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  1. No Harry Dolphin, you missed the point... Thank you for the advice Touchstone. I will certainly take this approach if I hide another. Unfortunately, hailing from the days when picking up a single cache would involve anything between a 15 and 50 mile round trip, and doing most of my planting at this time means that area saturation was never something I had to worry about. The game evolves, and rightly so. I firmly believe this whole issue could be resolved with a simple yes/no on the check page though as someone else suggested above.
  2. I've been caching for about ten years, own over 100 PMO hides, and have learned to use the system here. It works for most of us, and none of us are special here. I don't even mention geocaching to outsiders, but I do support the site by paying to use it. That's great, but as stated above by a moderator - 'That sort of bad luck can happen to anyone' and frankly it shouldn't - whether you have been caching for 15 years or 3 days. Like you say, no one is special, and no one should be penalized for attempting to hide caches. I believe that Geocaching should make this process simple and straight forward. There was literally nothing else I could have done today to ease the process other than pre making the cache page - something which is NOT advised when following the obvious links on the geocaching site for planting a cache. And p.s I supported the site by paying for the original app which was withdrawn. I'm now expected to pay again... but that's another subject. This isn't about money, or length of use (although I do believe patronizing long time users is a somewhat childish approach) it's about common sense and improving the usability.
  3. 'That sort of bad luck can happen to anyone' I'm sorry, I didn't envisage this becoming a cheap digs exchange. I find the tone of the last response poor for someone connected with Geocaching.com. I've cached for over 14 years and happily praised the hobby to friends, family, tv and newspaper during that time so perhaps some regard for long term users is in order. I have wasted a lot of time and money today. Letting a planter know that he is planning on dropping a cache within almost 200 meters of someones mystery or multi does not ruin anything. If I told you I had planted a cache within 200m of my house there is no way you would find it, particularly since 99% of caches today seem to be nanos... All I suggest is saving the time of those people dedicated to your sport and those who give up their time to help you, by letting them know that there is no point putting a cache in situ because you already KNOW it will be rejected. If that is a bad idea then I honestly don't know why I bother... 'They show up just fine at home on your computer, where lots of good cache planning ought to take place.' - Patronizing and out of place considering all suggested actions were followed prior to venturing out. Not appreciated.
  4. This confirms my point that planting, at times, is a guessing game. Must also re-state that this in no way is aimed at moderators who do a difficult and time consuming job for little if nothing in return. If this morning I had been given the opportunity to check a cache site and seen that something was already in place then I would not have wasted 4/5 hours or so creating a camouflaged container; driving to the site and finding a suitable location spending hard earned petrol money on the way and then spending more time creating a cache page. This situation could very easily be remedied by simply showing all the locations which will prompt an unacceptable site. Like I said before, It's not just my time being wasted, it is also the time of the mods. I like the idea of being able to request a check through local mods prior to planting, however this option is not suggested on the planting page. Perhaps this way of doing things could become the norm? I had this same situation a few months back and had to drive back out to move a cache due to a member cache already being there. I don't believe the current way of doing things is ideal for anyone. Must also add that member only caches do not show AT ALL for non members on the app making things even more complicated!
  5. I'm finding planting a new cache is becoming more and more difficult. Twice over the past few months I have checked the location of a place I wanted to use for a new hide via the search facility linked to planting new caches. Both times they have revealed nothing anywhere near my chosen spot, so I have headed out, planted and returned home to post the pages, only to be told that a member only cache is too close to my spot. The checking facility does not show non paid users member only caches which makes it like a lucky dip trying to plant. I understand the need for Geocaching.com to offer paid membership - They, like every business have costs, however I feel like I am being more and more forced into paying a monthly fee for really poor reasons. Can I suggest that Geocaching.com add member only caches to the search facility to save both planter time and money and the time of their hardworking reviewers. I understand that membership is very common and many people won't relate to this but I am sure I am not the only person who has wasted hours planting a cache only to be told it can't be where you want it. This whole situation is made worse by being told that if it's moved a few hundred feet it will become ok. Areas are already far too saturated in my opinion and I plant for a reason - to introduce people to interesting spots/view/history, not random footpaths or alleyways close to another cache for the sake of it. Please just tell me that the spots already gone so that I don't need to waste my time.....
  6. Hi all. I've been based in Camberley, Surrey for around 6 months now, and not knowing the area like the back of my hand like I did Buckinghamshire, I'm really struggling to find anything out of the norm to do cache wise. I'm not interested in numbers and would love to visit some ruins, random points of interest and do some night caching. Does anyone have any favourites which may suit? Would really like to avoid muddy wanders down footpaths and micro caches if possible too. Disused churches etc are my bag! Thanks in advance for any good suggestions
  7. Try this one Dan... Not exactly a smiley but I think this sums it up nicely... Nicely done, that last one sums my feeling up perfectly. How many caches can you put on your ignore list?? Cheers.
  8. - (There isn't a 'smiley' which demonstrates me pulling my hair out so that will have to suffice)
  9. You may be surprised. I for one am happy to give up locations if something better can take its place. I've done this a few times already and only one location is now home to a naff cache in my opinion. It's a good idea actually, to keep the game fresh, and also allows the original cache setter the chance to re-visit and log a find. There is some sentiment in keep old favourites going though and in a lot of cases there is no need to change an already good thing. I understand the lack of interesting locations is a problem for newer cachers because so many good spots have already been taken, and those of us who were lucky to be about many years ago really were blessed with the amount of spots we could choose between, but in Buckinghamshire where I live for instance, I could write you a list of 20 great spots that don't have caches by tomorrow if requested, it just takes a little bit of time and effort to scout them out, something that unfortunatly not everyone is willing to put into their hides. I'd also like to think that where locations are lacking, the effort put into making the cache an interesting challenge would be upped. It's sad to see new film containers pop up in spots that hold little value for the sheer sake of hiding a new cache but then again I understand some people’s opinions that this is fine even if I don't necessarily agree with it. I have to say I'm completely anti micros/urban caches/overlooked caches, but when I think about it, actually I just don't do them. There are loads built up on my nearest list but I can choose to ignore, just like some people may choose to ignore my puzzle caches that have hours gone into them, they are just not up everyones street and I guess we just all need to accept that were all very different!
  10. But only because you seemed to have an almost endless supply of 2 gallon 'containers' which were hung in various trees around the Beds, Bucks, Herts area and The Hornet bought big ammo cans by the pallet load... They were the "good ol' days" when 35mm film pots were only used for keeping film in. Oh yes, the days of being a chef and having an ever lasting supply of catering size mayo and sour cream tubs to dispense and your dadgum right about the correct use for 35mm film pots! I can think of a far better place to stick those than the beautiful countryside Lost in space - I have still never cached in any other way than whacking the coords off the page straight into my GPS and following the arrow! Maps? thats just too easy!! glad to see your still loitering in these here parts you two!
  11. I'm by no means the longest serving member in UK but I did kick off my lunch box finding exploits back on 17th Feb '02 and the game has changed a lot let me tell you Back in the day when I were a lad 99.9% of caches were flipping massive, a 50-100 mile round trip for one cache wasn't a nice little change, it was the done thing , and getting a cache approved wasn't a struggle to the same extent as winning a world war, asbestos riddled hospital, enclosed within a 7 ft barb topped fence, approved the following day Oh those were good times. Still enjoying it a lot, although I would personaly ban micros, urban caches and all those people who think it's nice to swap a piece of ming dynasty porcelain out for a badge, tomorrow...
  12. The Super cache - A hide to beat all others. An elite stash. A lunch box puzzle or location so stunning in artistry, deviousness or visual beauty that it blew you away. I'd love to know which caches met or surpassed the above standards for you as I'd very much like to pay them a visit It's nice to be able to pop out and bag something quick and easy when I've got a spare hour to play with, but when you've stopped chasing numbers (yes I have only 804 finds to my name but when I was a newbie watering at the mouth for that scent of plasticy goodness in 2001, a 50 mile round trip was the regular to bag just one Tupperware delicacy!) you want that something extra special to get you out of your armchair (other chair types available) So which caches would you put into the champions league of our little hobby? Cryptic souls crews 'Decaying hospital' with its asbestos riddled corridors and graffiti clad ruins was a gem that I will never forget - or recommend for children! Little cemetery safari could give the infirm a heart attack and like nothing i'd ever seen before or will again i'm sadly sure! and Mashers 'Mission Impossible' with its intricate puzzles and creative genius are the three that spring to mind, all archived but never forgotten. What were yours and why? This is not intended as advertising although I suppose it might be, I'd just like some exciting travels once again as me and caching have lost the spark in our once healthy relationship, and we want to get back to how it was when we first met.
  13. Oh SP you know me all too well, thanks for that bit of rule info. I will give it a miss as I really really really can't be bothered to campaign for the existance of a lunchbox AGAIN I'll stick to finding the tres interesting, 10 meters down a muddy footpath caches once a year like I have ever since the slimy old rule book became such a feature
  14. I would ofcourse make this information available. This would be inside a building and not a park or outside. I can't see any reason why it should cause a problem but after having to fight my cause for pretty much every cache i've hidden in the last 4 years I can just see this being rejected too Long gone are the days of finding a cache inside a fenced off, chained up disused hospital smothered in asbestos warning signs - those were the days
  15. Plant a cache inside a free to entry place of interest with opening times. It's been so long since I had a chance to check over the now bulging 3 million page rule book and I don't know who to email any more. Thanks in advance for any help!
  16. i think shortly you will learn to love intricate twists and turns in caches. I remember when I started that any old hiding place was the best cache since sliced bread but when you have found 500 caches hidden 50 metres down a muddy footpath in the first place you look it starts to wear thin! I got a dnf on a multi today in a really nice spot with a very confusing clue (probably just thinking too hard before anyone cares to check my stats and send me belittling emails ), still, this was far more fun that the one I parked next to and found in 30 seconds between a field and a main road!
  17. I agree with that but its an odd muggle that drops to his or her knees on a disused railway and pushes away a thick covering of rocks between old rusty rails for the fun of it. And like i said at the top there have been other circumstances which i dont want to discuss here where someone made a school boy error and gave themselves away! What a muppet! And yes you can have your can back if it gets archived although to be honest i havnt checked it in a while and its probably an Aldi bag now! i thought that was a gift from Pharisee?!? Maybe that was interception it was a long time ago!!
  18. your not alone! There are loads on my to do list, including a certain 'station x' which has been there since i started caching over 5 years ago! I have tried and tried to use online info about how to crack the thing but they just don't compute so now i just have to avoid them before they drive me mad, which is a shame because im probably missing out on visiting some good spots! Personally they do my head in but i know a lot of people enjoy this kind of challenge!
  19. True true, just slightly annoying when you put effort into something for other peoples pleasure and that happens time and time again, when I started caching it was just a big fun filled hunt for a lunchbox a lot has changed in the last few years
  20. I have recently had atleast 2 instances of what I can only imagine being 'Inside trash jobs' on my caches. Today a cache of mine was reported as waterlogged although it's snugly inside a building, another part of a multi has had the box removed from a place that no one would stumble over it in a million years and previously i've had reports of other things too which i'm not going to go into on here. After the recent thread about ammo cans being swapped for plastic boxes and bags in some cases it seems like there are quite a few cases of people who play the game, messing with their fellow cachers hides. I recently started caching again a bit more regularly now that my job allows a BIT more freedom with time, but maintainance trips take time and cost money (Petrol, Containers, Log Books) which I have little of either. I'm seriously considering pulling my caches as to be honest whats the point in constantly replacing caches which are trashed time and time again just to give a new oppertunity for someone to have a laugh behind my back. My favourite part of the whole caching experience is reading logs from 'satisfied customers' who enjoyed their trip and the challenge, and my least favourite, reading reports of clues scattered over the floor creating mess. Add on the fact that 50% of logs probably consist of 2 words and 'TFTC' the hiding side is getting mighty tedious, god I miss the old days of this hobby!!! Rant over, smile placed back on face if slightly crookedly. Has anyone else faced similar problems?
  21. Hi there, could you expand on your question a little, then i'm sure you will get the answer your looking for.
  22. Hve just checked out the logs for it and it looks like its missing in action as there are loads of no finds, perhaps you could replace it if your there for a while, would be sad to see this one go, I always revisit when i'm in the area, but it could be a while before i'm there again!
  23. Balmenach Cache is just a few mins drive from Aviemore high Street and is one of my favourite caches ever, set by a loch with a mountain backdrop and sandy beach, you can get some cracking photos here, really is a hidden jem. Enjoy your trip and make sure you spend a night or 2 in the Vault ha you'll see...
  24. I recently had a problem of a similar nature. On restoration of one of my favourite archived caches it turned out that one of the way points was within the smallest allowed distance to a final part of a mystery cache. However after consultation with the reviewer the cache was allowed to stand as mine offered a completely different point of interest. If I were you I would drop the reviewer who turned it down a short note explaining the problem. Im my experience they have been extremely helpfull and more interested in finding ways around your problems than spoiling your fun.
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