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  1. Just today I was retrieving a travel bug that was almost forgotten, I saw a eagle/hawk bird that two other people before me looking for this cache had logged, it was lying on a large rock near the creek with a rather large copperhead lying on top. Rats! I didn't have a camera either, I hate snakes but that would've been a nice picture.


    Note: I took a different path out wouldn't ya know.

  2. Micros are like AIDS in a sense. They seem to be easy to acquire in an area of the country. But once they are there, you cannot get rid of them. And they continue to infect the rest of the area over a period of time until "quality" caching in that area is no more. Micros will lead to the demise of travel bugs, White Jeeps and such. Leaving a disposable camera so people who find your cache can take a picutre of them getting there, and neat ideas like that will be onei n a million. Logging a logbook with just your screenname rather than your experience getting there. How can we stop this? We can hide more "regular" caches, and hide so many regulars to try to "convert" that area back to normal. With a big enough movement, caching can return to a place where regular caches are the norm.

  3. I'm planning to place a cache on a nice little island on a river that frequently floods. The island will become completely submerged and if I hid a cache there it would be pushed down river. I came across an idea that I could place the cache up in a strong tree branch way above the ground, so incase of a flood, the cache remains in it's position. I've looked through the rules and it mentions you can't bury it. Can you hide caches way up in trees? And if not, any other suggestions?

  4. I posted a reply on this thread a few days ago, thinking that this thread would fizzle out as quickly as it started. A cache is meaningless if it doesn't have somekind of enjoyment in finding it. If I find a Rolex in a cache in a 2 mile square of briars, I'm really not getting anything out of doing that cache besides mortal wounds. Sometimes leaving a CD of pictures you take while geocaching is nice. It only costs 50 cents and a few minutes of your time, and some people might enjoy seeing what other people saw geocaching. The "value" of a trade item is of how much it interests you, if more people dropped off picture CD's it might be a neat little trade item that is worthwhile for the person who finds it. Sometimes the neatest little things in the world are virtually worthless.

  5. Logging a find twice is not only chinsy, but it's also very condemning. Who in the world would do that for numbers? When, if someone looks at your finds and uncovers you've really only found 5 caches, rather than 456 as your tracker counts, people lose respect for you. This is just another pathetic ploy by the number punchers to find another all-time low. Please, bring some dignity back to this sport.

  6. As long as you rate the cache properly, this sounds like a fun one. :unsure:

    But, as far as the puzzles and stuff the only puzzle in our area is coded that once you get to the coordinates get a number and email it to the owner of the cache, mine is different, is it still puzzle. And then, how will I be able to make hints to where the other cache is, and still not give coordinates. :blink: I'm confusing myself here.

  7. Right now, I'm sitting in my chair reading books, researching, making notes, and concocting a master plan for a huge puzzle cache. But I'm in an area that they aren't forwned upon, but traditionals are mostly the codes to go by. What I plan on doing, is giving historical hints on the area I plan on making hte cache in, and making a multicache/puzzle out of it. Following a timeline of events and the person who goes caching that day will research everything they need to know, and go out with that information and use it to find caches i have hidden throughout the hills, each with a clue to the next. I need some direction, however, on what kind of cache this would be, if this is a cache that geocaching.com would frown upon. And ideas for this grand adventure?


    Please throw me some help, we're new here.

  8. Once this game becomes a competition on who can find the most. It will more likely snowball. I live in a perfect area for good caches, but I know that the infection will more likely spread here in years to come. Maybe limiting hides per member to 5 or 10, it will atleast limit these people who hide 50 film containers on Main Street.


    ~Just a thought.

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