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  1. Haven't gotten Kaylee's yet.. but Lorca.nl still hasn't received their's either. I'm assuming that we're both waiting to get our packages from each other.
  2. My husband got me a great engraved 30th birthday coin (that he hid in an unoffcial "cache" in our yard I had to search for. It was the best present I got last year. :-)
  3. I sent my e-mail expressing my desire to enter this next math trade. I LOVED my coins I got last math trade. I will be adding my coins to the spread sheet this week. Hope for great results this round too!
  4. Because of the holiday (no mail on Monday) I hope to see it on it's way tomorrow. I'll post the tracking number tomorrow afternoon so everyone can follow it, and I'll post some photo's of the great loot that was in the box when I got it, and the coins that I swapped out before sealing the box up. Sorry again for the delay, but I haven't had the best luck with the USPS as of late... I had someone send me a coin as a surprise and the mailer broke open... no coin and my last mission didn't make it to it's destination... thank Dog this one actually made it back to me..... my holiday missions have promise... one made it.. the other is traveling over seas so might take a bit longer but now with all the issues I've been having I was slightly disconcerned that you can't track/get confirmation for over seas packages... I'll send this one out with some sort of insurance and tracking since I'm now paranoid... funny part is that my math trade packages went to the 8 corners of the world and all made it in record time... \
  5. The down side to sending packages over seas is that you can't track it like you can state side... that being said I hope that lorca.nl's package makes it safe and sound.
  6. Sounds like fun. (I have that coin displayed in my living room. It was such a neat way to display it!)
  7. We also got this great holiday coin in the mail. Thanks to the sender!! Very cute.
  8. Mine did get sent out.. if it doesn't show up by the new year I'll send another one out.. bummer. We did receive a very nice coin and card. I'll post photo's when I get home today!
  9. Hey Folks! I was worried about the package as well as it had been sent out at the same time as my 2 missions for the Holiday Mission. I tracked it but it stopped moving.. Well I got back from our trip for christmas visiting family and there was a box on the porch! I was exited since I hadn't recieved Kaylee's mission from the holiday mission. But alas it was not Kaylee's box... it was instead the blench nickle box that I had mailed out! The box was a bit beat up and Apparently the postal label fell off.. but luckily I had written my return address in sharpie right on the box so it did make it back to me.. Sorry that it's been held up. I'll send it back out tomorrow when I go to the post office!
  10. Still waiting on Kaylee's. Dawn, Luke & Leia enjoyed opening the rest of their package on Christmas Morning! Thanks Drneal!
  11. Quick update: E-mail sent: 11/10/11: Kaylee(Aussie geodog) Name received: Recieved! Package sent: (SENDING SAT DEC 10) Package received: Have not recieved Kaylee's package.
  12. E-mail sent: 11/10/11: Dawn, Luke & Leia (Sheltie geodogs) Name received: Recieved! Package sent: (SENDING SAT DEC 10) Package received: Recieved! I got a wonderful package in the mail from Dr. Neal for the sheltie pups! I opened a few items in the package that felt like they were for me and not the pups and then put the rest of the wrapped packages under the tree for them to open on Christmas morning. Here are a few of the wonderful items that were included, including the fantastic bernese mountain dog coin I was hoping to someday find! And that tick key I'm sure will come in handy. This year we had a dog come into a training class with 22 ticks on them! It's been a bad year for ticks. Can't wait to see what else the puppers are going to get. If anyone has a problem with me waiting for them to open them we'll have an early christmas but it's so nice to have presents under the tree for the pups! Thanks Drneal!
  13. The package arrived save and sound at my house. I'll be packing it back up and posting photo's shortly of the booty I got and the coins I'm swapping in & out! Thanks Moozer for the booty and thanks to the host for letting me participate!
  14. MoonCatKDT I Sent a message to the person that was supposed to send out that package to see if things are ok in their world, and if the package was sent out. If not I'll be sending out package to make up for you not getting one!
  15. I will be sending out the repeat package shortly. With the holiday I'm shooting for it to be on it's way Monday the 28th. I'm sad that the first one didn't make it to the person I recieved in this mission. Hopefully the replacement package will still be amusing.. Thanks for being patient!
  16. MoonCat did you recieve your second package? Things have been a bit crazy in my life and I neglected to check back in on this mission since it was going going so well. I'm so sad to hear about Steve.. he will be missed in the forums! Know you're in our thoughts and prayer Elaine!
  17. What great geocaching story do ya “got” My geocaching story is a non-official one! After my husband realized that I was hooked on geocaching and geocoins he got 4 different containers (PVC pipe, key hide, ammo can, and lock N lock plastic container) and hid them on our property for my birthday (in a multicache format) with the last one containing a happy birthday personalized geocoin for my 30th birthday! It was super sweet.
  18. What “gotcha” into geocoins? Found a trackable in a cache and logged it... and I got really excited about following it. I then Looked into trackables and realized that there were geocoins.. then I realized there were some awesome dog themed coins and I started to subscribe to the Drneal school of hunting down dog themed coins. :-)
  19. How did you “gotcha” geocaching name? I'm a sheltie dog show lover as I have 3! (but don't tell geodog Kaylee who's an aussie!).. oh and Drneal was already taken! :-)
  20. 1. What Gotcha into Geocaching? I am the trial chair for an agility trial and our judge did search and rescue work as well as geocaching. He told me about it and I went home that night and signed up. We went out and looked for our first couple of caches (that were buried in snow banks we found out later) and didn't find them. We almost gave up but A friend of ours also geocached (unknown to us) so we all went out on whim one night and found out first couple of urban caches. We then took a day long cache hike in a park with geodog Kaylee and found 9 out of 10 we hunted for and were hooked!
  21. E-mail sent: 11/10/11: Kaylee (Aussie geodog) Name received Package sent Package received E-mail sent: 11/10/11: Dawn, Luke & Leia (Sheltie geodogs) Name received Package sent Package received
  22. Joined: November 10, 2011 Name received: Card sent: Card received: Thanks for organizing this!
  23. Wow. I just re-read that and it sounded like a lot of excuses and complaining.. I'm sorry! I'm so blessed to have had things work out as well as they have this month and I'm thankful that everything is going wonderfully now. There is a calm after the storm! I'll be working on getting a new box of stuff out.. I hate to make anyone wait even longer but there was a lot of thought that went into the first box that didn't make it there so it might take me a week or two to recreate the box.
  24. Hello folks. It's been a crazy couple of months.. I had to have multiple surgeries (we got married and started to work on the family creating process and things came to light.. hopefully everything is ok now but not a great way to spend the first year of your marriage. Especially when the Dr. then tells you all the surgery's didn't have to happen and they "may have" over treated.). working two jobs. my car died... there were a couple of deaths. Everything did come together this month.. I ended up with a an awesome job, a new car, finished my certification, and hopefully can move on with trying to start a family in a couple of months after heeling (emotionally and physically). I did actually send out my scout themed package several weeks ago but was unable to get posted that I had sent it... I'm gathering it never got there.... my first mail failure! I'm quite sorry I haven't been in to check on if it got there or not. I did send it with a tracking number but the slip was in the glove box of the car that is no longer with me. I appologize that I was not more attentive and I will put together a new package for my chosen person. Missions bring me so much joy so I'm really saddened that this one has made you upset. You have so much that is making you happy right now I'm so sorry if I was included in you being upset over this mission. I'm also so sorry to hear about Team Luvbassen's loss...
  25. You look so beautiful! My package arrived in the mail yesterday from the bride herself. Love everything! I'll be leaving this afternoon for a 4 day long dog show but I'll take photo's on Monday when I get back. Thank you so much! Hopefully the last piece for my package to be sent will have arrived by then too.
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