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  1. I use a sony experia with windows mobile and really love this app. It saves paper and time.


    It adds an ad-hoc spontaneous aspect to geocaching that I have found missing. I can now hunt for a nearby cache wherever I suddenly have some free time and have a decent data connection on my phone. (edge/3g/hsdpa) .


    For the more remote locations, I can save a search relative to where I will be and still hunt for the cache, using the stored data when I am there. Hope I am making make sense :-)?.


    It is also convenient to log your find 'sommer' at the cache - especially on a holiday trip. I usually had to keep pages of cache sheets till after a holiday and spent a few hours updating finds when I get home.


    My traditional Garmin GPS use with printed cache sheets can now be reduced to about 20% of what it was.


    Why can the app not be named? Am I missing something?

  2. I spot many IT people here. Seems we would al like to get AWAAAAY from all the issues and into the outdoors. Myself: IT Architect (20 years in IT). I have had no time to cache for months. As for winning the lotto - apparently I have a better chance (statistically) to be kicked to death by a donkey in my lifetime.

  3. Curses #$%^&* and other ugly thoughts. :laughing:


    I cannot make this one - I am off to Disney in Paris that week for a corporate kick-off event. This is the second time I miss such a get together because of work travel. Well - I suppose beer and disney rides have to make op for this. :rolleyes: . Have fun everyone.

  4. Thanks from these advices.


    How about security issues.

    Could I go "everywhere" at daytime and in the evenings?

    Is there any places where you don't recomend me to go?


    t: Janne


    I see no-one has responded to this question for some time.


    I would not advise you to cache in the evenings unless it is with a local person that knows the area well. We all love our country, but unfortunately bad things happen sometimes. Get as much travel info as possible on the internet before you come. Enjoy your stay - it will be memorable.

  5. I don't have piles of documents to prove this statement, but word of mouth has it that animal research at the nearby Groote Schuur hospital during the sixties (heart transplant research days) used the baboons, and chimps from this zoo. :unsure:

  6. Hi Perdix. Set up the event cache for any of those dates. I can however only give a 'tentative' yes for now thanks to my pimp (manager) selling me off to customers.


    I am working on this. One day I will be free :P . Yeah right...


    I know you stay in PE, but can you recommend somewhere reasonable to stay in EL? I need to figure out the logistics of S&T

  7. Thanks for the corrected link. We haven't had any specific nominations yet but thanks for the suggestions. I hope that some brave soul will go get some footage!


    I have footage going off the bridge (I have done around 18 jumps). Personally I prefer the bridge swing to the bungee, as you have a longer free fall. Also it can be done with a novice in tandem. You get lots of free hugs when the rope tightens and the adrenalin kicks in :P


    The problem is that however extreme the jump is, one can do the Gouritz bungee cache by climbing down the side of the incline. This is the way back up for those that jumped...


    I am planning this cache for the first week in April with the usual jump included of course :P

  8. This cache has me 'tickled' too.


    I have some voyager miles about to expire - this cache might put them to good use. I can fly to E.L and meet up with the brave hunters...


    Give me some dates - I am away from Cape Town in March / April / May for various work reasons..

  9. As far as I know, Wicked Witch is in the hands of Fish Eagle. I brought her from Mpumalanga in December, placed her in January.


    Eagle visited the Cape and is taking her back to Mpumalanga. He has had her 8 days only.


    Methinks she is not lost...

  10. :o

    I have a similar problem in Lesotho the one cache no longer exhists i have tried to mail the owner but without joy, now i know i can replace the cache but the prob is that it is in view of the border post, i want to move it's location out of sight and that will mean a big co-ord change.


    any ideas as to what i can do


    New content, new location. Sound like a new cache to me....

  11. Does adopting a cache count as a placed cache in the ZA cache rankings page? :)


    Not QFC, but yes it will. The ranking page is based on your profile. By giving up a cache, your hide's are reduced by one, and similar the adoptee's count is increased by one.


    Hopefully this isn't the only reason for wanting to adopt a cache though...... :)


    I sense an implicit reprimand here. Don't worry Globalrat - this was a f.y.i. for everyone's benefit. Seems some people are pretty competitive. :huh:

  12. I find the 60CS great - not only for geocaching, but as a business traveller - the autorouting feature is indispensable when you are on the wrong side of Jhb and need to get to the airport.


    It has enough memory to store all the map tiles of the area you are travelling in - up to almost all of south africa.


    Ps. Does Jhb have a right side? :unsure:

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