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  1. Didn't plan on caching today.. but when we decided to I had the hubby stop for a bottle of water first. Thank goodness we did! We're both quite out of shape from the winter.. the hills and valleys in the park today were insane.. I had to actually stop and rest a few times on our way back out since the slope was so steep.. That's my dark side today.. I really need to get in better shape!

  2. KDT just told me there is a box waiting for me at home from New York! I won't be home till late tonight but every second between now and then will be filled with anticipation!


    Edited to add: thank you sheltoedogshowlover!!!! I love everything!!! Will post more in a few days, I have 4 shoot days this week so I won't be on the computer for a while :)


    So glad Flash got there safe and sound! (He was nervous after listenting to what might happen to imaginery hamsters and rabbits left in boxes in the kitchen sink mission!) :P

  3. I got my two personal geocoins in the mail this week. I'm calling them "Sorella Shelties & Aussies Dawn Edition" as it's my blue merle sheltie's image on the front of the coin. I'm keeping the gold version, and the silver version I have yet to deciede what I'm doing with it (so I'm not posting photo's yet). Plan on doing a series of 5 (the 3 shelties, the aussie, and my beloved lab who is now at the rainbow bridge) where I keep one and have one to do something fun with.


    I also got a scurvy dog coin off of ebay and two Jack Russel Terrier suncatcher coins on a trade. One's going to a new geocacher who has a JRT she caches with!

  4. Light side..


    When I first started caching we took a picture at one of the first 3 caches we found that night. My friend uploaded a picture of us by the cache that had my maiden name in the historical plaque at that cache. We started caching afterwards and found a bunch the next weekend.


    I also teach dog obedience classes and at one of my classes I had a student ask to talk to me after class.. I thought there was a problem with her jack russel terrier.. but it actually was a question about geocaching. she had seen my picture on the website and just started and wanted to know more!


    I just made a trade for 2 jack russel terrier suncatcher coins and one is going to her! I gave her a jack russel terrier travel bug already but I know she's going to be thrilled by this beautiful suncatcher coin!

  5. A new cache had been posted about 25 min from our house. It was raining, and dark but I insisted that I go find it. My husband was against it but in the end didn't want me going alone so he grudgingly got in the car.


    We got all the way there.. and realized I hadn't brought a flash light.. we turned around and went back. I'll never live that one down..

  6. One of our good friends also geocaches with his geodog so we all got together and took the dogs to a park that has hundreds of caches. We sought out 9 and found 8. It was a great day of hiking almost 10 miles and we didn't even realize we had gone that far!


    The darkside is sadly he just lost his dog suddenly so we won't be able to replicate that day.. The light side is someone graciously sent me a rainbow bridge coin to give him in her memory that I know meant alot to him.

  7. It seems there has been something great for everyone in the Merry Old Month of May. :) Here's what arrived at my mailbox--11 purchases, 2 trades, & Geico's cute promo travel tag:




    Hmm signed up for the geico tag but haven't gotten one yet. It is cute.

  8. This may be a stupid question but with the activated coin that is dipped into a cache near us do we adopt it to the person recieving the mission or keep it in our name? I activated the one in the box I sent and dipped it, gave it a mission (that the person recieving it can change if they see fit) but wasn't sure about that part. Thanks!

  9. My first to find cache I went out not expecting to be the first one to find it. After quickly finding it and realizing that I was the first I decided to stop at a local diner for a bite to eat.


    The light side is that I was amazed to find this diner had an amazing fish friday with a great homemade style buffet. I got fried calamari with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pasta salad, clam chowder, salad, rice.. and the kicker homemade rice pudding or a sundae for dessert.. all for $8!

  10. Thanks for the responses! I wasn't sure since I've never gotten a coin made before. This was a coin that I really decided would work well but didn't want to get too many made at first. I actually plan on doing a series of them since I really do like the way it turned out...


    I was just checking with other folks since I do plan on doing something with the other one and didn't want someone to get it and be upset that there was a ding in it.


    Thanks again!

  11. Each day, this is the first forum thread I open. I look forward to the jokes, the impatient chiding of cachers showing their inner child side, the progress of our boxes, and the words of new friends. WSR, know that there are at least 25 fellow cachers who love this mission you created. Thank you so much...please don't take our goofy nagging as anything but being silly with each other and enjoying new friends across the miles.



    Agreed! And I'm not even technically a part of this mission... lol. I've gotten a great deal of amusement out of reading all the posts and joking with everyone. What a great group of folks to have in a mission!

  12. I ordered a custom geocoin. Got them in the mail today and they look great.. except for the fact that they both have a ding in the metal of the outer circle. I only ordered two.. a gold and a silver one.. One for me and one for an undetermined purpose.. How big of a deal would you make about that?


    This is a picture of the mark on the outer edge of the coin. The ding is the mark above the blue reflection. It's in the same spot on both coins but not as noticable on the Gold Version. Picture isn't great but you get the idea.




    Thanks in advance for any input.

  13. My husband and I found our favorite cache not too long ago. I wanted to drop off a newly activated traveling coin that I sent out into the world and carefully choose a good cache to do so in. While we were there I asked if he wanted to try our first multi cache. He agreed and we went off hunting for it.


    We found the spot and weirdly enough both of our GPS units (his phone and my hand held) alerted to one particular spot. But there was nothing anywhere near that spot. We searched and searched to no avail. Then as we were getting ready to leave we both looked up and thought.. no way.. He climbed a tree and there was the first leg to the multi! A very clever hide! Wish there was more of them!

  14. I think there was a bunny in my box but don't know for sure.. and you know what bunnies are like. Robert could have been overcome by bunny tribbles by now!!


    So since you're not sure your box could potentially have a bunny hitchiker? Hmmm. I wonder if he brought his towel along..

  15. we had just started geocaching when my husband's birthday rolled around. We were going to the city to meet some friends and have some drinks at the pub. I noticed that there was a cache literally outside the door of the pub. As I was walking out the door I grabbed my bag with my new GPS in it and got in the car.


    He shook his head and simply said "Absolutely Not". I sulked but brought the bag anyhow.


    As the night got longer I eventually convinced him to just do that one quick.. well one turned into 3. *sheepish grin*

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