn't in place until a week or so after being approved. All DNF logs included how they loved the location, and it was great for kids, but couldn't find the cache. It turned into a mystery, until the owner posted a note the same day as the FTF, that he was sorry. All was good after that. Please remember, FTF hounds have programs that when the listing is published, they can run at it. If the cache isn't placed when they get there, most of the time...they will be mad. Good luck on hiding caches.
  16. I really don't see the reason for "Members Only" caches. They really are restrictive to the new coming members, and will not prevent cache damage, and muggling. If new people think, that you have to pay to do caches, then they're going to just forget about it all together. Keep them open to everyone. $0.02
  17. I know of a lot of "supposed" haunted places. Such as, old shacks in two miles into the middle of no where with no paths getting there, old abandoned mine camps, old school houses, etc. I like to visit the locations nearby to me, maybe it would be a neat waymark.
  18. Carbohydrates before you work out. Protein while you work out. My eperience? All protein bars I've tasted have the texture of human waste, so I just tough it. I do like Cliff Bars though, no sarcasm intended.
  19. You will have fun. That's all you can plan for.
  20. What's the point of a cache you can't find? For me, it's more about the location of the cache, not the cache. If I get to the location and don't like the location because it's just a park n' grab (fill in the blank) size cache with no value other than to pump stats, I won't spend more than a minute of my life on it. $0.02
  21. I have recently collected a few railroad spikes from an abandoned historical line in hopes of making a railroad spike TB. Any ideas that with reasonable tools I can make a hole, or make a way for the dog tag to attach the tag without ruining one of my precious power drills? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. So does "thumbs up" mean it is a sub-category? Or how do I push this category for approval?
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