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  1. Incoming mission received!


    Email sent: 8 June 2011

    Name received: 27 June 2011

    Package sent: 21 July 2011

    Package received: 1 August 2011


    And what a mission! Thank you SO MUCH to Team Luvbassn for assembling a thoughtful and fun mission. My coin to keep is an Everglades National Park geocoin. I have no idea how they found one, for these have been sold out for over two years now, but THANK YOU! The rest of the package was inspired by the Everglades and travel in general.


    For my trackable to place, a cute Geico gecko and toad friend - I'll find a nice spot for them shortly! I also received a personal coin from Team Luvbassn - very nice and an extra-special surprise.


    If my recipients are half as happy as I was, then this will have been a successful mission, indeed!


    I have to say that the petrified gator foot in the "OK" gesture position just might have to become a travel bug...I'm not sure I can handle that for very long! I mean literally, I don't want to touch it to start the car every day, but it brought a great smile!




    awesome mission. Aren't those cards and post it notes awesome! I just love the ones I got from Team Luvbassn. And the key chain that the personal coin is in is really neat too.

  2. I'm going with 4 since my luck number is 423 and 23 is taken :D List updated!


    1) lifechooser






    7) GeoBlank






    13) plumbrokeacres


    15) sweetlife

    16) XeenaWP

    17) AlliedOZ


    19) Green Mountain Booty






    25) HoosierGal






    31) Mekle





    36) jpbarr






    42) Sioneva



    45) NepoKama


    47) Pup Patrol


    49) Monaghanman



    52) CachingCats



  3. Omg. Those grape twists are incredible!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm


    They're from a local winery.. and since it's illegal in NY state to send wine (which I wanted to do for both this one and the create your own mission mission) I sent the grape twists instead!! :lol:


    Mmm they are so good I'd kill for more of those!!


    Well I can be convinced to send more as a trade for dog themed coins I don't have! :P (that reminds me I have to update my "I have these coins" part of my profile)

  4. Omg. Those grape twists are incredible!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm


    They're from a local winery.. and since it's illegal in NY state to send wine (which I wanted to do for both this one and the create your own mission mission) I sent the grape twists instead!! :lol:

  5. Mission Complete


    Email sent: 6-12-11

    Name received: 6-27-11

    Package sent: 7-29-11

    Package received: 7-25-11


    Thanks sheltiedogshowlover! This has been (is) a very fun and interesting mission. One of the best.


    Hope you liked everything! I'm glad it got there ok. :D I had a great coin in mind for you as soon as I got you. Kinda ironic that the same coin ended up in another mission. :ph34r: I was kinda worried that you already had it since you obviously had figured out it was out there.. so I added a few other related coins just in case. :D


    This mission has been great! I love seeing all the photo's and all the creative pieces! I absolutely love the hand made cards and post it notes I got from "team L" (the bumperstickers haven't made it on my car yet because my car is not moving right now.... so I'm afraid to put them on until I find out how much it's gonna cost to fix it..lol).. and the frame that Yangi made was awesome. I'm just thrilled by both missions I got. I'm so glad that I decided to do 2 missions. You guys rock, and I'm so honored to have hosted this mission. You guys made it so worth the work and I'm looking forward to hosting my next one! (let's just say I LOVE creativity! Cant' wait for the one I have an idea for next!!! Gonna wait a bit till others run theirs and I'll post it!! :D )

  6. Packages Sent: Yanagi, Sheltiedogshowlover, Pingos, Team Amaroo, Eseurat, Model Citizen


    Expecting Packages: Ashallond, Where's My Marbles, Greenish, Avroair, MPILCHFAMILY, Laval K-9, Tonyalynnm, Pingos


    Thanks Pingos! Photos will be in the mailbox thread :)


    Sheltiedogshowlover & Team Amaroo, let me know when you receive yours, they were sent quite a while ago :huh:


    Got your coin! Thanks!!

  7. My heart's desire is the "Gone to the dogs" geocoin. I have decided to collect dog themed coins.. and I can't believe that I found a coin with a sheltie on it!! Would love to own one.




    There's many breeds on that coin that I've helped turn into therapy dogs too so it made me smile.


    And there's many other breeds I've had in classes that make me smile on this coin..


    It's just an amazing coin that I would love to someday find!


    Still looking for this coin... I lost a therapy lab (yellow like on this coin).. we're on the brink of loosing our family rottie (who all 3 of us trained in 4-H).. and there's a sheltie on there ( my oldest sheltie is now 7 and my sister's is almost 9). Since I do therapy dog work I have a couple of other dogs I've worked with on this coin that are now making a difference in nursing homes, reading programs etc. and I would love to have this coin to show to my 4-H kids ( both the dogs kids and the geocaching 4-H kids in the area)


    I actually can name a name (and sometimes tears associated with those names) for every dog on that coin now after having trained dogs for almost 18 years and worked with pet owners and 4-Hers for that long..


    There is one listed here.


    Just wanted to update that I know am the proud owner of this lovely coin!!!!



    I recieved it in a lovely coin spotlight mission. It was matted in a handmade frame! Guess I have to pick out a new hearts desire coin!! :D


    I also recieved this great personal coin with my dog Kaylee on it In that same mission! Thanks Yangi!!


  8. 28lujqb.jpg



    I got these two AWESOME coins in the coin spotlight mission I got in the mail this week!


    The first is a personal coin (only one made) of my Kaylee monster! The other was my most sought after coin in a beautiful hand painted frame, matted with a spotlight background and the mission name and date. Way more then I could have ever expected!

  9. Heck I've seen people get on with giant knitting needles..way more dangerous then a pair of pliers!


    Maybe if you use the walking stick as a walking aid, then break it down into the parts when you get on the plane? I've seen several people with canes getting on and off planes.. Of course you could just pack it in your suite case instead to be safer..

  10. I went out to set some new geocaches yesterday and when I got back there was a bubble mailer from USA to open! It could only be from this mission. Thank you so much for a creative and fun mission.




    Included is a postcard (not in the photos because I was busy reading it!) The spotlight coin is a message in a bottle one, and the activated coin (psst, go activate it! :unsure::laughing: ) is a purple grapes one. Then there are 2 bags of Welch's fruit snacks (1 and a half now) some grape lip balm (which my daughter got) some gardening gloves (I really needed those - for caching!) some chocolates (these had melted a little, but tasted great) a pretty handmade box :wub: a mouse figure (daughter also got this as she collects animal figures) some yummy grape twists (the smell when I opened the package was wonderful because of those, they went on a group picnic and got shared out today and are nearly gone) a grape sucker/lolly and some 'water beads' for decorative flower arranging and a fabby purple pen which has gone into the hamster cache I've just hidden.




    As well as the Grapes coin and the message in a bottle coin, there's also a Netherlands micro flag (thank you so much! I've got a lot to learn about flags and all kinds of things about different nations and countries, and this adds to my little collection) and a personal Fox and Grapes coin and a sweet personal Geowoodstock 2011 glitter Dove.




    Wow! Such a lovely mission to open and share with the family. It took me a while to figure out who SDSL was :rolleyes:


    THANK YOU sheltiedogshowlover! That's a very generous lot of gifts and I appreciate the thought, and sense of fun that has gone into it, loved it all. :D


    Glad you liked it! I forgot to include that the way I paint the box pattern is with dog hair as the brush! I think you're is a "Kaylee" Original. :-)

    (if you send me a pm with it's number I'll activate the grape coin! Oops!!!)


    My favorite part about the message in the bottle coin is the front silver part slides off and there's a message under it!! :D

  11. I like both B and C for various reasons. I think the color scheme of the coin goes very well with both of those two photos.


    In the end though I really like C the best I think. The orange tones go so nicely with the lady's hair on the coins. :D

  12. Thank you so much!!!! (Have I said that enough yet? :lol: )


    Not only are the coins beyond amazing, but the non coin items in the package are lovely too. Lots of fun stuff and Thank you for being so thoughtful to include some treats for the dogs too! They were quickly snatched up. :D


    I actually have a personal geocoin from Germany with Dawn on it (I ordered 2 of that one and one went into the math trade) so now I have 2 of the 4 dogs on their own coins!


    I love that there was a great creative element to this one too. The frame and matt of the spotlight coin is awesome.


    Thanks again!! hehe :grin:

  13. I got my second mission today. I can't even begin to thank yanagi for their mission that they sent me.... the thoughtfulness was amazing. This mission was above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for!! I got my most sought after coin.. and got a personalized coin too.... Thank you so much YAMAGI!!!!



    The whole picture!



    Since Kinder Egg's are out of season in Germany, yanagi sent me kinder egg toys! I got to still puzzle them together:



    The wonderful spotlight coin!!!! I'm thrilled about the coin, but even more thrilled by the beautiful frame and matt.. check it out!!



    And YES I do recognize this dog!!! It's my Kaylee. I'm beyond thrilled to have a personal Kaylee coin!!

  14. I hear you, and feel your pain, man. Of the 7 coins I set out, 6 appear to have gone missing, and most didn't move at all.

    Not tossing any more money out the window. I'd sell the coins I've collected, if I hadn't been dumb, and activated them already :)


    There are people that will still buy activated coins. Usually they're a little cheaper but if it's a coin they want they will still buy it. You just have to adopt it over once it's sold. I have several activated ones that I've collected because I liked the coin. If I have the choice between activated or not I would obviously go unactivated, but in the end Doesn't matter to me if it's activated or not if I like the coin.

  15. I think I totally qualify for this cointest...lol. I'll start with the fact 3 of our dogs are named after very geeky movies/TV shows. The 4th is just corny and dorky.


    "Luke" and "Leia" are twin black tri shelties and are from our Star Wars litter (the litter had 4 puppies: Luke, Leia, Chewy and Han)


    "Luke's" full name is Canami Sorella's A New Hope RN (the name of the first movie.. or 4th if you want to go in the new order) I really wanted to name him "Vader" full name Canami Sorella's The Dark Side, but he's just too soft to be a Vader. He's way more a Luke. Maybe I'll have another one someday that will fit that name :D


    "Leia's" full name is Sorella's Rebel Princess. She's a princess, she's a bit crazy, and she's quite outspoke. She's definately a Leia.


    "Kaylee" our Aussie's full name is U-CH Canami's Protector of Serenity. Kaylee is the name of the female mechanic on the show Firefly. The ship's name on the show is Serenity. She loves and takes care of the ship like it's a living, breathing being so "Protector of Serenity" seemed fitting! She's just like Kaylee on the show too.. very very smart, but not so street smart, kinda goofy, and very pretty! :D


    And our 4th dog is just a dorky, Corny name in and of itself..

    She was born on 1-23-04 so she's an Aquarius. Thus Her name is "Dawn", Full name is U-CH Canami's Age of Aquarius RE CD AXJ OA NF CGC/TDI .. get it.. the Dawning of the age of aqaurius. Yeah. I know. Corny. :D


    Actually the fact that my dogs have more letters after their names then I do also makes me quite the geek. But heck, I like being a geek. :D I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "Who Says I Have To Be Normal"

  16. I asked him if he wanted another beer, he said yes so i handed him $5 to go buy us each a beer.

    after he left towards circle K, i found the cache then left.


    **sigh** I wish I lived in a place where I could get two beers for $5. Lousy Canadian taxes. :D


    You happen to live near the place that sells cans of pop for two quarters and a FTF?


    Anyway, back to topic...


    I tend to just leave and not get creative.


    Really? We have dollar pints of blue light and blue at our happy hour from 3-7pm .. $5 would have made my afternoon..lol.


    I usually have a geodog with me. They are a great distraction. Either the muggles want to come say hi to the dog and my husband finds it or I can use the dog as a reason for wandering in places and no one questions us. A well timed potty by my dog (who knows to squat on the command "go potty") or a poop bag on my hand while searching the area usuallu doens't warrent any questions...lol. :-)

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