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  1. I understand that you're in a tough situation. I guess you could send them an e-mail and say that you really are enthusiastic about new geocachers in the area. But, it is expensive for people to come in and take 4 or 5 things and leave one. The upkeep is really hard to make, and shouldn't be so much of a problem normally. Ask her that if you take 5 things leave 5 things, or take 1 leave 1. She'll be really accepting I'm sure. She probably just doesn't understand.

  2. I really think the "swag" movement has fallen off. Alot of sig items are coming out. I LOVE IT! Anything to break away from McDonald's. And infact I have a found card I drop off in caches. It's nothing special, but it's something neat.


    Thanks for the innovation. :blink:

  3. I love the experience.


    But right now I was challenged by another cacher in the area, so it's numbers until we see who hits a certain number first. But believe me, I only pick caches with some kind of scenic/historical/hiking/picnic or something like that. I don't go micro.

  4. There should be a "hiding limit" for cachers. Like one hide per member per month. To stop the 30 micros in one area. To totally throw off the balance of large/regular/micro each is good in small doses, but if you overload an area with too many, you have made an impact on caching in your area. No ONE CACHER, should be able to change the face of caching in their community. Leave some hiding spots for the rest of us, and let us decide what we like so we can hide it. The more variety the better.

  5. Alot of the best places are taken. But my opinion would be that if you're in the woods. Don't hide a micro for a traditional cache unless you absolutely HAVE to place it due to traffiking. Even if trafficking is a problem move the coordinates 50 feet off the trail behind a tree and cover it up. Micros can be nice, but don't overuse them because they are easy for upkeep and to replace. Finding a 50cal ammo box in the woods is easier than finding a "certain leaf". Micros are a needle in the haystack out there. If you revert to micros, do it in the cities, but out here, keep it regular.

  6. I wouldn't think there'd be any "scramblers" in the area, because Air Traffic Control needs to track these planes and they probably use GPS related equipment to do so. If it isn't working where your standing you may be in a highly magnetic field, because my digital compass goes on the fritz in these locales and it's impossible to navigate when you're spinning in circles according to it. The magnetic fields will also throw off satellite reception. But I highly doubt there'd be on in an airport.

  7. This happened very near to my home. A local park placed like 8 caches very close to stores and such so that they'd make some money. These caches based only on the ability for them to make money for the business's should be shut down. The people's screen names who placed them never found one, hid 8, and never had an action since. :P I SOOO wish I had an ignore button.

  8. I was thinking about putting a cache in a local park and I realized that there is a subscriber only cache that might be too close to meet the 528 foot rule. I guess the only way to tell is to take a reading in the park and to ask GC.com? But then I will have to iterate to try to find a place in the park where I am beyond the 528 foot circle. I'm not sure how well this will be received since two iterations like this can give away the location of the subscribers only cache.


    What is the procedure for placing a cache that may be near a subscribers only cache (two actually in this case)?

    How did you find out about the subscriber only cache that was close?

  9. Those of us who ride motorcycles have known this for a while, but the editorial in this month's (actually August) issue of Rider magazine is on geocaching and its compatability with motorcycling.


    I'm an avid rider, and a semi-avid cacher, and I discovered the combined fun some time ago. We've organized a couple of "Cache Runs" with some friends here, and plan to do more. It's great to see this kind of positive press.



    With the gas prices the way they are. There is no better combination!



  10. One thing that can help is if a group of cachers in your area all make a few new caches to stir the area's "new" cache listings, so that you don't have to drive 30+ miles to get the closest cache you haven't seen already. Gas hasn't taken an impact on us per se, but you have to take into effect that one you find some many caches in one region, a long drive is inescapable to get to another cache you haven't found. This gas problem many be more confined to people with many local finds, or people without many local caches.

  11. There has been a report that my cache is in a black bear monitoring station. I didn't not see any signs when placing cache, but do not want anyone to be hurt....my husband says that anyone could meet a black bear anywhere in the woods..we did last week fishing, and he doesn't see any reason to worry about it.


    Should I move it or just warn others of a bear sighting??


    Thanks in advance!! MudFrog

    I live in bear country. No one tells anyone on vacation caching here about bears, it's understood that when your in the wilderness, things like bears, snakes, coyotes, etc. are a possibility of finding you when you're searching for a cache. If you REALLY find it a problem then you should post a warning, but unless these bears are aggressive or HAVE A REASON to be aggressive, they normal won't confront you. (Or this is atleast what I'm told from rangers). Either case, post it on your site, make them aware of it atleast.

  12. I was at a festival on July 4 near Battery Park in Manhattan. These things were everywhere! Neat, neat little finger puppets! There were all color and description of these things, of every character and animal you can think of. Shrek, Fiona, Spider-Man, Hulk, SpongeBob, Little Red Riding Hood, Mtn-man :P and more! I wish I could've got more of them (not enough $$). I thought they were cute!


    Think they'd be taken, or left in the cache?



    That's the worst trade item of ALL time, I'm going to stick with my McDonald's Toys as trade items. :P jk.

  13. Cache vandals ruin this game. There's always a spoiled sport, and these are those people trying to ruin the fun for others. They're probably reading these forums and get a kick out of it. But when they see something they enjoy destroyed by "people having a little fun" they understand what it feels like, and hopefully will stop. These kind of people are everywhere, just gotta deal. :P

  14. I think muggles get blamed for alot of "looting". But I read alot of forum posts, and all the logs for all the local caches. And when one comes up missing, you can always read back and see how "great they were hidden" and "camoflauged extensively". I hike VERY frequently and I've never recalled a muggle hopping around off the trail BEGGING to get a snake bite or something of that nature. Maybe it's just jerks, who aren't geocachers but have a GPS and decided to play some games. Maybe it's geocachers that got bored. Whatever the case may be, most of the time "muggles" get blamed WAY to often.

  15. GeoStalking



    If someone will follow you where ever you go, let's say "nature" catches up with you. And you decide to relieve yourself by the nearest tree. And the "GeoStalker" catches you them. Now won't that be candid! :rolleyes:

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