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  1. I guess whoever this kid is in my avatar may have a copyright on that. Most people I would imagine get them off of Google and don't own copyrights to their avatars. Think about them as buddy icons on AIM. I have a Led Zeppelin one, I don't think their going to sue me, because it's basically advertising in their view I would think.

  2. I was going to place my first cache in a place I thought would be the neatest place in the world, I get all the gear together, have the cache stamped, full of many neat nick-nacks, and a White Jeep Travel Bug, I run a nice search before I go to see if anyone found any locals lately. And SOMEONE hid one in the sopt I was going to one hour earlier it was posted. You'd have to believe I was really let down, all that planning for nothing. So, instead of becoming angry, I've decided to make a VERY diffucult to get to cache, on a cliffside. And place the handy-dandy Jeep in there, this will probably get some DNF's or "saw it, and you can't make me go THERE" 's but making the plans for this was fueled by the let down. I guess let downs happen. Channel all that emotion into your best work. :rolleyes:

  3. Some Tips Here:


    1. Once you get with 50-90 feet, get the bearing by using a compass, get a good idea of the distance your GPS is telling you how far it is away. And walk in without using the GPs, because once you're within 10-20 feet it'll have you hopping all around.


    2. Once you get there, draw yourself a 20 foot circle, and this is also where the hint comes in handy if you're having trouble.


    3. Act like you're hiding the cahe, where are some "sneaky" places to put it.


    4. Use a steel tipped walking stick to poke around in holes and such.


    5. Know the size of the cache ahead of time, don't go out thinking you finding a regular and turns out you're looking for a micro.


    6. Sometimes you need to go home for the night, sleep on it, and return later, and you've "dont your scouting" and you can find it rather quickly.


    7. Try to read all the logs for any twists if you've had alot of problems with the cache.


    8. Email the hider for additional hints, or that his cache may have been "muggled" if you're determined that IT ISN'T THERE.

  4. I usually carry a buttpack with cell phone, digital camera, GPS, cache "print out", compass, flashlight, extrabatteries, camo hat, a travel bug or two, pedometer, poncho, PDA, pen/pencil, Leatherman, snacks, etc.


    What do you guys carry on your cache hunt?


    Maybe I'll get some new ideas for what to carry. :rolleyes:

  5. I use a butt pack I use for hunting but since it doesn't fit without the hunting suit. I wear it in a "purse" position. I'd feel a little bit conscious about that position if it didn't have a compass and a flashlight hanging off of it. Plus it's camo. I carry everything I'd need in case of getting lost or an emergency. And a few trade items, good ones I might add.

  6. This idea would be at HIGH cost for the owner. If the people who trade a Burger King watch for a Rolex Divermaster come swarming to your cache, then every month you'd have to restalk your cache.


    In my area, they used to stalk a part of the river where alot of sewage and chemicals were dumped with alot of trout. The trouts kept dying and dying, the cost to stalk these trout and watch them die was more than what the commission was getting out of stalking there. So they stopped. If the owner of the cache finds this to be a moneypit, they'll stop stalking to cache with good items to se them be traded away. I'd appreciate if everyone abbided with the trade for equal value, but how could we enforce that? Oh well, cache on, no worries.

  7. Many people try to hide caches to make a name for themselves as an awesome "extreme" hider. So if you see a 5/5 it's usually not a 5/5. Most of the time if you read the logs you're going to get a good idea of the diffuculty of terrain of the cache. It'sa really unreliable ranking system and I'm sad that it's all Handicapped Cachers have to rely on when judging a cache. :rolleyes:

  8. Obviously there was a "reason" to remove this cache. Possibly there was land damage, stepping on plants, or something of that nature. When on property under strict regulation, they want to minimize all "unneccessary" traffic, unfortunately they picked your cache, right or wrong, they decided to get rid of everything they could to slow traffic down off the trails and your cache wasn't high enough on the "must keep" list I guess. I don't know the rules over in Dutch ( :rolleyes: The Netherlands) but maybe they have different laws, and one of their laws playeda role in it. Fair or not it happened, and removing your caches would be giving into the people you are mad at obviously. I know that if the cachers here on the forums could do something, they certainly would. I can't do anything from here in Pennsylvania. :P Too bad. I'm sorry for your loss.

  9. I particularly like hiding caches,

    You account shows no hides. ???????????????????? Are you a Troll????????? A sock puppet maybe? (yeah I know, I have no right to condemn this person, just bringing up the possibility) :)

    You are correct that this account has no hides. This is my team account. Another thing, trolls usually try to stir something up. My account of what was happening in this thread was just more of a moderate comment trying to solve a problem, I really didn't hit any sensitive subjects, and infact I told them to do what ever they want to do, whether to double-post or not, if they really are into "racking up the numbers" and that this game is about having fun. I get ripped twice by telling you people to have fun with this game, that's what it's about, fun, not numbers, just escaping from the world to have some fun. I also just requested they shouldn't have brought up this, in my opinion, "non-issue" to the public. And the reason I called it a non-issue is because stopping it would be a form of "censoring" which as you can see has destroyed many organizations. As long as no one is getting hurt, allow the game to grow the way it decides to. If some cachers decide to "double-post" and other things of that nature, it is their reputation on the line, and obviously it is something they want to do, just like you want the game to be more fair. No matter the decision, on the "double-posting" situation, someone will come on here crying about how their way is right. So, please, if you're gonna bring a topic like this up, don't call me a troll. I'm not the one who brought up a very controversial topic. I just addressed it.


    No hate mail, please.

  10. I was walked doing some maintenance on a cache on my other screen name, and saw a turky vulture on the ground. He didn't take any notice to me and continued his business on what looked to be a groundhog. I stayed on the trail and kept on going, 20 feet later I heard crunching of leaves behind me. I turn around and find the vulture following me. And he continued to do so. Get up, fly within 10 feet of me land and watch and do it again. He left my trail as I got in a more mosquito infested area. ;)


    "I'm not gitting bitten by all these mosquitoes to follow this idiot!"

    -Turkey Vulture

  11. Can you hide caches way up in trees?

    Well, if you can't then we'd be in trouble. B)


    as a seller of Bison (or Bison type) tube that just invite hanging -


    ya - you would be in trouble -


    nice products too -



    Two questions in that case. One can I see a picture of the bison tube? And two, if, say, I'm not into the "buying stuff online" ordeal, where would you say a "retail" store would have them?

  12. well here is the riddle and dont know how to make heads or tails of it. I understand about the North(norman) and west(wally) but need help with the rest of it. Thanks


    wally post and norman mailer were planning to take a vacation back east. norman said "i would like to visit maxatawny, pennsylvania, where some of my old friends live. this is so important to me that i give it a double vote."

    wally replied "i don't have such strong feelings. i simply want to visit mount juliet, tennessee, and celebrate my 31st birthday in saint petersburg, florida."

    so, off they went on their summer vacation. and, of course, they remembered to take their garmin....

    Northwest MailPost. Then go east from the "mail post". The rest should all be in eye's reach, I've written riddles, and most of the time if you take one little piece and pick it apart, the rest will fall apart like crumb cake. Like 31, or MAXatawny (which in some way could mean Punks, maybe gang's spray paint near by), you just need to tear apart the clues one by one. You'll get it, I think I'd LOVE this cache if I was where you are. Too bad, well you might inspire me to do something similar.

  13. The cord didn't fry it. In my opinion you got a bad GPS, the power cell inside the GPS that recieves energy and converts and distributes the power within the GPS probably was "bad" the seller on eBay knew this and decided to make a couple bucks off it. That's why I just buy retail. I don't know eBay's return policy, but I would be reading it right now if I was in your situation.

  14. This really is a non-issue, when I look at this sport, I'm sure there are more important topics than double-posts. OP, I have some advice for you. I can tell by the way you posted this you apparently cache for numbers and undoubtely play this game to find easy "cache-n-dash" locales that would rack up your numbers, but you play "fair" and don't "double-post", my advice if this really "bothers" you as much as it seems, either double-post yourself to get "even" or blatantly, be quiet. These outrageous:rolleyes: "double-posters" are playing the game that they want to play, the game you want to play is to cache for numers too? Double-post with them! It doesn't bother me, I'm not sure why it bothers you, I really hate this thread to unravel anymore. This sport is AWESOME for the simple fact that you play this game almost anyway you want, and can percieve it as fun in your own little way, I particularly like hiding caches, some like finding them, some like to find them for numbers. Let people play as they please, and if you really have a "bone to pick" with some geocacher about "double-posting" bring it up with them, and not on such a public basis. Thank you.

  15. I remembered this old thread and it reminded me of something that happened up in the mountains near my home in Southwestern PA. I looked it up in the newspaper archives which in turn inspired me to make a cache out of it.


    Here's a preview:


    On December 4, 1993, a deer hunter accidentally found the site of this “cache”. It was a very strange thing to find out here in the middle of the woods. It looked like some kind of a mysterious altar or shrine. The centerpiece was a large triangular rock with “Tony + Joyce” and “My Lady – My Love” carved into it. The lone item set up on it was a pack of cigarettes tucked neatly under a glass bottle. The altar was flanked on either side by handmade stone walls which had traces of a residue that appeared to be wax from candles that had burned there. An empty picture frame was nailed to a nearby tree and a faded Polaroid photograph was found at its base. The “cache” was found beside the altar under a large flat rock. It was a coffee can that contained a small picture of a woman in a bathing suit, a six-inch statue of a boy and girl hugging, and a half-dozen pieces of female undergarments – panties in the woods!


    The authorities were notified and the state police in Greensburg were called in to investigate. They brought in a team of ten searchers and bloodhounds but nothing more was found other than a few empty beer cans which were believed to be unrelated to the case. They found no evidence of foul play but the mystery of this strange site and the rouge cache that had been placed without a permit from the Bureau of Forestry warranted further investigation. They were concerned for the safety of the woman in the pictures because they believed that she might possibly be a crime victim. Who was she? Was this Joyce? What had happened to her? Was she in any danger? Did she or Tony have a permit to hide this cache of panties in the woods? The investigation dragged on for almost two weeks before the mystery was solved.


    If you want to know the end of this story, you’ll have to find the cache…


    I swear that I didn’t make this stuff up! This really did happen and my account of it is factual.


    Here's the really weird part: When I went to hide this cache, I was aiming for a spot true to the newspaper accounts and I stumbled across THE rock with “Tony + Joyce” etched into it. Try to imagine my surprise! This graffito has been here for close to 15 years! I got a little creeped out finding this.


    If you want to try this cache, it will be released in conjuction with an event cache (GCP1WK) being held nearby at Laurel Summit State Park on July 10.

    Thank God, QuestMaster turned this into a cache! GCPARY, is now "Panties in the Woods" and look at the chaos it has inspired.



  16. Speaking of locals. This place is a PRIME fishing spot known for miles around. This island is probably 40 long and 15 feet wide. The trees are thick but, is there anyway around a micro in a situation like this. I don't want it muggled, but I would really like to place a cache there. Any suggestions?

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