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  1. What a great story.. and what an amazing coin. Cheers!
  2. Tell me about it! Still, it's worth it. I did try to mostly include things you can only get here in the UK (or pay lots on postage internationally) rather than shipping coals back to Newcastle. That was the decider for choosing the items going into my 2 missions, although there are a few 'personal' extra choices too, based on our interests or just 'because'. Those seaside things look way cool (or 'lush' as my daughter would say!) And that red..red...(erm, what is he exactly) does he have a name yet? He is so cute, where did you find him! His name is FLASH! :-) And I found him at an antique store. He's a Kodak mascot from the 1980's. My mission was a locality mission and I'm from the Rochester NY/Fingerlake's region.. the home of Kodak :-)
  3. Mission #1 - Locality Theme Email sent: May 3, 2011 Name received: May 16, 2011 Package sent: May 21, 2011 Package received:
  4. I actually found geocaching because the judge at our last dog agility trial told me about it during our judges dinner. I went home, joined the website and started caching with my husband shortly after. So I'm completely new to geocaching but have found 36 caches so far. I have an addictive personality and love caching.. so much that this weekend we went to Target and used the last of our gift cards from our wedding to pick up a GPS unit for me since he uses his phone app. I've been involved in the geocoin forum for a month or so.. and I didn't even know that the other forums existed.. I found out about trackables and then started collecting Dog themed geocoins and love them!.. I stumbled upon this section of the forum (since I was bored and my husband is out of town for 4 days) I'm not gonna lie, the geocoin section of the forum seems very beginner friendly.. and they reach out to new folks.. In fact in hindsight I introduced myself in their intro thread and I gave way more info... i felt way more comfortable.... Just some thoughts.
  5. To me size doesn't matter! It's the inventiveness of the hide!
  6. I'll be sending you one shortly. I have a geocoin mission, a geocoin trade, and this TB to send out. Hoping to make one trip to the post office for all three on sat.
  7. What a great package of goodies! Nice job and congrats!
  8. This little guy is waiting to be mailed out in another mission. He's a bit unsure of what is to come after listening all of our chatting about hamsters and rabbits being stuffed into boxes.. and what happens to them.. He's a bit nervous....
  9. Just gotta add a seeking list everyone wants to know what you want My seeking list is simple. :-) Dog themed coins I don't have.. especially the Gone to the Dogs geocoin with all the dog breeds on it.
  10. My box in the process of being packed. This little guy is quite unsure of traveling to another country.. but I assured him that the people that are getting him will be very nice people.. and might even take him geocaching!
  11. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=4134978 Think I figured it out!
  12. I do have a handful of handmade wooden nickles (pawprint center, caching name around the edge, date, and number of the coin) done in black wood paint on a rounded edge wooden nickle. I also have some great new NON TRACKABLE swag Good Dog Blessing coins that are small round silver coins with a bone cut out that can be attached to your dog's collar. Has "one's best friend" on the back and "Good Dog Blessing Ring" on the front. Would love to trade for some wooden nickles. I've found some great old ones at a local thrift store that aren't geocaching related but are really neat I've nabbed.
  13. Excited! *HAPPY DANCE**. I hope we win because I have something fun to send to Dr. Neal in celebration!
  14. You don't think the potential hamster explosion has anything to do with WSR's mysterious disappearance, do you? LOL I'm envisioning a box with legs running around and then spontaneously exploding.. It's gonna be the next secret military weapon!
  15. This coin is stunning... will have to set aside some funds next coin buying pay period.
  16. Hmm I should find a place to put up a seeking list now that I have a sleeve of coins. Where's the best place to do so?
  17. Mine will be hopefully going out this weekend.. though tonight I'm gonna look for a couple of things now that I have the name of the person I'm sending to. I might change it a bit based on the person before I send it on it's way.
  18. I also LOVE this coin. great job! I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PrashadFamily! I also love your coin (looks like my computer hicupped there. Sorry for the double blank posts!
  19. Mission #1 - Locality Theme Email sent: May 3, 2011 Name received: May 16, 2011 Package sent: In packing Stage Package received:
  20. SORELLA! was picked up by a hockey fan! What more could I have asked for! Can't wait to see her travels!
  21. So my husband is going to the Steampunk World fair this weekend.. and is putting together some fun devices for this event.. I love and I hate him right now because he left an antique pocket watch that he conviently wound before he went to bed and left on the table next to his couch.. All I can hear is TICK TICK TICK.....
  22. Have NOT received mine. Sent you a message. I don't envy you putting this mission together! Thank you! (and I can't wait for my person!)
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