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  1. I was just looking back at the pics from Last years Halloween bash when a certain pic of Pid and his air bed popped up from the morning after Has anyone else taken any comedy shots at meets or whilst out caching? If you can beat this one taken by the ollies your doing well Pid the morning after! *Edit* - Pic changed to link, as some people may find it distubing!
  2. Plenty of 5ltr sour cream tubs from my work kitchen and ice cream tubs from SP's around Bucks
  3. Is there a way to find out which county commands the highest average rating per cache using the new geocacheuk system? Just thought it would be interesting to know where people have enjoyed visiting most! I'm sure there are reasons why the result will come out biased (more voters from a certain area etc) but just as a fun thing.
  4. Sounds like a scam. I remember being asked if I wanted to buy a 'really expensive' watch at some motorway services once. They even had a catalogue with pics of it inside but it was just obvious something wasn't right so I resisted temptation. Saw the scam on Watchdog a few weeks later. The clothes were probably fakes so I have no doubt you did right by not contributing to his bank balance!
  5. Yeah, cheers guys. Was only there for an hour or so but was good to see everyone once again. Fair play for forking out for the food, very generous as always! See ya all soon!
  6. Check out the top caches on Geocacheuk's rating chart. http://stats.guk2.com/cachetools/highscore...=&type=&arch=on Seems like one of the best ways to find quality caches to me
  7. 23, look about 19 but when i'm 50 i'm gona look 30
  8. I'm sat at home today before work in the boiling sunshine thinking about how I can't afford a holiday this year so I thought I would see if there was a cache where I would have liked to have visited most! and sure enough there is, Pyramid of the Sun, shame I wont get a chance to bag it! Has anyone else got a cache they really wish they could find this summer???
  9. I have had a plan to plant a cache which involves a swim for some time now. However, the day before going out to gather info etc the new rules where posted stating that permission was needed before planting from now on. I wrote to the land owners but have heard nothing back. To be honest I don't blame them, what landowner in their right mind is going to recieve a letter asking for permission to place a treasure hunt box on their land which involves entering the river that runs through their fields etc. My question: Are there circumstances where you can just get away with placing something like this? I'm in complete agreement that seeking permission is the way it should be, but I like planting caches with a difference and am starting to wonder how this is possible anymore. People are generally not going to be up for funny business on their land. If I find a pond, adjacent to a footpath, running through land that is not apparently anyones inparticular, is this acceptable? I'd love an answer so I can get on with planting this nightmare of a cache
  10. Well done guys! couldn't have happened to a nicer pair of insects.
  11. Sorry to repeat myself but I think my question got missed. Is there a way to check the ratings of your own caches to see what visitors thought.
  12. Nice work, just spotted this and rated all my 600+ finds, really did only take 10 mins! Is there a way to see how your own caches have been rated by others, I'd love to know what my hides have scored with their visitors.
  13. I've had one of these for a couple of years'ish'. Caching wise, I wish I had just stuck to my first yellow etrex as there really is no obvious difference finding lunch boxes. The maps are helpful though when travelling, as when you get lost you can just type in the name of a place you want to get to and it will take you there. I suppose most people just take an atlas but I always seem to forget! sorry if this has spoilt your excitement
  14. Heres three of my faves to add to the collection: Balmenach Cache by Balmenach Dave - Located just outside Aviemore in Scotland at the foot of Cairn Gorm. A cache by a loch with a sandy beach and mountains as the back drop. Really was fantastic scenery. Lead Mines Clough by Carney Family, adopted by Dallan72 - Not too far from Bolton this cache gave us great scenery and a great walk. Probably made 100 times better because we did it on a boiling hot summer day and parked in completely the wrong place by 2 huge reservoirs which were a sight in themselves. Decaying Hospital by Cryptic Souls Crew - This cache is archived before anyone goes looking for lunch boxes but it has to be mentioned because of the brilliant location. Set on the remains of a hospital it gave you the oppertunity to explore the grounds and the old ruined building including an old chapel and animal testing labs. Totaly illegal (reason for archiving) but great fun
  15. I havn't found anything dodgy in a cache for quite a while either, not that I can remember anyway. Then again, 99% of the caches I visit nowadays seem to be micros or just full of mctoys etc.
  16. There is a locationless cache where the goal is to visit a film location and take a picture if you didnt already know click the link for details! Goodbye Hollywood Edit: Duh! just noticed thats already been mentioned sorry
  17. Well done! and thanks for the nasty caches youve hidden along the way too!
  18. Myself and Pid have a cache located at a disused church in the middle of a field near to us in Fleet Marston. The keys to this church are kept at the local farm shop and a lot of visitors to this hide seem to go and get the keys first, follow the trail to the church through a reclaimation yard and find the stash, looking around the church at the same time. However, I have just been reading through the latest logs here (under Pids username so it's been a while!) and noticed that the last two visitors have had problems with the owner of this yard who has told them that 'their sort' was not wanted there and that they have had problems with paranormal looneys seeking treasure in the graveyard. Without visiting again I couldn't honestly say if this path to the church is a footpath or just a good will gesture but I can't understand why this problem has occured! Anyways... The question im interested in having answered is when, if ever, do land owners have the right to shut footpaths to certain individuals. I will be visiting this location to see if there is actually a marked trail here and if a footpath sign exists I would like to know my rights. The page for this cache can be viewed here if anyone is interested in taking a quick look!
  19. Well done mate! good luck hitting the big 500 sometime soon!
  20. Garmin always seem to do good by their customers. I have had replacement stickers for my etrex car mount sent out twice free of charge now, after simply writing requests about where I could purchase them. Thanks!
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